Major Shift

A quote from Yale Daily News, 29 February 2008

Europe is a dying continent. I say this not as a criticism, but rather as a statement of fact. In Europe, an acute failure to produce the next generation has created a looming demographic crisis. […] Given present trends, within about a century, Europe will cease to be a white, Christian continent.

No one wants to talk about racial or religious issues, but it merits consideration that the vast majority of immigrants to the European Union are Muslims from North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. By the year 2150, barring a major shift in either native European fertility rates or immigrant nationality, Europe will be a largely Muslim continent with whites and Christians as minorities composing less than 20 percent of the population. Much of Europe has come to terms with that possibility, but a significant portion of the population is uncomfortable about the prospect of a change in Europe's continental character, warranting wider spread support for xenophobic political parties across the continent.

No one?

I will happily talk about it. Without a resurgence of a formidable and conscious Christian self-identity the West is doomed to a darkness that only a dead Nestorian could imagine. The key to securing liberty from the onslaught of heathenism as expressed via secularism, socialism, and Islam is simply the knowledge of our collective past...which is thoroughly Christian based, qualifying as it does the wisdom of the ancients and the excesses of the moderns. People do not understand what they are about to jettison overboard. There is NOTHING that can replace what the West has provided. There is nothing that can liberate the individual soul as Christianity does indeed do, nor is there anything that can elevate the person as Christian morality does indeed also inspire and enpower us to do! Nor is there anything that guarantees individual liberty with respect to transcendent and individually substantive relationships as does Christian theology. Both freedom and individual dignity are bequethed to us from our Creator, who has revealed Himself as Trinity. He is NOT allah. allah is the destroyer of mankind, the accuser of mankind, the evil one, the hater of Jews who first received the True God, and of Christians, who first acknowledged the True God-Man Jesus Christ. allah is the devil himself. The hater of Christians and Jews. C'est la difference. We are free, and we are absolutely free from THEM! I was fooled once, as well. So, I understand, now. I pray for Europe, for from the land of my forefathers comes nary a whisper, rather but a yawn of disdain. So many martyred, so many unjustly dead, so, so many. Stockholm syndrome to da max. Let us love now our annihilators, and do not remind us of our ancestors, for we are gone beyond them. Most of all, as we succumb to the love of our captors, do not remind us of the greater and more pure Love of our Fathers...for it reminds us of Him. Into the gas chambers, we go...and gladly, too.