Worse than Wilders. But No Death Threats

A quote from Life Site News, 26 March 2008

The Dommuseum in Vienna, the art gallery attached to the historic Catholic cathedral of St. Stephen, is running an exhibition of works by a self-avowed Marxist atheist [Alfred Hrdlicka], titled “Religion, Flesh and Power”, that includes depictions of explicit homosexual sex acts in “religious” themed art. Prominent among the works is a rendition of the Last Supper with Christ and His Apostles depicted as homosexuals engaged in an orgy. […]  The director of the Dommuseum, Mr. Bernhard Böhler, said that visitors have asked “in a more or less emotional way,” why the Apostles are depicted copulating. According to the director, the artist responded, “There were no women around”.

Gloria Television made a short video of the works that shows Hrdlicka’s depiction of the flagellation of Christ with a nude Roman soldier performing a lewd act on the Lord's body. […]
Vienna’s Cathedral and Diocesan Museum was founded in 1933, and describes itself as “one of the exquisite gems amongst the many museums in Vienna”. It is located adjacent to the Archbishop’s Palace of Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, O.P.


We are living in the times without culture.

European culture collapsed and today every idiot may be considered to be "artist". Perhaps democratic regimes deserve to be conquered by Muslims? Anyway, overall Muslims cannot be much  worse if at all than progressives in the day of their final triumph.

@Kapitein Andre

"Why not have Muhammad perusing prepubescent young girls in order to select one for a "wife"?"

Could it be the "artist" likes the idea of his head attached to his body?
Are there not laws in the EU to keep people from offending or inciting hatred of religion? That's why they want to take Wilders to court? If I were a christian this "art" certainly would offend me and incite hatred of the "artist".
My bad, I forgot you can't offend people who WILL slice off your head BUT you can offend people who look at the "art" and simply say, "What a piece of cr@p" and walk away.

RE: "Alfred Hrdlicka"

Not unlike Paganini, I have no issue with Hrdlicka's freedom to produce "Religion, Flesh and Power". However, I must agree that the work is an intentional and deliberate attempt at blasphemy. While sexuality of all orientations has always been central to art, Hrdlicka is clearly striving for attention by combining homosexuality and Christian imagery. For without the references to Christianity, his exhibit would lose most of its ability to offend, etc.


Why not have Muhammad perusing prepubescent young girls in order to select one for a "wife"? Or the Dalai Lama bent over on the steps on a monastery getting it from a young Red Guard? Or prostitution in a Synagogue?


horseshit !! Just admit that this guy wants to blaspheme and insult, that's all.

He has the right to do it, ofcourse, I don't care, but don't give me your arty-farty crap.

Hrdlicka exposition

The exhibition treats the theme 'Human Being, Sexuality and Violence'. Religions are supported by mundane powers and the mighty ones of society, and Wars of Faith are always committed in good faith and without any remorses. Yet, no noble motivation protects against illusion and struggle for power. That's in the work of Alfred Hrdlicka.