Panic in Brussels. Will Ireland Save Us?

The results of the TNS Irish Times Poll in this morning’s paper has put the cat amongst the pigeons. Giving the Irish No campaigners 35% to the Yes side's 30% the poll has caused panic. Here in Brussels the phones are ringing off the hook. Group and party leaders are in a measure of panic that surprises me as there is the inevitable plan B (for Bollocks).

The Ind/Dem Group has already requested that a debate be held in the European parliament in the week following the Irish result, a request that has hitherto been ignored by the great and the good in the Parliament.

Of course we must remember that the European parliament voted a couple of months ago to ignore the results of the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Well, we shall see. Put it this way, if there is a no vote, and the Parliament refuses us a debate, then I predict certain disciplinary problems in the chamber. After all the authorities got upset when a handful of MEPs called for referenda during the signing ceremony for the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

When we held our 'Too chicken to hold a Referendum' protest, people mocked us. This morning all I can see is a headless chicken protest.

His party, which belongs to

His party, which belongs to the ruling government coalition in the Netherlands, is eager to get rid of him because... he is a Muslim apostate.
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The EU sent many strong signals before and few cares. Ordinary citizens don't follow politics, especially on European level. What is more even if they follow a bit they are too ignorant to figure out what is right and what is wrong. I already imagine how they accept stupid  arguments that Irish whom consist about 1% of population of the EU cannot stop the rest from achieving some glorious goals. This would be undemocratic after all!!!

Exactly. If the result is

Exactly. If the result is 'no' they will claim that the Irish people are too few to represent the Europeans, and if it turns out a 'yes' they will claim that the Irish people are very representative of all Europeans.

Still I think it is important that they vote 'no', because anything that can rock the EU, even the tiniest bit, is better than nothing.

Here is a hint to the EUrotraitors: Let all Europeans decide for themselves and accept their choices - It's called democracy ... D E M O C R A C Y (not to be confused with democraZy currently adopted in many EU-countries). You should be able to find some references to this dying type of government in a few books and encyclopedias.

Little brick out

OK, the colleagues will have a plan B - and more than likely C, D and E - but an Irish "No" will be another brick out of the wall. Eventually the whole ghastly structure WILL fall.

Mr. Harvey, with all due

Mr. Harvey, with all due respect, but wouldn't you agree that faith in an Irish No halting or let alone stopping the EUSSR is testifies naive optimism?

An Irish no is not going to

An Irish no is not going to stop the EU regime, but it is going to send out a strong signal. Especially if they say yes, then the EUrophiles are going to use it in their attempt to make the project seem legitimate.