Chicken, Incompetent and Treacherous

Network Solutions, an American internet service provider, has closed down the website that the Dutch polician Geert Wilders reserved to post “Fitna,” his 15-minute movie about the Quran. So far, no-one has seen “Fitna,” nor does anyone know what it will be like, although it will be critical of Islam.

Network Solutions says it closed down the site because it received complaints related to the film. Network Solutions also cites technical reasons for suspending the site, including the anticipated “excessive use of services” by onlookers who could overload and crash the site. Apparently this is a problem Network Solutions is incapable of providing network solutions for. Apart from being chicken Network Solutions is clearly also incompetent.

Network Solutions is also unpatriotic and a traitor of Western values. Network Solutions is the provider that hosts [update: see comment below] and IslamOnline is owned by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood. Unlike Hizbollah, which is a terrorist organization, Mr Wilders has never killed anyone, nor does he threaten to do so. He is, however, critical of Islam, which for Network Solutions is worse than running a terrorist organization and calling for Jihad.


I you live in the USA, call Network Solutions toll-free number: 1-800-333-7680

Treachery: Network Solutions

A 2004 article by Rachel Ehrenfeld discusses other treachery by Network Solutions:


Network Solutions censors Fitna website is a blogburst posting by Klein Verzet.  The post has further information and contacts.  The posting indicates that the Whois database shows that Network Solutions does host


The above information is available, too, from: Treachery: Network Solutions

Follow-up suggestions

Those living in the Washington, D.C. might wish to consider organizing demonstrations at its Internet registry address:

Network Solutions, LLC

13861 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300

Herndon, VA 20171

Area phone books may indicate other sites where pickets can be organized and informational leaflets distributed.

Informational phone calls to Network Solutions customers would also be helpful. Some of them are listed here: