“People Who Vote Wilders Must Die”

A Moroccan youth group from Delft in the Netherlands, calling themselves “Scheme 015 Delftse Samenzwering Shit,” [samenzwering means conspiracy] has posted a video clip threatening to kill voters and sympathizers of Dutch politician Geert Wilders. The clip shows a group of Moroccans youths provoking two Dutch lads on a crowded public train. The hooded Moroccans ask the lads, who are dressed in black, what the badges on their clothes mean. At first the lads do not react. When the Moroccans start pulling at the lads’ clothes the latter ask to be left alone. At this the Moroccans grab them from their seats and beat them up.

The clip ends with the warning: Fuck al die Wilders aanhangers want denk na: boontje komt voor ze loontje!!!! [F**k all those who support Wilders because you had better realize: one will reap the consequences of one’s actions!!!!”]

Self defense

What we need are several incidents where the intended victim turns the tables on the attackers. The NYC subway case involving Bernhard Goetz is an example. The "youths" approached Goetz because he fit their profile (it's interesting how they profile but law enforcement cannot)  of the perfect victim. A thin, bespectacled, bookish looking White man. Armed with their screwdrivers they were confident that this nerdy "cracker" would be unarmed, would shrink in fear, plead with them not to hurt him and surrender whatever they demanded . They were also confident that there would be no intervention in Goetz's behalf on the part of the other passengers on the train. Goetz had been victimized before and this time he was armed and prepared. Although Goetz suffered the legal consequences of his actions (He would have been better off had he dispatched them to the next life)  ,he became a folk hero in the minds of many Americans who were sick to Hell of the epidemic of violence against decent citizens by the predators.

The violence has worsened here in the USA. The predators profile their victims and select the elderly for their weakness and women for rape and murder (the horrific murders of Lauren Burke and Eve Carson last week is a typical and all too frequent example.) College coeds seem to be a highly at risk group these days. The two coeds were imbued with idealism and the love of "diversity" and to the point where they were oblivious to the danger to themselves. I can't even imagine what their families are suffering right now.

This will stop only when the predators begin to be afraid. If all the passengers on that train had come to the defense of those young guys and had beaten those "youths" to a condition where they would never be the same again, it might have inspired the rest of the Dutch population to take a new direction in their relations with their invaders.



In Reply to Dr. D

Dr. D: I think I preferred the old, uncivilized Europe much better, the one where people stood up and fought for what they believe in.

Agreed. Yet, even assuming that contemporary Europe reverts a ca. 1631 milieu, how are its swords to be turned back into ploughshares, once the Muslims and other undesirables driven from the continent? Certainly the "old" and "uncivilized" practice of Christianity in Europe bears some resemblance to that of Islam, particularly in the area of holy wars and sectarian violence. Moreover, were European ethnic nationalism to resurge, so too will revanchism, irridentism, armed expansion, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

The "old" and "uncivilized" Europe was rife with passion, ignorance and adversity - a combustible mixture. To impassion Europeans against Muslims, they must suffer further humiliations until their anger overcomes their fear of social upheaval and of transgressing norms, and their adherence to civility.

Dr. D: It has to cost the perpetrators dearly. Why is that so hard to see?...One of the well understood principles of social engineering is that you get more of the behavior that you encourage.

It is an understood fact of societal observation that revolutionary violence strikes suddenly with inadequate warning and momentum, and that if the "pendulum" swings in one direction, it will swing equally so in the other.

shamefull liberal confusion=todays IGNORANCE

I can see the typical intellectual disease of the western people which unable them to defend themselves as individuals,societies and civilization.
TODAYS IGNORANCE of history and lack of intelligence in the WESTERN WORLD is probably the main concern...
No one can rightfully compare/assimilate the so-called "christianity" during Middle-Age or Renaissance and the today muslim world.
They are essentially and historically differents and that's why our civilization is substantially different of the islamic one.
Roughly at the moment one can easily understand that Charles Martel,Charles Magne,the Crusades rightfully fought muslims(there are true "holy" or justified wars!) and that christianism has been partially linked with policy and power in hard times of violence....Among these endemic violences western civilization was surging progressively with philosophy,theology,sciences,arts...taught in Middle-Age universities with many debates....

Just read the history of Albert Le Grand,Th.of Aquin,François d'Assise,Thomas Beckett,Thomas More...among many others and then come back

Civilized Europe?

Is this not a bald-faced threat of physical violence? Did these Moroccan "youths" not threaten to harm people simply because of their political beliefs and which politician they choose to support? Is this allowed in "civilized Europe"?


I think I preferred the old, uncivilized Europe much better, the one where people stood up and fought for what they believe in. This new Europe, the one where they just roll over and given in rather than take a stance leaves me a little bit sick at my stomach! As a matter of fact, this is just plain vile!


Is it not obvious to all that to allow this sort of intimidation to go unchallenged is to invite more of the same? To accept this sort of treatment and to allow these people to threaten Dutch citizens with impunity simply invites more of the same because this is clearly a successful strategy; it works. If you don't want this to continue, you must not allow it to work so successfully. It has to cost the perpetrators dearly. Why is that so hard to see?


One of the well understood principles of social engineering is that you get more of the behavior that you encourage. If you want more intimidation, then you allow intimidation to succeed at little or not cost to those doing the intimidation, just as the Dutch are doing. If you want it to stop, you have to make it very, very costly to even think about, something the Dutch are unwilling to even think about. They will have plenty of time to think about it later, after it is much too late.

An Apt Name

Scheme 015 Delftse Samenzwering Shit is correct! The "Delft conspiracy" has accurately described itself, its message and its aims.

I am uncertain as to the realism of the film clip. It hinges upon whether or not the Dutch youths were Goths or skinheads; if indeed the latter, then there is no plausible explanation for their meekness, especially considering the rather close confines of the train car that tend to negate numerical strength and the presence of other Dutch youths around the pair. However, I am almost convinced that they are Goths, which would explain their behavior. In any event, the Muslim crowd was somewhat less than macho considering that the leading members refrained from physical violence until it was a gang-up on the taller Dutchman, and the first punch was thrown from a Muslim third in line who was fully protected. Even in numbers, the Muslims are cowards and spend as much time talking and ritualizing as a James Bond villain...

The "Religion of Peace"

Oh yes... this is exactly what one would expect of Muslims... after all, isn't Islam a "religion of peace"?

Will Europe never learn.

Why will the do-gooding cretins running Europe never realise that the thugs on the train were simply imitating their "perfect man", Mohammed, who brought his ridiculous theology into being by coersion, murder, rape, lies, threats, beatings and war. One cannot blame these people for being being turned into brain-washed zombies if society keeps espousing "multi-culturalism", which created the ghettos that breed Eurabia.


"One will reap the consequences of one's actions".Really? Does anybody know if those "youths" were arrested and suffered any consequences for their actions? I think I can guess the answer.