All People Are Good, Except You

A quote from Lawrence Auster at his blog, 15 May 2008

The key to the [Ontario Human Rights] Commission's thinking is in its labeling, as wrongful "Islamophobia," the view that Islam is a threat to the West. The assumption underlying such a judgment, whether about Islamophobia or bigotry generally, is that all people are good (except for people who don't believe that all people are good), and that no people can be a threat (except for those people who believe that some people can be a threat). Since all people (that is, all people who don't hate nothing except hatred) are good, and since no people are enemies (except for the people who believe that there are enemies), any negative statement about a group (except for negative statements about the society's own majority group) is by definition a false, vicious, dehumanizing attack on that group.

The core error of this liberal view is that it never considers the possibility that some people and groups (other than the majority peoples of the West) may indeed be enemies. Specifically, it never entertains the possibility that Islam is in fact a threat to the West. If Islam is a threat to the West, then saying that Islam is a threat to the West is not an act of bigotry but a statement of truth and part of a legitimate effort to protect the West from a real enemy. By condemning and punishing such defense as illegal bigotry, modern liberalism prohibits the West from defending itself.

In short, liberalism has taken group conflict, a normal feature of human history, and turned it into an immoral act, with the further twist that only the West is capable of exhibiting such immorality against other groups, while other groups are incapable of exhibiting the same immorality against the West.

How does liberalism get away with seeing only Westerners' negative statements about Islam as wrongful, but not Muslims' threatening statements about the West? Very simple. Under liberalism, there is no society "here" to be attacked. Under liberalism, Canada is not a substantive entity--not a nation, not a culture, not a people, not a "group." Canada is, instead, a system for the promotion of human rights. Not being a concrete group or culture, Canada cannot be an object of bigotry. But Muslims and other immigrants, who are concrete entities, can be objects of bigotry. Muslims are a group and therefore deserve to be protected from discrimination. Canadians are not a group and therefore do not require protection from discrimination.

In short, Western peoples do not need protection under the modern liberal order because modern liberalism, in its very premises, has already defined the Western peoples out of existence. This is why it's a waste of time looking for liberals and mainstream conservatives (who accept the premises of liberalism as much as the liberals do) to protect us. Under modern liberalism, the Western peoples have already in principle ceased to exist, and all that's left is the mopping up operation.

Hey, Peter, perhaps "Ethical Pete", or kappert have the answer

" How can it be that this paradise has an immigrant problem? ...


How can the saintly South Africans be so spectacularly less tolerant of mass immigration than the long-suffering British working class which left-liberals despise? How can that nice Thabo Mbeki preside over a state that deports illegal migrants with ruthless ferocity?


I'll leave them to try to answer that. The trouble is, if they dare actually to think about it, their poor overloaded brains will probably catch fire".


Peter Hitchens - The Mail on Sunday, May 25, 2008. 

It's the 'Boasian Credo' and then some

" We have stood out against any grading of cultures in hierarchical systems which would place our own culture at the top and place the other cultures of the world in descending scale according to the extent that they differ from ours...We have stood out for a sort of democracy of cultures...".


- Franz Boas.

An excellent article with very good points and insights

My final conclusion is however that the ultimate enemy is the liberal philosophy, (especially the neoliberal) , because it attempts to abolish the concept of enemy to leave those who are invaded by an enemy and for whom self-defence is required for survival, without the conceptual basis for self-defence. However, the liberal philosophy attempts to abolish not only the concept of "enemy" but to eliminate the conceptual basis of everything, in order to deprive humankind of the cognitive-moral function to make a rational decision in any event.

In this regard everyone, the Western, Muslims and all ethnicities and races alike are victimised by the liberals by a group of rulers pushing the liberal philosophy through all mass media channels, when necessary under the pretension of "conservativism" or under any label. Any choice of name is possible since liberalism has made sure that any concept may have any meaning.

Maybe the Western peoples as such have ceased to exist, and are waiting for the mopping up operation. The reasoning mind however is in full capacity, in all races and ethnicities of world, which will rise again with renewed power in the upcoming era and will rebuild the world of reason and freedom against the world-wide destructions and captivity of mindlessness induced by liberalism.

Canaduh is a joke.

Canaduh is a joke. Check out their banned book list.

Please, provide us with a reference to their banned books list.



-- Raymond

Canaduh is a joke

Canaduh is a joke.  Check out their banned book list.  It appears that by current Canaduhian law criticism of barbaric religions is really bad but any critique of the government is treason.  And these idiots complain about the US.  Incredible.  Orwell was such a visionary.

And it is racist as well..

  •  When you think about it. Liberalism carries with it a very insidious form of racism. It is implied that those in the west should know better when it comes to their crimes, but countries run by dictators, tyrants, and Islamists (i.e. those with darker skin) can't help themselves because, like animals, they don't have any real control over their actions. Peoples from those regions are 100% reactionary, and are completely driven by their response to what the west does. Unfortunately, it provides a great excuse for the corrupt leaders of third world nations to deflect any criticism from themselves and blame the west for all their ills . This in turn confirms their populations in poverty, ignorance and violence and it allows them to be further manipulated or used for liberal propaganda.

  • The black population in the US has been treated like this for almost 50 years and despite a generation of liberal promises to bring them into the mainstream of society, nothing has improved. It is notable, that any black rise in social status on the right (and sometimes even on the left) has always been swiftly and viciously attacked by the black liberal 'leadership'.

  • The other reference I would use to neatly describe the mindset and overall philosophy of liberalism is John Lennon's song "Imagine". It could be considered the anthem of the left.