Racist Violence in Paris and Brussels

The 19th arrondissement of Paris has become a war zone between Jews and North Africans. The most recent flare-up of violence occurred on Saturday June 21. A 17-year old Jewish boy suffered several broken ribs and skull fractures during a violent assault by Mulsim youths. The boy was hospitalized in an unconscious state at Cochin Hospital where he is currently being kept in an artificial coma.

The boy, who was wearing a kippa, was walking on Rue Petit, in the 19th, when he came upon a group of 30 young persons of African origin who insulted him before beating him. Five minors were arrested, said a police source, but they have not been identified by witnesses. According to the police, the assault must be put into the context of "brawls" between groups of young Jews and North Africans. One such brawl is said to have occurred just before the beating.

Yesterday, Le Figaro analyzed the situation in the Buttes-Chaumont (the Chaumont Hills) in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, where urban warfare has become commonplace. On Sunday, Roger Madec, the socialist mayor of the 19th arrondissement, requested supplementary police units to restore order. Le Figaro reports that in the pitched battles it is sometimes difficult to discern aggressors from aggressed. In mid-June, a car chase resulted in several young Jews being arrested, "but they were the victims," insists Sammy Ghozlan, of the Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism. "They felt compelled to stick together to protect themselves," he said though he agrees that certain Jewish gangs are also looking for a fight.

Le Figaro notes that “The Palestinian cause, so often evoked during the anti-Semitic attacks that resurged in 2000 in France, seems to be totally forgotten... contrary to anti-Jewish stereotypes.” This is an interesting comment. Even the French media perceive a worsening of the cancer that is spreading. Now they need to apply this reasoning to all the attacks and crimes in France committed by Muslim immigrants and Africans, and they will see that the motivation is basic anti-white European hatred, like basic anti-Semitism, and not some trumped up excuse like insufficient housing.

However the authorities will rush to turn this into part of their anti-racism/anti-Semitism campaign, where aggressions against Muslims and Jews are lumped together as equally bad, and aggressions against white Europeans are almost non-events.

Last Friday evening, between five and seven thousand high school seniors were assembled on the lawns of the Champ-de-Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, to celebrate the end of the battery of exams they are required to take in order to receive the "bac" or "baccalauréat", the once-prestigious French high-school diploma. The police struggled to enforce the ban on consuming and selling alcohol around the Champ-de-Mars, when the trouble began. Young adults from the departments of Yvelines and Val-d'Oise arrived by Regional Rail, line C, their faces covered with hoods, scarves or helmets, their only goal to attack and rob the students.

Around 1:30 a.m., after multiple aggressions, the police gave the order to evacuate the site. If the students gave in, more or less, to police injunctions and to tear gas, the same cannot be said for 300 die-hards: for an hour they fought the police, two of whom sustained minor injuries from projectiles. Using rubber bullets the police arrested about 30 people, but some of the die-hards were pushed back towards the podium set up for a music festival near the Ecole Militaire (the Military Academy, situated at the opposite end of the park from the Eiffel Tower). From there they spilled out onto Rue du Commerce where they smashed store windows and destroyed shops. A deployment of two squadrons of gendarmes brought the fighting to a close.

The thousands of high school students were probably primarily, though not exclusively, white Europeans; the thugs who came in on the subway were largely North African or black, if we are to judge by previous riots. (This is of course conjecture; I could be wrong.)

Meanwhile, in Brussels, a young Belgian woman, 21, was raped by Muslims in the Midi train station on June 12. The girl’s father told the press:

My daughter was returning from Waterloo. it was 9:00 p.m. After getting off the train she headed for the Bancontact [an automatic banking machine]. A busy area. And yet that is where the crime took place. Right in the middle of the station. How is that possible? Two men reproached her for not wearing the veil. My daughter is pretty. She is blond with blue eyes. One of the assailants took out a knife. My daughter was pinned against the wall of the Bancontact. With a knife at her throat one of the guys raped her. The other looked on.

The French blog Le Conservateur comments:

It's the classic technique of Islamists, as related recently in a book by a young European woman who finally converted to Islam after several rapes. Women are slowly but surely abased to the level of an object for males. It begins in the street with dirty remarks, as we see on a daily basis in the streets of Paris, with stares from butchers and grocers, then there's a rape, repeated, that destroys the young woman by branding her body and soul with the idea that she is nothing but an object. Now, an object after being used is shelved and veiled. What happened to this young Belgian woman is not just an isolated crime, it is a message of intimidation to all European women, and to those who have abandoned them – European men, who prefer to turn away and make appeasing and cowardly remarks. This cowardice stains all of us. When we allow scum to make intolerable remarks to women in the street or in the bus, capitulation has begun...

On the topic of rapes of Western women and the silence or even consent of the feminists, read this recent article by Fjordman at the Gates of Vienna blog. And this on the highly-publicized gang-rapes in Sydney a few years ago.


Correction (26 June)

On the advice of a French reader, I have to make a change in the translation of the words of Le Conservateur. Originally, I took the words "boucher-charcutier" literally to mean "butcher, grocer..." (My translation was a bit loose anyway since "charcutier" is really a "pork-butcher.") But he points out that in French today a "boucher" or a "charcutier" refers to someone who glares at women as if they were pieces of meat. While I only saw a reference to sinister shop-keepers, it is really a reference to potential rapists and murderers. Apologies for my ignorance. But I'm glad to have learned the current nuance associated with the expression. And it fits in perfectly with the context of the story.

@ traveller

Blanket condemnation of "the jews" is very much akin to somebody accusing an atlanticist of being anti-American because his views differ from that of those two great American patriots Jimmy Carter and Amsterdamsky.


btw: With a body like that, I think Carla Bruni must be a closet pole dancer. 

@ Atlanticist911

What I have seen so far doesn't convince me she goes for closets, more for open air pole dancing with any good looking "pole", even shorter Hungarian "poles"

"Using rubber bullets"

The French DO deserve this, completely.  France should have remained a dependency of the Anglo-Saxon world after WWII given their performance and behavior.  No western country has hurt western civilization more than France, from their impoverished Left Bank "philosophers" to their collaboration/appeasement, their hero-worship of Third World dictators, to their creation of Eurabia in the seventies.  France runs on nuclear power; they should be less beholden to the Arabs and to Islam than any European country.  Instead, their pathological hatred of Britain and America – and Jews - has led them to embrace north Africa in a pathetic, last ditch attempt at greatness.  They will lose their country.  As Raspail said, the Republic has betrayed the people. – Rubber bullets?  How precious.  Where those the same kinds of bullets they used back in 1940? 



France tried to kill God with their Revolution.  May they reap what they have sowed.


The French deserve this

BF: " Instead, their pathological hatred of Britain and America – and Jews - has led them to embrace north Africa in a pathetic, last ditch attempt at greatness."

I take exception to your "and Jews" mention. I think unless one is Jewish and somewhat arrogant, there is no reason one should judge other people according to how much they like or dislike the Jews. The truth is that Jews play a huge part in the policy of mass immigration that is destroying Europe and America, but most Europeans would rather ignore the problem. It is not right that you would blame the French or any other Europeans for their "pathological hatred" of Jews when they actually show a complete lack of reaction to the harm done by Jewish activists.

De Gaulle didn't like "Anglo-Saxons" and Jews, but you should make a distinction between government and people. Besides, De Gaulle was responsible for the immigration to France of North African Jews. Many of their descendants are now active in French politics. Sarkozy's ancestors are partly Jews from North Africa, which probably explains why he came up with the idea of a "Mediterranean Union". Maybe the Jewish youth who is the subject of this story is of North African descent, just as his attackers. Jews are big supporters of Arab immigration and of "Eurabia". So is Sarkozy, who posed as an opponent of mass immigration in order to get elected.

" No western country has hurt western civilization more than France, from their impoverished Left Bank "philosophers" "

I think the French administration has mainly hurt the French, and other nationalities living under French rule. French bogus philosophizing has a lot to do with Jews too: Derrida, Athusser, Levy-Strauss, Michel Foucault, Raymond Aron... I haven't read their books. It may be that not everything they wrote was rubbish, if you can understand their powerful intellects, which I probably couldn't. However, I think they had too much prominence in public institutions and contributed to killing popular European intellectual life in the media.

" to their collaboration/appeasement "

The french had lost the war.

" their hero-worship of Third World dictators, "

Something encouraged by the Jews too.

" to their creation of Eurabia in the seventies. "

I think Jews are the biggest supporters of Eurabia.

" They will lose their country. As Raspail said, the Republic has betrayed the people. "

The people has been betrayed, so they deserve what is happening to them? It doesn't make sense to me.

" France tried to kill God with their Revolution. May they reap what they have sowed."

I'm afraid the rest of the West has similar problems.

@ Amsterdamsky

"The boy, who was wearing a kippa, was walking...when he came upon a group of 30  young persons of African origin who insulted him before beating him...".



So, yes, well spotted, we ARE talking about one of the "chosen", again.

@ Amsterdamsky

Perhaps the jews are fed up being beaten and perhaps the non-jewish French have too many anti-racism laws for them to be able to resist? It is very difficult to charge a jew with racism of course, that's why they can be more outspoken.

fed up with immigration

Traveller said: Perhaps the jews are fed up being beaten

If so, they should call for a stop to immigration!
But this isn't exactly what they are doing.

@ Armor

Jewish people have a dual relationship with immigration, they are ALL immigrants since thousands of years, but they don't like the street maffia which has migrated from North Africa. They would like a selective immigration, which is slowly coming in the European minds now, much too late.
Sarkozy is a weird case for a president, I am watching him with intrest, never a dull moment.
His Bruni-move was a media-masterstroke, every head of state he visits loses his concentration.
Atlanticist would understand this fully.

The Chosen Again....

Of course had this boy been one of the daily non-jewish french men beaten by N. Africans every day you would not even be talking about it.

France has been in a civil

France has been in a civil war for many years by now. Muslims are slowly taking over the country by use of violence and especially rape. The only people who do not see this is the french upper class. At least some Jews apparently realize that they have to fight back, but will the French majority ever be doing the same?

I'm not going to France again, for the same reasons that I'm not going the Iraq or East Timor or other places of war.

Stupid French. They deserve this when they are not willing to fight back.