An International Disgrace: Germans Kick Out “Undesirables”

A quote from Fjordman in a comment at the Gates of Vienna blog, 20 September 2008

Mayor [Fritz] Schramma [of Cologne] should resign immediately. It is nothing less than an international disgrace that after Germany has been freed from the Nazis and the Communists, the authorities in a major city in the largest country in Europe kneel to totalitarian thugs and allow them to rule the streets.

The rabid and violent Antifa people [self-styled “anti-fascists”] were deliberately allowed by the authorities to harass those who are critical of the official pro-Islamic policies. This confirms my long-held suspicion that the violent extreme Leftist goons who assault immigration critics are a prolonged arm of the state. AFA in Sweden openly brag about regular physical attacks against people they don't like. They have been doing this for years. The media and the authorities know about it and do nothing. They like it, plain and simple.
A quote from Associated Press, 20 September 2008

German police clashed with [“anti-fascist”] counter-demonstrators in Cologne before authorities banned a right-wing nationalist group from staging a rally Saturday against plans to build a big mosque in the city. At least one officer was injured. Some of the counter-demonstrators lunged for officers' pistols while others threw stones and firecrackers.
A quote from the French press agency AFP, 20 September 2008

The [“anti-fascist”] counter-protest, called by trade unions, churches and anti-racist movements, saw thousands of students, families and local businessmen and women carry signs with slogans including "No to Racism" and "Cologne is rebelling!" They disrupted the Pro-Koeln congress, ensuring less than 50 delegates were able to return to the meeting on Saturday morning.

Mayor Fritz Schramma, whose city council gave the green light for the construction of the huge mosque, slammed Pro-Koeln as "arsonists and racists" hiding under the cloak of a "citizens' movement" in a speech earlier Saturday.

Meanwhile, around 150 bars in Cologne stopped selling Pro-Koeln members the local Kolsch beer with some taxi and bus drivers also refusing to transport delegates to the congress.

One hotel even cancelled bookings made by "undesirables."

On Friday, several hundred opponents of the congress formed a human chain around a mosque in solidarity with the Muslim minority, which numbers more than three million in Germany, or four percent of the population.


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White guilt #2

As the administrators of the University of Delaware a few years ago stated in a course that all incoming freshmen had to take, "Only white men can be raciest".
That was before Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck ripped them a new one. The course was quickly dropped and the U of D flipped and flopped on what they claimed they really meant. To bad the europeans don't have the big 3 like the US or this mess might not have started.

I don't understand

I don't get it.

I 'd have bet that most indigenous Kölner would silently agree with the fight against islamisation of Pro-Köln.

Therefore, hearing that 150 pubs threw them out, as did so many taxi-drivers and even a hotel, is something I do not understand.

Were all these pub owners and taxi-drivers muslims maybe? Or was it our own people that kicked us out?

The latter would be a bitter pill to swallow.


White Guilt

The ultimate expression of "white guilt":  not only must we submit to the aggrieved Other, but we must violently attack and ostracize those who refuse to submit.   For interesting analyses of "white guilt" from the perspective of Eric Gans's Generative Anthropology, see Chronicles of Love and Resentment Nos. 310, 311, 313, 316, 320, 323, and 337.  (at

Does anyone sense a typically leftist poverty of invention in today's fascists calling themselves "anti-fascists"?  If fascists are those groups who disdain legal and deliberative political processes in favor of imposing their will on the polity by brute force (and capturing governments to act as their agents), today's left is as fascist as they come.  I first witnessed it in action in the early 1980's when I saw Ivy League students shouting down the president of their university, who was trying to explain why the university was not divesting its investments in South Africa.  I saw it again in the early 1990's when law students shouted down a Hispanic government official who opposed racial quotas for admissions.  Last year Columbia University permitted young fascists to prevent a speech by a civilian border security activist. Voter fraud by ACORN is a leftist direct action aimed at deliberative processes from another angle--fraudulently interfering with legal processes rather than overtly disdaining them. Maybe that is worse than open disruption. There is also a substantial record of young fascists stealing and destroying conservative publications on American campuses. The violent demonstrations against the Republican National Convention in St. Paul are a recent example of leftist fascism, but they did not succeed in disprupting political speech, only in destroying property.

There are legitimate limits to freedom of speech (e.g., Moslem preachers in Western countries advocating armed attacks on Western peoples; possibly advocating Islam itself in Western countries), but the limits are not crossed by non-violent discourse on important political issues of the day.

The poverty and misery of the CDU in the affair is another example of the terrible price paid for ill-advised immigration policies. In the U.S. the president's famous references to the "religion of peace" and his Ramadan dinners at the White House furnish a close parallel. More important, as Onecent has observed, is the impossiblity of discussing immigration issues in the current presidential campaigns in the U.S.A. Because of the electoral power of large immigrant populations, the critical issue of whether such immigrants even belong in Western countries at all, and if so, under what restrictions, cannot even be addressed. Justice Jackson of the U.S. Supreme Court memorably declared, "The Constitution is not a suicide pact." If the Constitution and, mutatis mutandis, the liberal principles underlying other Western governments (or the political processes they enshrine) make it impossible to discuss fundamental issues of national survival, Justice Jackson will have been proved wrong.

Sheer stupidity

What an irony, fascist thugs muzzling free speech labeling themselves as "Anti-fascists" while assisting the Islamofascists! 


Any doubt that the Left aren't the Islamist's Useful Idiots any more?   Stupidity of this magnitude hasn't been seen in Europe since the formation of the Third Reich and we all know how badly that ended.

70 years too late

„Kein Kölsch für Nazis“! They should have said that in 1933 when they voted Adenauer out as mayor and the Nazis in. According to recent polls, Pro Cologne might today get 10% of the vote in Cologne. Given that 30% of the inhabitants of Cologne are Muslims, this leaves 60% appeasers who gladly submit to Islam and be turned into dhimmis. Instead of fighting the Muslim radicals they fight the 10% of their fellow citizens who are willing to stand up for Western values and freedom.

better late than never

Comparing the situation with 1933 gives an interesting view of how public opinion emancipated. The blockade of 'Moby Dick' (the Rhine cruise ship where was supposed to be held a conference) was THE story in Cologne over the weekend, and a quite funny for sure. That the fascists couldn't even go by taxi (taxi divers from Cologne!) and had to leave their hotel, makes me doubt your prophecy of 10% xenophobic voters. They were ousted - and that's it.


Chamber of Commerce president Paul Bauwens-Adenauer (CDU) (grandson of K. Adenauer) stated that 'intolerance and racism have no place in Cologne' and 'who wants to link the city to xenophobic slogans, damages the economy and the people of the region'. Mayor Fritz Schramma (CDU) thanked the citizens of Cologne to encounter the 'racist imbeciles' as since Friday multiple actions challenged the 'pro-Köln Congress'. 'It is a victory of the democratic forces, the 'congress' was a perfect flop'. The Mayor also criticised the action of the left-autonomous, whose violence was disgraceful and no means of legal protest against the right-wing-populists.
Since Friday, bus and taxi drivers refused the transport of pro-Köln delegates, as well as Hotels, Restaurants, and Rhine shippers refused serving the unwelcomed guests. „Kein Kölsch für Nazis“!