France: Crime Watch

Here's an update on crime from Le Salon Beige, quoting the weekly Minute:

The number of acts of urban violence committed in 2007 in France was published discreetly by the Interior Ministry. It totals 93,016, including 37,359 cars burned, or 102 per day! The remainder is divided up as follows: 26,217 trash can fires, 7,955 acts of vandalism against city property (both slight damage and total destruction), 6,856 projectiles thrown (the targets were mainly policemen), 5,658 car chases and 4,101 cases of collective violence against security forces and medics.

The article points out that throwing a projectile is considered an individual act, not a collective one, though from what I've read of crimes, gang violence usually includes projectiles.

The police and socialist elites are useless........ stopping this as the numbers prove.  37,359 cars burned is incredible. It's on a magnitude of the movie Clockwork Orange when it comes to criminal thugs overtaking the state.


The French have brought this mess upon themselves. In another couple decades their Muslim malcontents will have 2 or 3x the number of anti-social jihadi males playing havoc with them. I predict that building burnings will follow at some point. Why not.


An armed society is a much more polite society. Here is the US, we have the right to bear arms to protect our lives and property. How many cars would be torched in a US city neighborhood before warning shots would be fired by car owners?  I'm guessing two, three at the most.


Leaving the state to protect your life and property has limits, something that the lefties never understand which is why they are always prepared to surrender to thugs and call it something else.


In America I carry my Colt 1911A1........I haven't had any problems with anyone throwing rocks or trying to mug me. If I do, I'll solve the problem. Permanently. 

Those are the reported crimes

Those are the reported crimes. I suspect the real number is much higher. I didn't report my attempted mugging for example. I guess being used to US cities has some advantages when dealing with naive algerians.