Fat Cats Hard at Work on Your Behalf

Although the process of ratification of the Lisbon Treaty is as yet far from complete, the Eurocrats in Brussels are hard at work devising a framework for the extensive role the new EU President will have, as well as ensuring that it is accompanied by all those trappings of a fat cat lifestyle that will attract serious politicians to do the job.

Today’s Daily Telegraph focuses mostly on the latter aspects of the post – the palatial residence (“an official ‘White House’ style residence worthy of his status.”) and the Presidential Jet – and does not mention what is really going on until well into its piece. That is that Brussels is already laying out the job specifications before it has any real authority to do so, to wit the fact of ratification by all 27 member states of the Treaty of Lisbon, at least one of whom still has to conduct a referendum. Meanwhile the very fact of these discussions are being very carefully kept from the gaze of the Europe’s citizens who might otherwise be alerted to what our Lords and Masters actually have in mind for the EU as opposed to the lies they habitually peddle.

It is a salutary reminder to us of how the EU is wont to operate. After all plans for an EU Foreign Service to underpin the work of the new EU Foreign Minister are well advanced. All this is done on the basis that the citizens of the EU are the intellectual equivalent of mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on mountains of, dare one spell it out, shit that emanates from the likes of Margot Wallström, EU Vice-President and Commissioner in charge of Institutional Relations and Communication (and a true believer).

It seems that discussions on the parameters of the new EU President’s power and role are well advanced and the Eurocrats have already got around to thinking about the perks that he will enjoy and which they think appropriate to the post. Unsurprisingly these encompass a palatial residence (a Palace?), a Presidential Jet and a huge staff (far bigger than anything the present President of the EU Commission enjoys). It is worth recalling that the UK can no longer afford a proper jet for its Head of State or its head of Government.

More alarmingly the French (who hold the Presidency of the EU in the second half of this year and are already running de facto the Slovenian Presidency) are thinking in terms of how the new President will play a key role in forming a Euro-defence “vanguard group” of up to eight countries. That, encompassing as it does the eclipsing of NATO as the keystone of European Defence, lies, of course, at the heart of the European Project and is likely to dictate that a serious politician such as Tony Blair is likely to get the job to carry it through. After all, only when they have got themselves a proper Army, Navy and Air Force will they be able to proclaim the EU as the world’s third superpower. When they talk of a ‘common foreign and security policy’, you should understand that they actually mean it, just as much as they mean the words ‘ever-closer union’.

While we are on the subject of Margot Wallström, her website says

The European Commission wants to increase citizens’ involvement in the EU decision-making process. In a Communication entitled ‘Debate Europe – building on the experience of Plan D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate’, it puts forward a set of future actions to foster a general and permanent debate on the future of the European Union among people from all walks of life, at both national and EU level.

Margot Wallström, Vice-President, Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy said: “The policies of the EU affect everyone's lives, whether through its Regulations on subjects such as mobile phone roaming charges or through the free movement of people or goods or any other of the EU’s many achievements. EU policies therefore need to be fully anchored in the political parties, in the national democratic traditions, and in the daily political dialogue. They need to be discussed and debated, whether in the town hall, in regional assemblies, national parliaments, on television shows or on the internet”.

Now, if you genuinely wanted to “increase citizens’ involvement in the EU decision-making process”, what simpler and more democratic way could be devised than a referendum?

The EU will rule the world

Between their spells of EU bashing, I'd like English commentators to make the point that there is still some utility in having a European organization in Brussels in charge of making cooperation easier between European states. Why do the English judge the EU so much more harshly than their own government? They should realize that London does more harm to them than Brussels. Huntsman gives some factual criticism of the EU, which is always useful, but I get the impression that he is more interested in getting rid of the EU than in fixing the problems. Sometimes it seems that the English EU-bashing is only a continuation of their old distrust of European foreigners.

" the eclipsing of NATO as the keystone of European Defence"

Good riddance. NATO did no longer defend us against anything (and it is a huge cost to American taxpayers!).
Instead of NATO, we need a police force that will protect us against immigration and leftism.

retired said: " the social engineers who run the EU"

They are no worse than the social engineers who run Britain, France, Australia, the USA, and all the Western world. As an American, if you want to criticize the EU, you should also criticize the government in Washington for exerting too much power on people and on US states.

"the only reason they are in power is their ability to buy off the proletariat with free money & benefits"

Welfare payments are made by state governments, not by Brussels. The European proletariat is not being bought off by welfare payments. Their wages are going down. They no longer receive a proper education in schools. They have to live in no-go areas with muslims. They are being sacrificed and displaced by immigrants.

"Europe will not be able to compete with new emerging economic powers,the only resource they had left was the quality people"

The tragic thing is the destruction of our society. Our GDP compared to China's doesn't matter.

" Bypass oil with alternate energy sources & you will bypass the Arabs"

It doesn't work like that: immigration has nothing to do with importing oil.

Fat cats hard at work

These leftwing fools are in a dream, I believe that the social engineers who run the EU don't have a clue as to what sort of insoluble problems they will soon be facing, problems which will destroy them! First let me say that,aside from the amoral hustlers & the power crazed,most of the true believers are mediocre fools incapable of wise governance. Why do I say this,because only a fool believes that all of humanities needs & desires,with all of their complexities, can be met by a single political doctrine; Marx coming down from the mountain with incontestable writ!These people will fold up under heavy pressure. Second, the only reason that this regime  stays in power is by dispensing entitlements & welfare payments to the public. If the economy turns south,which may be what is happening now,& public welfare is cut back we may see public unrest in the streets;at this point the only way that they can stay in power would be military repression Soviet style. The bureaucrats in Brussels  cannot do this because they have no power base of their own, where will they get an army,where will they get a police force loyal exclusively to the EU? Thirdly, the only reason they are in power is their ability to buy off the proletariat with free money & benefits, & all of this depends upon continuing prosperity which is dependent upon keeping their Arab partners in crime happy. If all of this is true, & it is, the EU bureaucrats have a very big problem on their hands; their partners, the Arabs,are stark raving sociopaths;sort of like being in partnership with the Sicilian Mafia only worse. In the future I see the EU being replaced by right of center national governments in Europe; there may be muchbloodshed if the man in the street wants payback from the Moslems & the Socialists. Europe will not be able to compete with new emerging economic powers, the only resource they had left was the quality people in their respective societies who are either immigrating elsewhere or are being degraded by free sex, free whiskey, free drugs & free lunch.Bypass oil with alternate energy sources & you will bypass the Arabs,bypass the Arabs & you will bypass the EU. After the fools in Brussels are finished wrecking western Europe the whole continent will look like the Balkans, a place where foreign tourists come on holidays to view the grandeur of cultures which once were there!





EU porky felines

Yes, I want Plan R: Referenda, Rejection, Restoration (of our nation states). As always the words for our consumption are the opposite of what they are actually doing.

Political greed-game of Lisbon, known as coup d’état

"Referenda, Rejection, Restoration (of our nation states)"

I cite three articles to this subject:

1) "Lisbon Treaty explained by political science: an equivalent of coup d’état"

2) BBC: "We lose in Greed Game"

2) BBC: "Soros and Schwarzman speak"

If the European political class would continue to join forces to build one federal political unit (the new legal entity "EU") with all the powers to control 27 states as one state, with the capabilities of the ECB to perform the central bank's function over all of us, they would draw 500 million stakeholders under one government to feed the endless financial greed of these newly bred non-productive elites (financial/political lobbies).

Once Europe would be federally united as planned under the Lisbon Treaty, the same scheme that has driven the US into recession, would be repeated on an even larger scale, driving all Europe, and probably the whole world into a total economic collapse.

The sphere of production would drastically shrink,and the impoverishment, inflation plus recession (stagflation) would worsen at an increasing rate with every year.