Postcard from Zinnlandia


I am on the MAX Red Line light rail car going from downtown Portland to the Airport. Some things socialists do better. Among them are public transportation, recycling, French poetry readings, yoga, coffee, artisan food and arthouse cinema. Would it that the counterscale were not so much more loaded.

Two hefty women in Birkenstocks and Nordic sweaters sit on the bench in front of me. They are either academics or lesbians or both. Portland is a babe magnet for this kind of babes.

One of them, silver bangles jangling, is showing a souvenir purchase to the other. It’s a garden gnome, complete with a red cap and a Walt Disney tunic stretched taut over a rotund belly. The face, though, is less jovial than one expects on a gnome. An etched inscription on the base reads, “Howard Zinn.”

We are leaving Zinnlandia, after all – that great land of the Pacific Northwest, rich in good wine, including zinfandel, and other bounties of nature. Howard Zinn and his doppelgänger, Noam Chomsky, are to the coastal zones of this blessed land what St. Patrick is to the Emerald Isle. And, like Finlandia, Jutlandia and Hollandia, Zinnlandia too has much Northern European DNA.

Zinnlandia is in Amerikka – that racist, capitalist land of injustice, sexism, specieism, lookism, theism, militarism and homophobia. As a material and cultural Marxist, and skillful propagandist, Zinn – a master of sieving American history for its worst nuggets – is the perfect avatar for the self-flagellating white inhabitant of this land.

A Zinnlandian I met on this trip, a WASP physician endowed with the best education much money can buy, told me that he does not celebrate July 4th because the Declaration of Independence had been written by a slave owner and signed by other slave owners. He was just as hotly critical of the “racism” of Americans in dealing with the growing Muslim immigrant minority. The conversation unfolded over a bottle of Oregon Vino Pinko, with the likeness of a notorious Cuban mass murderer on the label.

Besides the pervasive lefty obtuseness as to the true nature of Che Guevara, there is one central paradox in this Zinnlandian, as there is in all of them. In the case of the good doctor, he donates his time and money to schools and clinics in Tanzania, where he has visited several times. And Tanzania, particularly Zanzibar, is a living memorial to the horrors of slave trafficking by Moslem Arabs and black Africans -- far larger and crueler than the slave trade that soiled the New World, preceding it by a thousand years, evident still in the 1960s, and ended only due to Western insistence.

So we have here a mind twisted into self-contradicting loops designed to screen out everything good about “us” and everything bad about “the other.” This particular dhimmi-in-training has managed not only to block out all the greatness and goodness of the American Founding Fathers, and the merits of the nation that they launched, but also to overlook that his favorite country, Tanzania, exemplifies the horrors he purports to abhor and that, unlike America, it has hardly any countervailing merits.

Behavioral psychology has names for various information perception and analysis biases, but at least fifteen of those would have to be added to encompass the depth and width of the Zinnlandian’s – let’s not beat around the bush – craziness. Take, among others, the Bias Blind Spot, add some Omission Bias and Selective Perception, leaven with white racial guilt propaganda. Whip that into a mixture of Belief Bias, Selective Memory, Bandwagon Effect, Déformation Professionnelle and Disconfirmation Bias. Pour the mixture into a pie shell made of Neglect of Probability, My Side Bias, Optimism Bias and Positive Outcome Bias, and bake for 30 years in an oven designed specifically by mainstream media and the educational system to make that kind of dough rise. Voilà!

Barack Hussein Obama drew a crowd of 74,000 people in Portland, which amounts to about 13.5% of the population in this third whitest city in America.  It’s doubtful one fourth that number would have come, had his name been Bartholomew Henry Oglethorpe and the title of his book were Dreams from My Mother: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

And now I am heading out of this second key city of Zinnlandia, the first one being Seattle. The train’s computer announces each stop first in English, then in Spanish. I catch a few familiar words: puerta, izquierdia, por favor, la ligna roja, aeropuerto. I feel like my mother did when the Soviets invaded her hometown in 1939 and within one week of entry changed its name and all its public and store signs into Russian written in Cyrillic letters that no one could read.

Except here it’s the land of the voluntarily submitted, the natural dhimmis. There are no conquerors; not yet. Just like in England or Holland, except the same kind of First World people are submitting to a different kind of Third World people: Mestizo peons here, Moslem hoi polloi there. The submission includes constant panic lest one be accused of the high crime of “racism,” leading to acts of conspicuous politically correct piety as ubiquitous as the jambon serrano sides that hang by custom in the front of Spanish bars since the days when a publican had better proved to Inquisition agents, and quickly, that he was not a secret Judaizer.

La Raza, a racist, irredentist, Mexican fifth column organization is a valued component of Zinnlandia. Its sponsors in these parts include megacorporations like Boeing, Lilly and Washington Mutual. It is feted by Euro-American mayors and by the entire education industry, e.g. here.

To get a better idea of what La Raza (The Race) is, one might read a short expose here. Or, one might jump from Spanish to German and say aloud, with the proper Hochdeutsch accent, die Rasse. And in pandering to this organization, and to its sister agents of America’s decomposition, not only the Pacific Northwest but the entire sectors of American government, politics, media, education and commerce trip over each other in the contest who will be the best Zinnlandian, or to use another term, quisling.

In the week starting July 12th, the two U.S. presidential nominees made their pilgrimage to kneel at the preferred race’s altar at the annual convention of La Raza, just as soon as they were done trolling for Mexican voters at the LULAC convention. About their participation in the latter, the blog Powerline stated:

The LULAC event signals a new era in political pandering. And since the group on the receiving end of the pandering is a predominantly low income, low-skill one, the pandering will ultimately focus on income transfer, however it may be dressed-up.

That receiving end – tens of millions of it, with some 14 millions more to be admitted officially soon after whichever new U.S. president is sworn in – brings with it a tradition of state control of the economy, militant labor, backwardness, clientism, massive corruption, rampant lawlessness, narco-terrorism and rigging of the electoral system. America is voluntarily transforming itself into a dysfunctional, socialist Third World country, just as EU is transforming itself into a totalitarian empire straight out of Blade Runner, complete with a seditious replicant caste.

On the basis of the cui bono principle, it helps to note that at The Race’s shinding, Messrs. McCain and Obama were joined by two more localized but notorious collaborators of the invasion forces, Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles, and Jerry Sanders, Mayor of San Diego. All underwritten by The Coca-Cola Company, GEICO, General Mills, TOYOTA, Wachovia Corporation, Amtrak, Ford Motor Company, U.S. Postal Service, and Washington Mutual. All happy to pay obeisance to the passel of dignitaries from the Hispanization industry – mostly Mexicans in nationality or allegiance, pushing their tribe’s interests at the expense of the larger, docile, post-tribal society that has lost its defensive reflexes.

But I am digressing. Of the 26 riders in my light rail car, three seem Latino. One, who looks illegal to me, sleeps sprawled over a fat, natural blonde. The other two are more established, judging from their new shaves and clothes and their $150 Timberland boots.

This in contrast to the rest of the passengers, all lower middle class whites, half of whom wear flip-flops. Such flimsy footwear on people who will soon be shuffling in long security lines and dragging heavy suitcases through crowded airports bespeaks of thoughtless insouciance. These people cannot imagine a hard heel stepping on their exposed toes, let alone a soft “diversity,” voluntarily imported, rising to stomp on their faces, one day.

Starting right here, in this car. “An assault by five teenagers on a North Portland MAX train this week revived worries about mass transit safety since several high-profile incidents last winter,” reads the opening paragraph in The Oregonian’s news today. The story goes on, “Teenage boys and girls punched, used racial epithets and stole the purse of a 28-year-old Vancouver woman who was taking her first-ever MAX ride early Monday evening. The woman, who is white, had just had a conversation with the teens, who are African American and were harassing another woman”.

It’s uncharacteristic for the progressive press of this progressive town – just what are they progressing toward? – to disclose the racial identity of violent perps, since this could dent the very foundation on which Zinnlandia and all postmodern Western civilization are built on: that all people, and all racial, ethnic, gender and national groups of people, are equal in their proclivities, abilities and merits, and are equally deserving of uncritical acceptance. They just have different “narratives,” you see. But it’s interesting how gingerly the racial identity is mentioned, when it is, with what curious, for a newspaper, waste of words. The story could have opened, after all, “An assault by five black teenagers on a North Portland MAX train this week… etc”.

As to the “several high-profile incidents last winter,” the story is less forthcoming. The reader is reminded that “a 16-year-old boy” was just sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison for pounding a 71 year-old man with a baseball bat at another stop of this rail system. The account does not mention that the “boy’s” name was Abel Chavez-Garcia and his smashing the old (and white) man, Laurie Lee Chilcote, to pulp was also accompanied by racial taunts. One has to fish through another article to find out about the hoodlum that he is an illegal alien. And it takes yet another, much earlier article to find out that Mr. Chilcote, whom the savage “Hispanic” punk has gifted with, among others, partial paralysis, double vision, dimmed hearing and a speech impediment is so brainwashed, good Oregonian that he is, that the only question he voiced after the attack was “what would make a teenager swing a baseball bat at an elderly man.” (1)

The story then goes on to remind the reader that “Weeks after the beating, a 19-year-old man was stabbed in the chest at the Rockwood Transit Center, and on Christmas Eve a woman was groped at a MAX stop in Gresham.” Curious about the identity of the stabber and the groper I do a little research on my laptop, soon after arriving at the Departures lounge of the PDX Airport terminal.

The groper – and it was a full-fledged assault  – was a Mario Santiago-Montelongo. More extensive research, later, reveals that Santiago-Montelongo, who got 22 months in prison for this assault, is a Mexican illegal immigrant (2).

I cannot find anything more about the stabber, though the report implies that the police are in possession of such information (3). But a paragraph mentioning this crime also informs that four days after this stabbing “Thaymon Earl Watson, 19, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for stabbing to death a 19-year-old in December 2006 at a Gresham transit station.” So we have here another activist minority, though this one homegrown.

In the course of my 15-minute visit with Google, I also find out that on January 08, 2008 a Mr. Mynor Guerra Perez, 29, tried to force a woman into the trunk of an automobile and stabbed her in the stomach and left chest. The stabbing caused a lockdown at three Beaverton schools. Also on the same date, in the same supersprawling Latino magnet town, a 46-year-old woman was assaulted in her bed by a night invader. Although the man has fled, his sketch, based on the woman’s description, leaves little doubt as to the wonders of the great mosaic of our strength in diversity.

A few months earlier, a 40-year-old was stabbed in the stomach on a crowded bus of the same transit system. Although it’s certain that witness testimony was recorded as to the race of the stabber, the news report prefers to avoid a “sensitive subject,” but still tips off the knowing by noting that the perp was wearing a white do-rag.

The same television station reports of a fight on another TriMet bus: “When police showed up, they saw several people running from the bus and heard several shots fired.” There must have been something else the police noted about the fleeing perps, but it’s not disclosed.

And in Hillsboro, “police are looking for two teenagers who attacked a Gresham man near a MAX station last week. The teens reportedly followed him and beat him with their fists, rocks and chunks of concrete. The suspects are described as teen males, 16 or 17 years old.” No, they must have been described otherwise too. And it’s far from irrelevant.

Also in Hillsboro, a “16- and 15-year-old” were arrested for attacking two boys near a MAX station. One of the victims had a fractured skull after being hit on the head with a hammer. Could there have been a common denominator for the attackers other then their teen age?

It seems endless. “Sixteen-year-old Joe Crane is afraid to ride Portland's MAX light-rail. Four years ago he was attacked on a MAX platform near the Lloyd Center. And recently he was jumped at night by three men, who pulled him off the MAX, kicked him in the head and stole his wallet, cash and cell phone.” At the end of the story, there is a reference to surveillance camera footage “as pictured above.” What’s “pictured above” are three young black men pouncing on Joe Crane like beasts of prey on a cornered doe.

The article goes on to blame the transit police for its insufficient presence. Such arguments are now ubiquitous in the Portland media’s editorials, demanding more funding, more TV cameras, better lighting, better inter-agency cooperation. Everything is discussed, everything is noted – except for the 10-ton rhinoceros wearing a tutu and, balanced on his horn, spinning pirouettes right in the middle of the room. For what is required is a better populace, not better lighting. And to have a better populace, its rotten part must be clearly identified, watched, and punished for every crime committed, to the full extent of the law. Punished and cordoned off from society, rather then left to the “compassionate” ministrations of the social saboteurs proliferating among the ruling, clueless and cowardly Western elites.

And inasmuch as young blacks and ‘Hispanics’ in America produce a widely disproportionate number of criminals, a normal people would demand of its quisling leaders that police and security forces employ crime profiling – including by race, gender, nationality and religion – and that Hispanic criminals be headed off a lot more effectively at the border, rather than courted by US presidential contenders once they have jumped the fence.

But we are still in denial relative to even the first part of the solution, identification. The media are either staying clear of the issue or engaging in its active camouflage. Mute white politicians, police chiefs and judges are being attacked vociferously for the disproportionate number of blacks in prison, as though that, per se, were proof of pervasive white racism rather than of pervasive black criminality.
America’s presumptive president, BH Obama, and all black political leaders and TV talking heads distort every possible crime statistic, with no national politician, even from the allegedly “conservative” wing of the Republican Party, putting them on the spot for it. The black demagogues, and their enablers such as Mr. Obama, shift blame from black criminals onto white “racism,” faults in the law and its application, society etc. The racial “healing” and coming together Mr. Obama sells on the stump is a veiled promise that inconvenient truths will no longer be tolerated, and a trillion dollars more will be dumped down the drain for a “cure” of the willfully imaginary social “causes” of black and brown crime.

For black and Hispanic crime is not the result of poverty or of racism. One is safe walking among the poor in Thailand, the disfranchised Ainu in Japan, or the downtrodden Jews still living among Moslems. Until the crazies took over Islam again, for the nth time in history, a white person could walk – and this author did walk– through the poorest sections of Arab cities without fearing for one’s life. One may sometimes suffer violence at the hands of unemployable young sociopaths in white-only precincts of Birmingham or Bratislava, but murder and serial rape are not a feature of everyday life there.

Everyday, in the U.S., in Great Britain and elsewhere in the West, there are headlines attesting to barbarity, reflexive violence, lack of any moral restraints and grave societal danger posed by large numbers of blacks, Mexicans and Central Americans, Albanians and other Moslem immigrants living among people of Euro-Christian ancestry. When one reads a headline, “Pack of cigarettes ignites 200-person ruckus at Fort Myers gas station,” it no longer matters whether the race is mentioned or the photos shown, because everyone knows. Or does he?

Two young white men in Dallas are locking up their fledgling recording studio. The men and the studio are devoted to Christian causes. Two young black men drive up and ask for a cigarette. A conversation develops that lasts 30 minutes. With this man, who then pulls out a gun and executes the white innocents for a take of $2.

For white Westerners born in the last 50 years are all honorary Zinnlandians. They have grown up indoctrinated to squash their own survival impulses, to be ashamed for preferring their own people and culture, to admire the “authentic” and “noble” savage.
I should not like to single out Portland, Oregon for scorn or ridicule. This type of paralyzing cowardice or suicidal stupidity exists in every American, Western European, Canadian and Australian city I have visited over the past thirty years.

In Portland, the “youth” often just beat you up. In the City of Brotherly Love, aka Killadelphia, the brothers shoot on sight. In Malmö they rape your sister and then wait in ambush for the ambulance. In Epinay-sur-Seine they set a car on fire and then, armed with brass knuckles and iron bars, wait in ambush for the police. France alone has 751 Zones Urbaines Sensibles, and yet its entire fancy elite keep singing in unison of the glories of Third World Moslem immigration. The chronicle of the West’s shame is thicker than a phone book.

A recent London Times article discusses the alarming plague of knife murders in Great Britain, of course without discussing the demographics of the perpetrators (4).
Among the dozens of anxious comments, one, Cris, states, “The black elephant is in the room. 43% of all violent crime is committed by the Afro-Caribbean population. One part of the answer (not the whole of it) is to deport each an every immigrant caught carrying a knife.”

To which another commenter, Piers, retorts, “Typical racist BNP facism; what about the 57% of non-black people who commit violent crime- will u deport them?”

That’s how the cultural left silences the voices of reason and objectivity: blind frothing at the mouth with words like “fascism” and “racism” spraying out with the spittle. For what matters is not which group commits more crimes but how that crime rate relates to the group’s percentage of the population.

What matters is this: Blacks are 3.5% of the British population. Now, when you perceive that 43% of violent crime in Great Britain is committed by members of a demographic group comprising 3.5% of the population, then you are on to something.

In San Francisco, Honduran crack-dealing hoodlums are treated to a city-paid flight back to Honduras with a carte blanche to return, in order to shield them, in this ‘sanctuary city,’ from federal deportation. “The strategy is appropriate, (chief of the Juvenile Probation Department) Siffermann said, because deporting young offenders would doom them from ever becoming productive residents of the United States.”

The boot-wearing young Latinos I saw on my train ride to the Portland Airport are constitutionally unable to indulge in such self-erasing idiocy. Shorter, darker, more primitive and far less foolish, they flow in naturally to fill the vacuum inhabited by the white flip-floppers.

Perhaps the time has come to give more attention to the existential AIDS that has disabled the immune system of the West. There is nothing intrinsically worse about Moroccans, Mexicans or Memphis blacks than there was in 1950. What has changed is the cultural immune system of the Euro-ethnics around the world. The Moroccan in 1950 did not live in Amsterdam, and the Mexican did not in Portland. They wouldn’t and couldn’t. The black was in Memphis then and now, but in 1950 he had the church if he was a good man, and long-term, harsh prison if he was not. Nowadays such institutions grate on the Zinnlandian sensibility.

Opportunistic infections do not penetrate but decaying organisms. Non-discrimination as the central organizing principle of Western society does to a body politic what AIDS does to a living body.

For now, we can rest easy knowing that virtue is winning. “Welcoming people of color makes a city,” coos The Oregonian in a Nov.17, 2007 sidebar. Particularly if they are 19, at a tribal stage of arrested development, and handy with sharp implements.


(1) “MAX security ‘too late for me’,” The Oregonian, November 13, 2007

(2) “Man gets 22 months for MAX assault,” The Oregonian, February 20, 2008.
(3) “Outcry follows MAX stabbing,” The Oregonian, December 1, 2007.

(4) Such reticence is usually missing when revolting crimes are committed by whites. The media, for instance, mentioned persistently that the suspects in the recent murder of two French students in London are white. Entirely proper too, except comparable indications ought to be given also when criminals are not white.


@ kappert

OK Kappert, you've seen my video and below is marcfrans' favourite offering. Now YOU can have the caste - ing  vote in the matter. What is YOUR definition of paleface, eh, sorry, "white culture"?


ps: No black humour, please.Keep it serious and dignified, just like you always do.



@ Atlanticist


I thought the little video called "Dialogue Session with President Bush" (playing on the names of the president of China, Condi Rice, Kofi Annan, en Yasser Arafat) was funnier.

But, I am all in favor of Armor strengthening his skills of empirical observation.  Do you know what "white culture" is?  That of Jacques Chirac, George Bush or of kapitein Andre?  Not to mention Putin and Amsterdamsky, and Cheri Blair too (she looks very 'white' or pale to me, but the current president of China looks even whiter, at least from a certain distance)....


'@kappert 2)

Before composing your response to Armor, it might be an idea to confirm with marcfrans that he does, in fact, have a theory that white culture should be preserved only at the expense of the white race.


Good luck.

@ kappert #3

Do you think you could manage to find out if Atlantic believes, like Marcfrans, that he can transform Africans into Europeans? In my experience, it is very difficult to pry a straightforward opinion out of him. If you have any chance finding out what he thinks, please report back to me.

We own nothing but history

There is no empirical evidence to support the idea that white culture ('modern culture') will be continued by non – white races.

There you go, Marc...

empirical evidence

But there is plenty of empirical evidence that white culture has now been extinguished by non–white races in our so-called no-go areas.

Yoohoo! Marc?

@ kappert

Armor wrote, "You (marcfrans) have a theory that third-world people (eg black people) become SIMILAR (ie NOT identical to, in each and every particular) to Europeans as they absorb European culture ... The first part of your theory (see above) clearly doesn't work, as everyone can observe that non- European immigrants living in Europe do not behave EXACTLY (ie NOT similar to, but the same as, in each and EVERY particular) like Europeans".


Armor later wrote, "MAYBE (ie and maybe not?) the link you (Atlantic[ist]) provided is an example of black behaviour influenced by white people (BUT)..."


Later still, Armor wrote, "It is OBVIOUS to me that white culture has (some) influence on the behaviour of blacks...".



More recently, Armor wrote, "I never said that black people can not be influenced by white culture.What I think is that cultural influence goes ONLY SO FAR...".


Kappert, this line of argument has your 'epithelials' all over it. Your comments, please. 

ps Kindly address your comments directly to Arm(or), and leave me out of it. Thanks..

re: Atlantic's question

Armor: "I'll try to give a reply".



You begin by questioning the belief that black people can be influenced by white culture. Then you say that, "It is obvious to me that white culture has an influence on the behaviour of blacks".



Try again, only this time kindly address your response to kappert. You deserve each other.


cultural influence

"You begin by questioning the belief that black people can be influenced by white culture. Then you say that, "It is obvious to me that white culture has an influence on the behaviour of blacks".

I never said that black people can not be influenced by white culture. What I think is that cultural influence goes only so far, and that it cannot transform Africans or Chinese people into Europeans, contrary to what Marcfrans and the media will claim. White culture is the way of being of white people. It can not exist without white people. People like Marcfrans, who say we should try to preserve white culture, but not necessarily the white race, are crazy.

re: pygmies

@ marcfrans


This should be interesting.



@ kappert


Wanted: second opinion






Nigerians, with or without doctoral degrees from Harvard and Yale, and pygmies - black or albino - can choose whether or not they wish to become vegetarians. Vegetarians, on the other hand, can NOT choose whether or not they wish to become black Nigerians ... or pygmies.



True or false? ('right' or 'wrong' ?)





@ Atlanticist

I have two reasons to be grateful to you.

First, for 'dealing'  with Armor, so that I don't have to.  I wouldn't know how to deal with such a poor reader and stubborn blinded person. How could I comment on overly simplistic theories that he falsely attributes to me, but that only exist in his fertile imagination and not in mine? 

Second, for reminding me that there are black vegetarians.  To be truthful, I already knew that, since I have met one. It was a Nigerian with doctoral degrees from Harvard and Yale. But, I forgot to ask whether he became a vegetarian in 'western' Academia or in 'African' Nigeria. Of course, we both know that vegetarianism is a matter of 'culture' (or subculture), i.e. of behavior patterns and not of physical bodily features.  Your doubt about it being an ancient African tradition seems a reasonable guess, but whether it is or not seems pretty unimportant for the broader battle against  Armor and his ilk.  Naturally, "ilk" in an ideological sense, not a Breton ethnic sense.....   

@ Armor

Thanks (I think) for the kappert-like response. It would appear that my question must forever remain UNanswered.

Atlantic's question

I'll try to give a reply.

- Maybe the link you provided is an example of black behavior influenced by white behavior. But then, how come so few Africans have become vegetarians? You are pointing to an exception, not to typical Africano-Canadian behavior.

- Or maybe it shows that members of that black women's vegetarian club have a few European genes?

- Or maybe you can find a few vegetarians, even in Africa?

It is obvious to me that white culture has an influence on the behavior of blacks, and black people also have an influence on the whites. But if you remove the white part of the population and let blacks on their own, I think traces of white influence will soon disappear.

black veggies

I doubt there are many black vegetarians or anorexics.
Anyway, Africa is now pretty safe.
They no longer have cannibals: they ate the last one last year!

@ marcfrans

If it's ALL about skin pigment, eye colour etc., and not about culture, as some BJ commentators would have us believe,  how to explain the following little gem?



Albino men and women are being killed and mutilated in Tanzania - because witchdoctors claim drinking magic potions made from their blood, skin and body parts can bring great wealth.


Police say up to 25 albinos have been murdered in the past six months in the East African country, with the victims being stripped of body parts.


One victim, who had been murdered by four men armed with machetes, had to be buried in a concrete tomb to prevent grave robbers from taking the remainder of his disfigured body...


Alfred Kapole, chairman of the Albino Association in the Mwanza Region, near to Lake Victoria, said he was disturbed by the lack of arrests and police protection...


Excerpted from the Daily Mail, Thursday, July 24, 2008


Title: Albinos murdered on witchdoctors' orders.




@Atlantic & Marcfrans

1. @Atlantic:
Another similar horror story from Africa: I did not eat Pygmies

2. a question to Marcfrans:
You have a theory that third-world people who move to Europe become similar to Europeans as they absorb European culture. Are you saying that your theory is also true the other way around, for Europeans who move to Africa?

The first part of your theory clearly doesn't work, as everyone can observe that non-European immigrants living in Europe do not behave exactly like Europeans. Especially, their school results and their crime rates remain very different from ours.

It would be interesting to know if the second part of your theory works better. For example, if you relocated to Kenya, how long do you reckon it would take before you started jumping up and down like a Masai?

@ Kappert's cat ...(2)

If you are not a vegetarian:


i You kill all your own food


ii You go out to the shop and buy your own groceries


iii Kappert feeds you processed cat food.


In any event, I'm sure that you are smart enough to realize that , this means you eat (deceased) "sentient beings".


Kindly explain all this to kappert for me.

re: vivid fantasy

Q1: " Where did you read that I feed sentient beings to his moggy?"


A1: see: Wildlife2: "He certainly does!"



Q2: "Where did you read about 'evils of consuming sentient beings'?"


A2: see: Sentient beings : "I hope you are consequent on this, and opted to be a vegetarian! Or is your 'human sentient being' superior to 'animal sentient being'?"


Statement: " Keep talking to your brainless friends".


Response: True, I DO keep 'talking' to you, you ARE brainless, BUT you are NOT my friend, and NEVER could be.

@ traveller

Note the blatant hypocrisy of this clown. Happy to feed "sentient beings" to his moggy, while at the same time lecturing his fellow-humans on the evils of consuming "sentient beings" themselves.


Perhaps you could provide some examples of the barbarous treatment you have personally witnessed, dished out to many of those "sentient beings" by some of kap's buddies, in places like China, Africa and the Middle East.

@ Atlanticist911

Not only witnessed, eaten myself on official occasions where I couldn't refuse to participate:
-fresh monkey brain in China
-live shrimp in Korea, intresting wrigglings in the mouth, only edible with lots of spices.
-dogs in China and Korea
-Rats in China and Korea(cooked thank heavens)

vivid fantasy

Where did you read that I 'feed sentient beings to his moggy'?
Where did you read about 'evils of consuming sentient beings'?
I doubt you have any knowledge about 'dishes', and for sure you don't know any of my 'buddies'.
Keep on talking to your brainless friends.

@ traveller



For somebody who aspires to walk on four legs, kap' isn't very good at thinking on his feet, nor does he appear to have a useful 'tail' to tell.


Certainly I can smell only a portion of what a bear is able to, certainly I feel lost in a dark forest, while my cat loves strolling in it. Certainly we do not have the ability of social organisation of ants or bees, nor the communication skills of whales or birds ... the list of our inferiorities is endless. Of course, MAN is able to kill (dominate) almost anything on this planet. Not really a thing to be proud of. Allow me to indicate some reading:
Athan, M.S. (1993): Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot. Hauppauge. New York, NY.
Boas, G. (1933): The Happy Beast. Hopkins. Baltimore, MD.
De Waal, F. (1982): Chimpanzee politics: Power and Sex among Apes. Harper&Row. New York, NY.
Griffin, D. (1982): Animal Mind, Human Mind. Fortschritte der Zoologie. Berlin.
Jordan, W. (1991): Divorce among the Gulls. North Point. San Francisco, CA.
Lewis, M. (1992): Shame: The exposed Self. Macmillan. New York, NY.


@ kappert

I understand your self-effacing inferiority feeling, if I would be you I would also feel inferior, but you shouldn't feel inferior because of speaking less fluently than a parrot, nor because of having a smaller nose than a bear, no, your problem is your brain and that my friend is your real problem.

@ kappert's cat (Paws for thought).

Hello, or should I say, Meaow?

Just a few brief questions:

Q1: Is your slave master (kappert) providing you with a natural diet, or are you being forced to subsist on a wholly unnatural vegetarian regimen?

Q2: Are you aware of the fact that cats require an amino acid called taurine, found in the muscles of (other) animals, and that taurine deficiency can result in blindness, even DEATH???

NB: Synthetic taurine has been developed (by humans) and has been used in commercial pet foods for years, but are you happy to be forced-fed synthetic substitutes by your human slave masters rather than dine on the natural foods that the goddess Gaia has pre ordained for you?

read this:

Please, Felix, I beg of you, don't take this abuse another day longer than you need to. Flee, flee, flea!

Live your life according to the laws of nature, NOT according to the artificial laws of man.


"Live your life according to the laws of nature, NOT according to the artificial laws of man."
He certainly does!

Are you talkin' to me?

Was I addressing you? No, I was NOT.

I'd much prefer to speak to the 'monkey' rather than the organ grinder ... so kindly butt out !


I'm deeply touched with your professional psychiatrist analysis. You could work in a Belgrade hospital, there's a job vacancy right now.

secrets of a sentient being

" I'll be your tarzan, you'll be my jane

 I'll keep you warm and you'll keep me sane

 And we'll sit in the trees and eat bananas all day

 Just like an ape man ..."


Tell us, have you met your very own 'Lola' yet?

My little runaway, run, run, run, run ...

@ kap'


You agreed with traveller when he made the statement, "every race has lunatics, criminals, geniuses and common good and/or bad people".


Three questions:


Q1: How do you reconcile your agreement with traveller here with the fact that you are previously on record as saying that you don't believe in the concept of good and bad?


Q2: Having agreed with traveller's statement, why do you then fail to go on to offer any criticism of the Chinese treatment of black people in China?


Q3: Why do you perpetually run away from knowledge that fails to make you happy?

My little runaway... (2)

@ kap'

Quote: "When the police come, you have to run," a woman from Liberia said. I've lived in Holland and the United States and it was never like this. There's no human rights here. It's racist and it makes me feel very bad".

Any comment (thoughts or observations)?

@ kap'

If that is your stated position, why have you posted ...node/3409#comment-26999 at ethnocentrist?


... and I thought VFR means 'visual flight rules'


Like yourself, I am sure, I have had to deal with numerous idiotic opinions in my life.  They do not unduly affect me much.  However, the one thing I cannot stand is dishonesty.  That is not so much Guessedworker's problem - he seems sincere - as it is Armor's. Recently, the latter has on several occasions in his citations attributed words of one commentator to another commentator.  He also continues to make assertions about my views which are patently false.  For example, just look at his first paragraph in which he makes the ludicrous assertion that I would be for the "forceful replacement" of whites and of European cultures by nonwhites etc...   A charitable interpretation would be to say that he refuses to make the effort to read well, or perhaps that he is incapable of holding a more nuanced view of the need for immigration control than his own.  Hence his need to misrepresent other people's views.  But, I suspect it is pure and simple dishonesty that is at play.

I said "Finito", didn't I? 


space traveller

One reason we are stuck in our immigrant-ridden galaxy is that it would take more than a lifetime to travel to another inhabitable planet in another galaxy. But Marcfrans has found a way around this, and it is almost as good as Captain Kirk's teleportation system. According to Marcfrans' theory, the secret of space colonization is not to put a few men and women in deep hibernation in a rocket for a few centuries. What we need to do is fill the rocket with books, music records, and movies (and let's add a written description of "European values"). If some day, an extra-terrestrial civilization finds the rocket, its people will read the books, listen to the records, and watch the movies. By doing so, they will soak up our civilization and become us. It will be the same as if we had travelled across the universe. Thank you Marcfrans, for being so smart.

Marcfrans said: "the ludicrous assertion that I would be for the "forceful replacement" of whites and of European cultures by nonwhites etc..."

I think you do not have "the courage of your opinions".

What is happening in the West is a replacement of white people by immigrants. It is done authoritatively against the will of most white people. But what you keep saying is that resisting this policy is "racist" (a word used to stigmatize).

According to Marcfrans'

According to Marcfrans' theory, the secret of space colonization is not to put a few men and women in deep hibernation in a rocket for a few centuries. What we need to do is fill the rocket with books, music records, and movies (and let's add a written description of "European values"). If some day, an extra-terrestrial civilization finds the rocket, its people will read the books, listen to the records, and watch the movies. By doing so, they will soak up our civilization and become us. It will be the same as if we had travelled across the universe. Thank you Marcfrans, for being so smart.

This is a great analogy of the current race replacement ideology that has befallen the west and its useful idiots, such as marcfrans. Race is the sine qua non for culture, spirituality, and life. Mawkish and apish displays by "others", not withstanding. The analogy of others becoming us, capable of what we have achieved and with equivalent potential of achieving cuts right to the bone. Bravo to Armor.

Simply put, we as sentient beings have the basic right of self preservation. No one is allowed to take away that basic right. Delving into why we have become so "suicidal" in our thinking opens a great big can of worms and only through THAT can of worms does one become fully aware. Anything shy of that and one is still predominately racially asleep.

@ kappert

Am I supposed to read this rubbish?(MARCH OF THE TITANS)
After 2 phrases I am already disgusted by the misrepresentations.


Stop to read 'this rubbish' whenever you want, but keep in mind that some 'White Man' were able to write it in first place.

@ kappert

For some reason you want to convince me of something, I wonder what exactly you want me to be convinced of?
For your information, every race has lunatics, criminals, geniusses and common good and/or bad people. Is that what you wanted to tell me?

For your information, every

For your information, every race has lunatics, criminals, geniusses and common good and/or bad people.

Of course no one is going to dispute this. The one sticking point I have is that the rate of lunatics etc per race is not equal. That issue is never addressed due to the attempt to paint all races as equal.

Regardless, from my perspective, I do not want lunatics, criminals, or even geniuses of other races within our European borders. I will stick with the good and bad of Europeans. That is not a problem, is it?


Quite limitating, I would say. The Human race is not only European, think of these middle-easterners Moses, Abraham, Jesus, ... You're missing a lot.


Your comment is a non sequitur. I've never implied we should wipe everyone else off the face of the earth. I've stated that we absolutely need to have Europe for Europeans. Everyone else should live in peace and harmony in their own territorial regions of the world. If I wanted to see "Moses, Abraham, or Jesus", then I would travel to the appropriate places to do just that.


"Europe for Europeans" sound like Idi Amin Dada.

Repeat after me...

We as sentient beings have the basic right of self preservation. No one is allowed to take away that basic right.

sentient beings

"We as sentient beings have the basic right of self preservation. No one is allowed to take away that basic right."

I hope you are consequent on this, and opted to be a vegetarian!
Or is your 'human sentient being' superior to 'animal sentient being'?

@ kappert

Simply put, you think you are "equal" to the "animals"? Which ones?


Simply put, do you think you are "superior" to "animals"? Which ones?

@ kappert

Yes I am, to all of them.
Now you answer me, afterwards I will help you "unknotting" yourself.

re: sentient beings

@ Kinky Kap'

"I think I'm so educated and I'm so civilized cos I'm a strict vegetarian...Well, I'm no better than the animals sitting in the cages in the zoo man..."

Was I right about you or what?


@ Guessedworker

No wonder "we are dying". Since "we" no longer adhere to moral values.  On the one hand (the 'left'), we have the extreme moral relativism of the multiculturalists who believe that nothing is worth fighting for.  Let' s talk, let's accomodate, they say.  And on the other hand (the 'right'), we have nutty racists, like yourself and Armor.  The latter thinks that there is a physical difference between 'European' brains and nonEuropean brains.  I would like to introduce him to some of my nonEuropean brainsurgeon friends who 'see' these brains all the time.  And you are in the business of "maximising"...what?... "Ethnic Genetic Interest" less!. Mon Dieu!  I mean, that is not going back to Afghani tribalism, not to the 'Dark Ages' in Europe, not even going back to ancient Antiquity.  That is going back to pre-Old-Testament times.

No wonder "we" are dying as a civilisation!  Well, I want to die as a free man, and for that I have to try to preserve freedom-giving CULTURE.  Meanwhile you keep focusing on maximising your EGI ( I wonder though how you would go about doing that?).  I naively thought that no one could 'top' Kappert in absurd Wortspielerei here, but you did it!  




@ guessedworker and marcfrans

I would like to join in Guessedworker's recommendation to Marcfrans to follow the View from the Right ("VFR") website, though for different reasons. Marcfrans is one of Brussels Journal's most eloquent classical liberals, close to Paul Belien in point of view. Yet a constant theme of this website is also the necessity of protecting the infrastructure of liberty, i.e., the nature, culture, and quality of the people who would rule themselves by classical liberal principles. VFR recognizes the virtue and limitations of liberal principles and posits that they only are functional in a traditionalist society. Without the bulwark of traditionalist culture and beliefs, classical liberalism inevitably deteriorates into Right-liberalism and from there into Left-liberalism. The ratchet effect can be seen in the metamorphosis of the American Republican party into a big-spending, big-government, welfare-state party.

Thus I think Marcfrans and others here would profit from VFR's articulation of the necessary traditionalist foundations of classical liberalism. Classical liberalism only provides principles for the functioning of developed societies; traditionalist conservatism speaks to the preconditions of the existence and survival of such societies.

Guessedworker should also spend more time at VFR. Race is only one reality of the many that make up a human being. It is important to individual life, national life, and civilizational life, and in some fashion it may be of the essence for any of these, but it is only meaningful in conjunction with culture and participation in society, from which it can't be separated. From the VFR point of view, Guessedworker puts the cart before the horse and makes genes the ultimate reality, and culture and religion only adjuncts to the struggle for genetic predominance. That seems like Marxism but with genes replacing the classes as the single motor of history. VFR has been conducting a war with Darwinian reductionism from Day 1. The essence of Western Civilization, per Auster, is its religious calling, its loyalty to the God of Christianity. Race is a reality created by God, nations were created by God, and Left-liberalism in its insanity seeks to obliterate these basic structures of human life. But our idea of God does not exist just so we can coordinate our projection of our genetic inheritance. In this discussion, Guessedworker sounds like a Darwinist materialist, not a traditionalist.

I view racist nationalism as the result of a failure of leadership on conservative principles. Racists are understandably bitter about their betrayal by intellectual and political leaders, who engineer education employment, among other things, on the basis of liberal guilt and liberal race-blindness, cramping the lives and opportunities of all people. But in their bitterness racists espouse wrong theories about who and what they are and what they are fighting. They should bring their bitterness to bear on their service as loyal Christian soldiers, as warriors on behalf of the living God, and aim to renew Western civilization on a comprehensive basis--religious, philosophical, cultural, and racial. Instead, they fight imaginary enemies on the basis of a degraded materialistic philosophy. It's too bad that know-it-all Nietzsche had such resentment of God and took it upon himself to replace him. Otherwise he could have pursued his critique of modern liberal society without cutting it off from its life-giving Jewish and Christian roots.

Of course, it's not too late. Spend more time on VFR, and remember the Jew who brought not peace but a sword. (See also Frederick Turner's The New World and Genesis, for the future of civilization that includes race inter alia.) Guessedworker--you too can help reconstruct non-liberal, i.e., true Christianity, the fons et origo of Western civilization.

@ marcfrans

I have read Armor and Guessedworker here and I am still not suicidal.
How in God's name can living, "thinking?" people utter this nonsense.
Those guys act and write like they know everything and show such certainty about their idiotic utterings that I can only confirm that now I understand how Hitler could convince a whole population. In my schooldays I had a very simple opinion: there were intelligent people and idiots. Today I must admit to a further graduation: there are idiots and lunatic idiots.
I don't know how you can stand it?

Marcfrans' crazy theories

In reply to Marcfrans

"On the one hand (the 'left'), we have the extreme moral relativism of the multiculturalists who believe that nothing is worth fighting for."

And on some other hand, we have Marcfrans who says it is a perfectly natural thing to forcefully replace white people with third-word immigrants, and to try to forcefully replace the culture of immigrants with the culture of the replaced white people. You are clearly the mad man here. Just explain your race-replacement theory to members of your family and watch their reaction. I know the policy you defend is currently being implemented by our Western goverments, but this is forced on us by a small minority, and most people understand it is destroying us.

"The latter [=Armor, =me!] thinks that there is a physical difference between 'European' brains and nonEuropean brains."

There are all kinds of physical differences between people and races, and the brain is no exception. You should know that our mental life depends mainly on our brain. For example, some drugs have an action on our brain and can change our mood.

A few questions:

What evidence do you have so far that third-world immigrants, in some places, have started to soak up European values and behave like Europeans? Please name those places. If some immigrants have not yet become Europeans, why not send them back to their home countries? Do you think that life in Western Europe and the USA has the same quality it had fifty years ago? Before you try to teach European values to other races, how do you define those values? Are islam and rap music compatible with European values? Do you have a plan to raise the IQ of African immigrants and to lower their crime rate? Why should you "fight" to impose your "European values" on immigrants? If what matters is not preserving white people, but spreading "European values" to other races, why don't you try to export your European values to other continents? Do you say we should keep bringing millions of immigrants every year and hope for the best? Before bringing any more of them, don't you think we should wait until a white man can walk across an African district of a Western city, and feel it is a familiar and innocent place, just like a small European town in the 1950s?

" I want to die as a free man"

Intellectually, you are not a free man. You have been brainwashed!

@ marcfrans

Well, again you are not looking at what is said from a position of knowledge.  It is remarkably easy to destroy that which you cannot understand, n'est ce pas.


Genetic Interest is, literally, the number of copies of one's genes in the world.  Ethnic Genetic Interest narrows that to the kinship group in which those genes are most concentrated.  The maximising of that interest, which is life's purpose in Man and the fundamental or highest human interest, involves living to protect and advance all that serves them ... all the distinctive, vivifying particularities that the kinship group relies upon.  These include territory and all adaptive (in the Darwinian sense) cultural products, including those which lend distinctive of identity, for example.


Now, is that clear enough for you, my friend?  If not, you can find many expansive articles on EGI at  But remember, it is a technical expression or understanding of a life issue, and it's morphology into nationalist thought is perhaps a more attractive proposition for the politically interested such as you or I.  (This thought is only necessary in our postmodernity because Western life is so deeply maladaptive in both the prescriptive Darwinian and descriptive Spenglerian senses.  Healthy peoples need no lecture on how to promote their EGI.  It is simply, silently acknowledged at all levels in the life that they lead.  We Europeans are not healthy.  We are dying.


Among the other delights which await, should you realise that your present ideas will not lead us to life, is a much more virile and vigorous engagement with the present political dispensation ... that is, the concepts of left and right, authoritarian/libertarian, conservative/liberal etc.  This is why I can say you belong to the liberal zeitgeist, and why I can make a harsh judgement of your present ideas.

 Your aversion to race and genetics is learned.  There is no moral position in which race and genetics are out of bounds.  It is simply a piece of discourse management by the usual suspects - and I don't mean "the left", who are also prisoners of the zeitgeist ... indeed, the whole sorry mess can be described as one prisoner fighting another for freedom!


Try to be more courageous and self-challenging.  There is something there, not hidden except that you have allowed it to be so, and not at all the bestial thing you take it for today.

software # 3

@ guessedworker


1) I asked you to spell out what it is that you are defending.  Amid your various gratuitous assertions about my presumed "ignorance",  I found what it is that you think that you are defending.  You stated: "I am defending the European race of man".   And then you clarify this further by stating: "...his ethnic genetic interests...which makes him genetically, spiritually and culturally distinctive".

2)  I can certainly see that a 'race' makes a person genetically distinctive.   But how could it make him spiritually and culturally distinctive?  This is utter nonsense.  If a 'typical' Frenchman behaves different from a typical (or average) Swede, it is not becauses of manifestly-observable PHYSICAL differences, but because they belong to different CULTURES.  I know the cultural differences between Frenchmen and Swedes are of a lesser degree than, say, between Frenchmen and Afghanis, but the point is that it is culture that makes the difference, not the shape of noses, or shades of skin color, or of amounts of hair, etc....  

In addition, there is a difference between individual choices/behavior and group (cultural) 'tendencies'. Have you considered that all these naive-left westerners that are the root cause of "the extreme danger that Europeans face today" look genetically like you?  What more proof do you need that what really matters is common values and culture, not physical appearance? 

3) You have no clue what my "political prescriptions" are, and you are certainly wrong in claiming that I provide justification for leftist dogmas.  Is that why I insist on strict immigration controls and on genuine democratic decisonmaking?  But, thank you for explicitly stating your aspiration.  As to my other question of spelling out clearly what the "practical implications" are of that aspiration, that would be a much tougher nut to crack.

@Marcfrans: you are right!

GW said: " that which makes him genetically, spiritually and culturally distinctive "

Obviously, distinctive genes make us genetically distinctive. Maybe Guestworker meant: "that which makes him PHYSICALLY, spiritually and culturally distinctive."
I think it is natural to like the European physical appearance and to refuse third-world immigration for that reason.

Marcfrans said: "it is culture that makes the [cultural] difference, not the shape of noses"

What explains the differences in national cultures is largely the physical differences in human brains. But I agree with you that your brain is not located in your nose.

@ marcfrans

marc writes: "Compared with that, racists and antisemites of your calibre are but a
minor obstacle. Your 'contribution' to the major problem of leftist
naivety is of providing superficial 'justification' to many leftists
(in their own  misguided eyes) for their silly dogmas."

 This proves my point.  You have no idea what liberalism is, or what
conservatism is.  You are wholly a creature of the zeitgeist, without
original thought.  Your political prescription will not deliver us
anywhere, but right back here because your politics is part of the
problem too.

 I repeat, I am defending the European race of Man.  To be technical, I am defending his ethnic genetic interests ... you could also say, that which makes him genetically, spiritually and culturally distinctive.  But. like Svigor, I doing this from a position of knowledge which you simply do not possess, and you cannot, therefore, focus on the true morality, the righteousness of my position.  Hence, you repeat the little, learned slurs of "racist" and "anti-semite".  Shall I retort with "anti-European" and "anti-gentile", because that is the role you ascribe to yourself.

 You are not yet awoken to the extreme dangers we Europeans face in this postmodern age.  I urge you not to be angry with me so that you will not seek an awakening.  Seek it, and then you will understand what little meaning your present notions really have.

software # 2

@ guessedworker

Oh, but I understand you all too well. I even understand much of "this subject", but probably not all parts of it. 

I want to defend certain values.  You may even call them (ex-) European values of freedom of (political) speech, of equality before the law of all citizens, and of individual responsibility.  In the current state of Europe and of western civilisation that requires first and foremost turning the education system and politics away from its current degenerate state of leftist naivety about the many 'cultures' in the world and restoring individual responsibility.  Compared with that, racists and antisemites of your calibre are but a minor obstacle. Your 'contribution' to the major problem of leftist naivety is of providing superficial 'justification' to many leftists (in their own  misguided eyes) for their silly dogmas.

Now, what is it that you are defending?  I want you to state it explicitly, and stop hiding behind woolly expressions like "the very purpose of life on earth".   Not that I don't know it what it is that you are aspiring to - I do know it - but I want you to say it explicitly.  Even more, I would like to find out if you know (and are willing to state explicitly) what the practical implications are of your great aspiration.   

@ marcfrans



I am sorry but you do not understand this subject.  Actually, you do not understand any part of it.  If you spend a few years on it I am sure you can get there.  In the interim everything you write here merely serves to defend what, for us, is an ethno-suicidal system.

The concept of survival is simple.  Expressed as continuity it is the ultimate value for living organisms ... the very purpose of life on Earth.  It appears in the life of Man as the maximising to our particular ethnic genetic interests - ours and not a competing people, however much we are told by that people and by our own cultural and political elites that our interests are immoral.


Here's how a healthy people discuss their ethnic genetic interests in diaspora:-


"Demographic changes to London, particularly Barking and Dagenham, will eventually result in a large section of the community that will ignore the BNP message. The next general election, and certainly the 2010 local elections, will constitute the BNP’s last stand in London. See the BNP off then and it will never return as a major political threat."


And Here's how the same people do it in their own homeland:-


"Too many Jews in one place cancel each other out. Or so it seems in the most homogeneously and densely Jewish population in the world. On the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, among the largely secular population, it seems that since everyone's Jewish, it's almost like no one is.

Strolling through the second largest city of the Holy Land provides nearly the same popular scenery as does New York. You've got your posh teens, frechot (hoochies) and the male equivalent (arsim), the mom's with strollers, joggers, business people - and some ultra-Orthodox Jews, dressed in black from head to toe, mixed among the rest. It's not even close to the religious traditional scenes of Jerusalem."


Now, Is that morally empty and stupid?  Is that concern for "culture" and not for that too, too unspeakable object of loathing, race?


Well no, it's not, is it?   Jews have no problem at all in dealing with issues you cannot abide to think about.  They don't beat themselves up over securing their racial continuity.  Why should they?  Why should we?  Why do you?


But we ... you do.  And that's one of the three major reasons why we are slowly dying as a people.


Now read Auster and begin your education (not because Larry is on our side - he isn't - but occasionally he gets pretty close to righteous, as he does here ...

Software or soft-in-the-head

@ Guessedworker

I agree with you that the first moral law is "survival".  But survival, sir, requires adherence to values, both for the individual as well as society.  

The concept of "survival" is not an easy one, particularly if we are talking about human survival, and I assume that you want to survive as a human, not as a monkey or whatever else.  To take an extreme example, if you were a 'worker' for Hitler or Saddam, and he instructs you to commit some unspeakable cruelty on another 'innocent' human being, you may see 'Befehl-ist-Befehl' as a survival-rule, or you may not.  I am not God, and I cannot 'decide' that, but I am simply pointing out to you that "survival" (as a human) is not a simple concept in a moral sense.

So, I suggest that you act in ways that help promote survival for yourself and your 'community' or society.  That certainly requires that you consider values, i.e. culture, when devising your policies (including immigration policies).   It means first and foremost devising criteria that stress values, not physical attributes.  If your society loses its moral values that made it a valuable society to begin with, then it is not worth preserving, no matter what the 'racial' background is of its members. 

Yes, I repeat, your expressed  racism and antisemitism is an "absolute disgrace".  Because it is morally empty.  In addition, it is stupid, because it  confuses values with physical phenomena.  But, rest assured, you are not alone.  On the contrary, in my opinion, you are reflective of 'majority opinion' in the world.

@MF, Decent vote ;-)


Nice to see you got my little wordplay (descent as in "The Descent of Man"
by Charles D.).


As for the remainder of your comment: the universal nature of racism becomes relevant for our discussions over here when groups of people want to use it for "nation building" and wed it to State power.

As I made clear in my comment, socialism has been responsible for most of the genocidal racism carried out by states in the 20th century, and I think it is of some importance (especially to confused progressives today) to understand that race-based genocide - as a vehicle for "progress" - was inscribed into the socialist creed from the word go.



My unfamiliarity with the software



I find this website's  software very clunky and somewhat  idiosyncratic.  However, my comment, which did not format, was intended for marcfrans - he who considers me absolutely discraceful for refusing to be blind.


I would add that blindness does not advance our interests, but the interests of those over whom we exercise no oversight.  I makes us substitute our service of own ethnic interests to service of "the other".


And it is a pavlovian blindness ... learned, and predicated on the false expectation that moral benefit attends the putting away of sight.  Moral benefit - the morality of survival - actually attends service of our own interests.  The "absolutely disgraceful" are of higher stature than the blind.

To descenD (verb), the descenT (noun)

@ Sagunto

My vote on your comment is more generous than Armor's but, to be truthful, I did not find it very "useful".  It was certainly interesting, but it is too backwardlooking to be of much "use" in comtemporary discussion. 

I start from the observation that 'racism' is pretty much a universal phenomenon, and has little to do with the conventional political left-right dichotomy.  Racism is another word for a particular kind of "favoritism", and in every culture the bulk of the public is incapable of treating 'others' solely or primarily as 'equal' individuals.  But, at the same time, in every culture there are some individuals who are capable of overcoming this favoritism-impulse, and there are clearly differences between cultures as to the degree of this favoritism-impulse.  Some cultures do treat individuals more as individuals, whereas others mostly can only see 'groups' (either positively or negatively). 

Today, much of the political left tends to use the label of racism promiscuously, but its own racism - the bigotry of low expectations - is manifestly visible, since it seems incapable of holding all people, all individuals, to the same (preferably exacting) standards.  I think that, in many cases, this is partly an outgrowth of leftists' inability to understand and appreciate the value of genuinely free markets. But philosophically it is rooted in moral relativism, the inability to hold individuals responsible for their own individual actions and the failure to stress individual self-reliance and responsibility.

As always, what really matters is 'values', i.e. culture.  The left has largely abandoned moral values (which have to do with the individual, not 'groups') in favor of a number of politically-correct dogmas.  And, as we can clearly see on this blog, part of the right is under constant danger of confusing values with physical phenomena (like 'race'). 

You are not correct in your

You are not correct in your most basic assumptions about me or my politics.  You are merely conventional.

Look, answers to the most complex issues facing modern Europeans - in search of which I have spent some thirty years - do not exist in the conventional political dispensation.  The conventional political dispensation IS the ultimate driver of those issues, and its name is liberalism (in the generic sense that combines left and right and expresses the totality of our familiar political and philosophical range).  You are merely expressing one or other blind-alley liberal point of view.

Now, what Saqunto calls tribalism, and is really the politics of ethnic interests, is more interesting.  But it is not possible to locate it on the liberal left<>right axis.  It does not exist within liberalism.  What exists is the pursuit of the unfettered will, mediated through systems such as state-mandated socialism and neoliberal corporatism.

This three-century long pursuit of individual freedom, which is the common goal of left and right, has been profoundly corrupting.  It is our misfortune that it has produced, during our lifetime, a zeitgeist of European self-estangement and ethno-suicidalism.  The contemplation of where that corruption has originated is a question you consider an "absolute disgrace".  You might like to reflect why, if you are of European lineage, you think that ... how the idea got into your head ... what you feel about yourself when you say it.

Until you are capable of reflecting on your own received wisdom and knowing what is really "of you" and what is "of another", you will remain unfree.

To comprehend your situation - and our crisis - you must devour ALL the data, all the serious thought on liberalism, on power elitism, on "the tradition of subversion" (or the culture of critique) that is available.  You must look for it in dangerous places because the conventional ones are filled with lies.

Perhaps you don't have what it takes to seek intellectual freedom.  Not many have.  But at least grant the possibility that, as these things are reflected in political philosophy, your knowledge of love of kind and of the very driving force of life is virtually non-existent.  It would be wise, therefore, to withhold judgement even from the "disgraceful", for they may be entirely other than they appear to you today.

@MarcFrans: no excuse to descent indeed..


I somehow got the impression from your last comment, that in your view, the racism of say, the 20th century was a political passtime mainly of the political right.

I'd like to put forward some doubts concerning that received political wisdom while attempting to describe what I see happening to erstwhile progressives, losing their religion.

Some of them seem to entertain an almost magical notion of genetics, with visions of instant "national solidarity", - "identity" and so on.
In a number of topics over here I've read some pretty nasty comments, espousing fullblown or near-racist views from people who describe themselves as renegade leftists.
Some have already tried  the so-called opposite side of conservative politics, but soon got dissappointed with that lot as well. Disenchanted with both welfare-statist liberal and "conservative" politicians, they've now turned away from it all and reverted to some kind of tribalist view of what constitutes a nation, instead of going back to the constitutional basis (as old-school conservatives would, like Ron Paul).

Now it might illuminate some, and enflame others when at this point one of 20th century's most deeply rooted misconceptions is challenged, i.e. that racism has always been something predominantly "rightist". Not at all, I would say when you take a close look at political history, like George Watson did in his groundbreaking "Lost literature of Socialism" (2001).
From the start, progressive elitists in all hues and shades held racist views, enthusiastically promoted eugenetics and advocated genocide on "inferior peoples":

".. I am of the opinion [...] that the reconquest of the German-speaking left bank of the Rhine is a matter of national honour, and that the Germanisation of a disloyal Holland and of Belgium is a political necessity for us. Shall we let the German nationality be completely suppressed in these countries, while the Slavs are rising ever more powerfully in the east?
This is our calling, that we shall become the templars of this Grail, gird the sword round our loins for its sake and stake our lives joyfully in the last, holy war which will be followed by the thousand-year reign of freedom.."

Chilling isn't it? This grandiose talk about collective rights and race? Perhaps you might not expect it, but the author is Friedrich Engels who wrote it in the German “Telegraph für Deutschland” (January, 1841). Race was the socialist and progressive vogue-of-the-day among the elites, until it vanished from their discourse (of course) after 1945.

Here some further quotes from the same author (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, 1849):

"..only three standard-bearers of progress took an active part in history, and still retain their vitality - the Germans, the Poles and the Magyars. Hence they are now revolutionary.
All the other large and small nationalities and peoples are destined to perish before long in the revolutionary world storm. [...] The general war which will then break out will ... wipe out all these petty hidebound nations, down to their very names. [...] The next world war will result in the disappearance from the face of the earth not only of reactionary classes and dynasties, but also of entire reactionary peoples. And that, too, is a step forward.."

So when a number of self-proclaimed ex-progressives visit this site to advocate their racist and tribalist views in the course of the debate on Islam and Western self-destruction, it is clear from Watson's view that they've returned full circle to good old-fashioned, racist and eugenetical Socialism, although they might not know it themselves, having also been raised on the classbook
diet of social liberal lies about Hitler and Mussolini somehow being "rightist".

Correspondingly, some progressive renegades turn away in disgust from the (welfare) State, and think that - as a consequence, they must have gone "conservative", not knowing that old-school Socialism rejected the welfare State full stop.

To finish properly, a quote from Watson's book:

"..The truth is that in modern Europe, genocide has been exclusively a socialist idea, ever since Engels proclaimed it in Marx's journal the Neue Rheinische Zeitung in January-February 1849. Ever since then everyone who has advocated genocide has called himself a socialist, without exception.."

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Equal protection under the law # 2

The subject was "Zinnlandia", and there is much to criticise there.  Takuan Seiyo is very good at exposing some of the liberal (naive-left) follies of the American Northwest today.  But, his conclusion remains unclear, and the sarcasm does not make it any clearer what he is leading up to.  No matter how much I agree with him on 'details' like, say, sheriff Arpao, what exactly is the purpose of all this 'information'?   One does not need an endless list of specific crimes to indict Zinnlandia's nutty sensibilities.

No wonder, Kappert goes off on the fruitless tangent of lesbianism, and no wonder the article attracts the usual racists and antisemites like 'Guessedworker'.  In my opinion, 'Jstanley01' made a lot of sense, although his personal attack was totally unnecessary (and cryptically phrased).  Finally, I agree with 'onecent' that Guessedworker is an absolute disgrace.  The fact that much of the comtemporary left has lost its moral bearings and regularly descends into self-destructive Zinnlandian and kappertian sensibilities, can never be an excuse or justification for part of the political right to descend again into "a moral black hole wider than the Grand Canyon and twice as deep".



Not only that Seiyo demonstrated a clear position against homosexuals (and minorities anyway), he linked it also to academics (after all, Zinn is an acknowleged historian). Let me wonder who is (self)destructing this planet - the peaceseekers or the trigger-happy machos.


There is something to your comment, but fairness requires that when you name the Jew, you ought to mention that the other side of the equation includes Auster, Levine, and another Levine, and Gottfried, Savage, people who post at such as Rubenstein and Epstein, the two guys and, yup, yours truly, though only 50%.  There are a few others in the public square who do not come to mind at the moment.

But if we take a license to generalize about blacks and Hispanics, it's fair we do so about Jews. And it's true that, as a group, the Jews trend left, liberal and multiculti, and the way I see it it's very harmful, not the least to themselves. There is a lucid article by a --wouldn't you know -- Jewish academic, discussing here: how much harm American Jews are doing to themselves through their position on immigration.

You have to understand why BJ, Chronicles, National Review shy from this issue. It's Hitler's revenge. The evil Hitler perpetrated was so enormous that discussing Jewish group traits has become a third rail, a kiss of death for most any publication or individual venturing there. Just think about the neocon --and non-Jewish-- jihad concerning this website because it has a link to someone who knows someone who is a member of a political party some of whose members know someone who was a Nazi-sympathizer in WW2.

I think that as more and more Jews take up an active protest against the positions taken by organizations that purport to represent them, e.g. ADL, AJC etc. this issue will be aired in the open, as it deserves to be. 


fairness requires

There is something to your comment, but fairness requires that when you name the Jew, you ought to mention that the other side of the equation includes Auster, Levine, and another Levine, and Gottfried, Savage, people who post at such as Rubenstein and Epstein, the two guys and, yup, yours truly, though only 50%.

Uhm, that's a bit silly. If you want to play the numbers game, you'd have thousands of names in tbe minus column and the plus column wouldn't exceed two digits. It would make Jews look very bad to anyone who cares about European man.

and the way I see it it's very harmful, not the least to themselves.

No, Jews are the least harmed by their own behavior. They're very intelligent, very wealthy, and very ethnocentric. Who's more likely to fall for the downside of liberalism and race-replacement, a Jew or a trailer park resident?

There is a lucid article by a --wouldn't you know -- Jewish academic, discussing here: how much harm American Jews are doing to themselves through their position on immigration.

Lemme guess, Steinlight, right? Read between the lines and you'll see that his first principle is "is it good for the Jews?" Hardly much to crow about from a European perspective.

You have to understand why BJ, Chronicles, National Review shy from this issue. It's Hitler's revenge. The evil Hitler perpetrated was so enormous that discussing Jewish group traits has become a third rail, a kiss of death for most any publication or individual venturing there.

Sorry, that's horseshit. It's the spin, not Hitler. Otherwise the racial left would've been destroyed by "Stalin's revenge." The commies killed way more than the nazis, but don't amount to a smudge of "guilt by association" on "anti-racism" and the rest of the poison killing us.

I think that as more and more Jews take up an active protest against the positions taken by organizations that purport to represent them, e.g. ADL, AJC etc. this issue will be aired in the open, as it deserves to be.

Yeah, keep counting those righteous Jews. Probably won't need more than two hands for that.

Just to put a bit finer point on my contrast of Hitler & Stalin

I find it kinda hilarious when people talk about what you've termed "Hitler's Revenge." Think about how stupid that really is! As if hundreds of millions of Europeans just sat down to think really hard about some awfully tough issues and came up with the same conclusion. Gimme a break. NO ONE has reasoned through the issue and come up with the "anti-racist" position because of THE holocaust (and simultaneously decided to go in the opposite direction vis-a-vis Stalin and "anti-racism"). They believe what they do because their teachers, preachers, and teevees rammed it down their throats from the cradle.

'Tis to laugh.

Trailer park residents

Svigor asked: "Who's more likely to fall for the downside of liberalism and race-replacement, a Jew or a trailer park resident?"

Trailer park residents are probably not the greatest supporters of race-replacement anyway.


Takuan Seiyo: "It's Hitler's revenge. The evil Hitler perpetrated was so enormous that ..."

In fact, it isn't Hitler's revenge. I think Jewish influence plays a large part, maybe a decisive part in the current people replacement ideology, although I realize Jewish involvement cannot explain everything. The absence of reaction by most white people to our governments' policies is hard to explain. It is impossible to think that the crazy and destructive leftist ideology is simply a Jewish creation. I think the triumph of leftism in our governments has probably been made possible by a conjuction of unrelated factors (centralization, the end of traditional society, ... ), although it looks as if someone was carrying out a plan.

However, I think today's constant reference to the Jewish Holocaust can only be explained by the dominance of the Jewish point of view in the media. Most non-Jewish people feel no guilt at all over the Jewish holocaust. I have already made that point in another topic. (here)

Sag asked: "Do you think this comment was helpful: Yes/No (thanks for your vote)"

No. It was your worst comment ever.