In Italy Only Amnesty International Complains

A quote from the BBC, 28 May 2008

Human rights group Amnesty International has said it is extremely alarmed by what it calls a "climate of discrimination" in Italy. […]

Last week, Italy's new centre-right government introduced a series of measures aimed at improving security. Illegal immigration will become punishable by up to four years in prison, it will be easier to expel illegal immigrants and there will be a three-year prison sentence for using minors to beg for money.

But the head of Amnesty International in Italy, Daniela Carboni, said the moves represented "heavy restrictions and new crimes that will target, above all, immigrants". […]

In April's national elections the centre-right coalition led by Silvio Berlusconi – which includes the anti-immigration Northern League and the post-Fascist Alleanza Nazionale – swept to victory, pledging to tackle illegal immigration.

Better to have Italian fascism than Islamic fascism

Italy is doing the right thing and it's time other countries follow. Italy will save herself while the rest of Europe is sinking. Look at what happened in South Africa, immigrants clearly understood that they were not welcome there. What's wrong with defending one's culture? Continue Italy, one country needs to start taking action and I'm happy it's Italy!!


@ kappert

Why don't you try answering my last question? I'll accept your answer in plain English.

splendid isolation

E' contrario a tutte le norme europee, alla Costituzione italiane e offende il buon senso perche' rende reato una condizione qualche volta neanche scelta liberamente. It will be interessting to see the show by Il Cavalliere in Strasbourg to defend his option.

Saluto l’Italia

Italy seems to be the only country in Europe which is finally realizing the severity of the Western situation. I wonder if they will take a honest hardworking Dane into their country.