The World Goes Bananas

It has been bubbling under for a while but they have finally done it. Spain is offering human rights to apes. Not only that but some soft hearted, soft minded English woman is taking a case to the ECHR on behalf of an ape.

But, but maybe this is just an attempt to allow European Parliamentarians some form of human dignity. Their own trade association can be found here


Well I always get a little nervous when I see "@FLLegal" in the Recent Comments box. I don't know why...I just do! :)

But the great unnerving event was worth it for the video ad was cute and yes I would have to agree that British chimps are smarter than Spanish apes everytime.

But I must confess I had to listen to it three or four times, with my English-English dictionary to understand it!!!! :) ;)

I recall the quote of the great General George C. Patton, given at a speech he gave, during WWII, to a British ladies war effort group in Great Britain, which said speech was portrayed in the movie Patton, where he said the following:

"I feel that such clubs as these are of very real value, because I believe with Mr. Bernard Shaw that the British and the Americans are two peoples separated by a common language."

I just pray that that will ALWAYS be the case that we are ONLY ever separated by a common language, in that, we are national cousins, i.e. family. I'm part German, part English, and lord only knows what else, but I do love the British people. Any attack on the British people, I feel is an attack on me personally, so I really do stress over the Islamic cancer that has invaded our (if I may be permitted to use the word "our") British shores and the continual loss of Free Speech in Great Britain. I pray for Great Britain and for another great man to arise in Great Britain like Winston Churchill who was the man destined for his time. Sadly, many or most British young people think Winston Churchill is a fictional character. :( That saddens me.

By the way, I would feel immense PRIDE in flying and/or seeing the UNION JACK wave in the wind!!!! Beautiful flag! I love patriotism and that flag makes me feel patriotic!!!! So fly that flag with PRIDE and note this American loves seeing it, well except during that brief revolutionary period in and around 1776 of course! :) ;)

Maybe apes are smarter than humans........

Maybe apes are smarter than humans........

I think if this man gets arrested and convicted for robbery and perhaps possession of a banana by a convicted felon if he has a past felony record, he should apPEAL said convictions...Ar Ar! :)

Bandit Tries to Rob Store with Banana

posted 4:17 pm
Wed June 25, 2008

Maryland State Police have a strange case to solve: A man walked into a Frederick County 7-11 Wednesday morning and tried to rob it. His weapon of choice? A banana.

The 7-11 on Fingerboard Road in Monrovia has been robbed before, but never like this. At 12:45 a.m., a masked man walked up to the counter and grabbed--a banana. He aimed it at the clerk and demanded cash.

"What's he think he's going to do with a banana?! Ain't much you can do with a banana! Throw the peel down and hope he slips on it," said resident Michael Benton.

Police said the suspect hit the clerk with the fruit, but the clerk fought back with a real weapon. As a surveillance camera rolled, the clerk grabbed a knife and chased the man out of the store.

"I wouldn't have done that. I would have just given him whatever he wanted and let him go," said nearby store owner Jodie Capone.

"That's a little weird! He's bananas," said Rockville resident Sue Corle.

For the rest of the story, click Bandit Tries to Rob Store with Banana

More Ape Shit from Spain.........

Well such human rights should be for ALL apes, regardless of "sexual orientation", whether they be male, female, and/or transgender!!!!!!!!!!

With Equal Opportunity employment, Affirmative Action, and Equal Housing non-discrimination for all! Well all, but monkeys, they're sub-ape (sub-sub-human)!!!!