Suicide of the West

From a comment at the Gates of Vienna website, 4 April 2008

Why is no other solution ever ever discussed? Like discouraging frivolous abortions and lowering taxes so young people can afford to have families. Right now there’s a ludicrous situation that a young married couple is supporting someone else’s granny with their exorbitant taxes instead of being allowed to keep the money to have their own child!

And of course there’s the point that has been made many times on this site, that Mexicans are allowed to keep Mexico Mexican, Africans are allowed to favor blacks, China and Japan to keep their countries exclusively for their own race, but every country founded by European whites must import dissimilar immigrants to prove their non-racism to the point that they become minorities in their own lands. This is required of no one else. […]

The third world can and will overwhelm the European established countries with the connivance of leftists for whom racism is the unwillingness to commit cultural suicide.

The least racist cultures are being replaced by more racist cultures. In the coming world after Pax Americana has been destroyed, African blacks for example, can forget about any aid from the Chinese except arms with which to kill each other and to Muslims, they’re worthy only to be slaves.

It's simple really

The government hates it's people and considers them slaves, or better - chattel.  The government feels free to abuse, tax, beat, rape and  allow unlawful conduct as long as it serves to keep people divided and unorganized.  The organized groups are the only people who are getting the political favors.  Because of the "tolerant " government that allows the unlawful conduct and special privledges.  As long as it serves to divide the people. 

Since the government is in charge of indoctrination (er I mean schools).  They lie to the new generations to keep them confused and infuse a sense of shame that would not be allowed in any other country that is not socialist.

The means justifies the ends.