Education in France: Fighting “Homophobia”

Many French websites have commented on the latest educational goals of Minister of Education Xavier Darcos, goals that should not really surprise anyone. Yet, every time I read such things I am shocked despite myself.

Here is Yves Daoudal's report. I especially like the last line.

"Within the framework of our role as educators, the fight against homophobia is in my opinion an essential issue," declared Xavier Darcos in the September edition of the gay magazine Têtu.
The Minister of "Education" points out that in his back-to-school circular he included an explicit mention of "homophobia" among the discriminations to be fought.
The intention is to launch a hunt for "homophobics" in the high-schools: the principals are "encouraged" to "keep us well-informed", so that we may have a "precise idea of the magnitude of incidents" of a homophobic nature, he said.
And he stresses that in September a publicity campaign will be launched in all high-schools for the purpose of disseminating information about the Azure Line [Ligne Azur], created to respond to "questions about sexual identity", in other words, to spread homosexual propaganda to adolescents who might resort to it for help.

He is saying that if a teen has questions he can turn to the Azure Line for a solution. The Azure Line is a phone service that dispenses information about sexuality. For those of you who aren't sure what sex you belong to, call the Azure Line and wonder no more.

The Azure Line is needed, says the minister, because "there is no guarantee that all our teachers and all our supervisors will be able to give useful information."
Indeed. They aren't all homosexuals, and some are even suspected of being secretly homophobic. Hence the call for denunciation, and we can assume that this targets teachers as well as pupils.
Asked why similar measures are not being used in the middle schools, Xavier Darcos replied that it was "a little difficult" since they are "younger children."
But they will be taken care of also: "The solution requires a person they can consult [...] the school nurses do a good job. We must put our trust in them, rather than on standardized prescriptives. Not everybody knows how to speak directly to a child of 13 about the awakening of sexuality, or the sexual choices that he has."
There are days when one could say that with Ségolène things would have been less bad.

On this page of the Azure Line website there is a link to the Ministry of Education's document in PDF format entitled "Homophobie savoir et réagir" (Homophobia: be informed and react). French readers may be interested in reading it.


I can understand you feel more relaxed with some homosexuals because there's no sexual tension between you, but believe me, gays are the most sexual obsessed people one earth, their completly world is based on sex and getting laid

And keep religion out of this. The pope or the bible have nothing to do with it. It's all basic biology and psychology. Some behavior is just deviant or pathological. There's no need to give people a stigma, but there's certainly no reason to teach children immoral and unhealthy behavior.

I now I am really tired talking about minorities, especialy fagala's

Dear Pagie,

You're a big joke to me.
I first thought I wouldnt bother replying to the adolescent crap you post on this item, but just for the record:
I have 2 gay couples in my family, both of them have been together for more then 15 years. They do not suck others off in public places, nor do they indulge in sexual acts in beaches, dunes, parks, etc. They are on the contrary rather disgusted by that segment of organised gay culture promoting such. We both also share an equal disgust with the casual promotion of sexual behaviour in the fully heterosexual sphere, like swingers clubs, amateur pornography, erotica fairs, and the likes...
Its quite amazing how at ease you are with exposing your ridiculous analyses about the topic as if you talk from first hand experience. You, my friend, have never met a gay couple in your life.
P.S: I really hope you get gay children that are monogamous.

in the future

people will look back and see how the campaign against discrimination on the basis of racial characteristics, something innate to each person from their genetic code, was hijacke by the homosexual community in a single generation and totally subverted to the ends of that community; legal protection turning to legal support turning to active promotion of homosexual practices. 

Incredible, you could never make this up.  

I think someone is being set up

I really hate to burst Minister of Education Xavier Darcos bubble but his statement, "Within the framework of our role as educators, the fight against homophobia is in my opinion an essential issue,".  Is without a doubt totally absurd or realizing that France being islamized at an alarming rate and will most probably be ruled by sharia law within at the most 2 generations he wants to out all the homosexuals so the islamic vice and morals police will have no problem finding them and once found like in the rest of the moslem nations they would be hung from a crane in the town square. It is beyond me why the homosexual community of France has not banded together to denounce this islamization of France (I wonder how the EU bureaucrats would handle that), my only guess is that they are in total denial about what will eventually befall them.

@ pet85022

Don't be too sure of anything:
-The Saudis and Afghans, the Pashtuns of Pakistan are 100% practicing homos before marriage to a woman they only see for breeding and not for pleasure. Pleasure is only with young or very young boys.
-Iran 90%
-Imams in the madrassas in all muslim countries 100% homo and pedophile
-Dubai has a law against homosexuality punishable by 14 years. A convicted local arab will probably spent max. 3 months in jail for homosexual rape and the court case will be followed by laughing public to get the juicy details.

All above information is by personal knowledge. Mind you I am hetero but when you have Pashtun friends you quickly realise the reality. Most Pashtuns(95% min) have never seen their wife nude nor have they ever been nude in their wife's presence.

Why not male "Indian/Black/Asian upper-middle class norm" ?

Well, dear Natie, I am very sorry to disturb your rosy picture on gays but they do suck off other guys and get banged in the ass, and most of them do it in parks, dunes and other romantic places. I do not invent these 'sick' things you know, they do.

How many gays do you know by the way ? You only seem to know them out of your little PC-schoolbook.

And who says I am white ? (why not Indian... or black ? racist pig!) Who says I am not physically handicapped ? Who says that I am not workingclass ?

I've got nothing against homosexuals, I judge the sin not the sinner. They should be able to lead their own lives like everyone of us ! But they can't expect us to turn morality and nature upside down just for them feeling good, and certainly not in schools !

Preverts all.

What a sad response: I suppose all you think about all day is what these homosexuals get up to. Please, concentrate on the context of the subject; I doubt that many people would applaud your sexual oddities, if they knew what they were. Diversity occupies many spaces, as does intellect. 2000 years ago, Seneca the Younger observed "Religion is something the common people believe to be true, the wise false and the rulers useful". Please, do not follow the herd. By the way, as a woman, I prefer the company of homosexuals to men who fixate on sexuality.

shame on you

First of all, I utterly fail to see what is shocking about the report. To call it "promotion" and "propaganda" is quite a charicatural rendering of the reports' content, of which one might off course diagree with its set-up or purposes.Whilst I myself personally also think that heterosexuality is the norm for big mammals incl. humanoids which culture should try to preserve and cherish, I am utterly shocked by all acts of violence or oppression based on the sexual nature of a person, regardless of how it came into his or her being. I'm therefore just baffled and disgusted by the vile and sick comments Paganini posted here. Somehow, Paganini, I think you are a person that would post equally shallow and infantile garbage about women, handicapped, and whatever other minority group you feel to be deviant from your petty little male heterosexual white upper middle-class generational norm. You should however take contact with the nearest fundamentalist muslim imam, he will welcome your level of analysis of homosexuality with open arms. Shame on you.   

Azure line

"nos jeunes homosexuels ne vont pas bien et qu’ils sont victimes de leur orientation sexuelle : leur taux de suicide est près de trois fois supérieur à la moyenne"

It's normally that the majority of 'gays' is depressed and wants to commit suicide. I would feel exactly tesame if I have to suck other guys off or get banged in my ass a few times a week !

There must be ways to help these people but it certainly isn't by promoting their deviant behavior in schools. That's no education but pervertion.