Shame on You, Switzerland

An article from AJM (Alain-Jean Mairet) reveals the collaboration of Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey with Iran. When I first saw the photo above I had trouble grasping who or what that was on the left. But it is indeed Mme Calmy-Rey, looking like a mummy with tissue paper on her head and concluding a deal with the president of Iran to purchase cheap Iranian gas.

The American Embassy in Bern has expressed “disappointment” over the deal and has told the Swiss authorities that this type of agreement sends a “false message”, at the very moment when Tehran “continues to defy the Security Council resolutions ordering the suspension of programs for the enrichment of uranium.” The Swiss Ambassador was summoned to Tel-Aviv and told that the “Hebrew State regards the visit of the Swiss minister to Tehran as an ‘inimical act towards Israel’.”

Click here for many more photos – highly recommended! And click here for the English-language article from Tehran Times about the visit of Calmy-Rey.

French readers might be interested in AJM’s June 2007 post on Calmy-Rey in which the Socialist Swiss politician exposes the extent of her Islamophilia.

kappert's 'ossuary' # 2

Allow me to offer you some assistance with that task.


1 WHAT should be the MAIN topic of conversation?


2 WHO should give WHICH concessions to WHOM and WHY? etc.,

Kappert's 'Ossuary'



Why not this article,or any other article for that matter,if  the article in question addresses the central problem which this article does but you do not? Just for once why not attempt to address the arguments made (in that article for example) with ORIGINAL counter arguments of your own,rather than regurgitating the same ossified utopian tripe you normally offer? Or is marcfrans right about you afterall? Go on,open up that ossuary you call a brain and give it try.I DARE you!

Calmy-Rey #2

@ Traveller

Thank you for that useful information on Switzerland.  I doubt though that many non-Belgian readers will understand the "cordon sanitaire" remark, but the Belgian ones will grasp it immediately.

This picture is remarkable. Ahmadinejad looks in 'great spirits', and one can easily understand why.  The picture reminds me of earlier ones taken in the 1990's, of Madeleine Albright visiting the Saudi king, with 'stocky' legs in a skirt-above-the knee. 

One wonders which western woman Arab potentates loath more: the dhimmi-like Ms Calmy-Rey or the modesty-lacking and decorum-lacking Ms Albright?


To the contrary,I'm worried that it still might.Hence,my desire to see Iran remain a non-nuclear player for as long as possible.


"What do the U.S. and Israel regard as 'positive'? Preemptive annihilation?"


Yet more 'krappert' from poor kappert.The U.S. (and Israel) already possess nuclear weapons,while the Iranians are still in the process of acquiring them.Question:If preemption was/is the preferred option,why hasn't it already happened? 

Israeli outrage

The 'neutral' Suisse minister visits Iran - such a move should be applauded in a time of deaf and blind policies of foes and allies. And the folcloric outfit of Mrs Calmy-Rey is certainly appropriate for a visit in Tehran. If communication is regarded as 'disappointing' and even 'false message', what do the U.S. and Israel regard as 'positive'? Preemptive annihilation?

"Preemptive" ?

The problem with most of the liberals are the automatic standardized statements....
I understand that it's easier as they don't have to think most of the time.
In the specific case of Iran would it be relevant to speak of "PREEMPTIVE annihilation"?

Since many years till today can we say that IRAN is an innocent,kind,peacefull country so that possible strikes could be called "PREEMPTIVE"?

Would an attack on IRAN result in an ANNIHILATION?

Only in the dreams of troubled minds....


She is the Trojan Horse brought in after Blocher won the Swiss elections. She is a socialist trough and through who was elected to the Swiss Federal Council by ALL other parties to keep Blocher out of the Federal Council. Blocher will gain more votes next time because of this. She is an absolute typical socialist zero-brain. The Swiss are torpedoing their own democratic principles by a new "cordon sanitaire" in Europe.
Good Luck to poor sick damn Europe.

Swiss dhimmycracy?

I thought that the conservative BLOSCHER wan the last elections!....

How is it possible that the "liberals" are still ruling this nice country?