So Now You Know

So now you know

Key quote from EU Commissioner Margot Wallstrom,
"Don't forget the European leaders have invested a lot of political capital into this whole procedure".

So here you have the authentic reason why the Irish vote must be ignored. Because the European elite have worked hard.

Now we now - shouldn't we start taking actions then?

I am wondering at which point in time a significant number of people would realise that this is WAR - in the narrowest sense of the word - led by a fascist supranational regime called 'EU', against the free nations of Europe.

The Lisbon Treaty backfired because it has made more and more of us aware of this fact. So now we know. Shouldn't we actually start to take actions against it?

Now, when finally aware of the true nature of the EU, it would be Europe’s task to restore democracy and freedom within the EU-states, either with a new EU-leadership or entirely without the EU.

“Is there a democratic life after a dead Lisbon Treaty?”

You can't make this up. 

You can't make this up.  The only good thing is that they are so clueless they don't realize how they appear to the average citizen.  All the propaganda and bullying aimed at Ireland clearly had the opposite effect.


I can't really formulate why, but of all the leading Eurocrats it's the lovely Ms Wallström who revolts me the most. :) More than Barroso, Spidla, Ferrero-Waldner, Pöttering or even that other German guy - leader EU Parliaments Socialist group.