Shame on Germany: Cologne Was Ready to Beat Up Jews (2)

A quote from Fjordman at Pamela Geller’s website, 23 September 2008

A number of those demonstrating for "democracy" and against "extremism" were Communists. I guess a hundred million dead victims of Communism in a few generations isn't a sign of extremism. Some also carried anti-Israeli slogans and merchandise using the icon of Marxist mass murderer and torturer Che Guevara. It is well-known that hardline Marxist organizations are still strong and influential in Germany, as in many other countries.

A quote from Aviel at the Gates of Vienna blog, 23 September 2008

On the way to the municipal building, my friend Michael Kucherov was attacked and beaten just outside the building as he attempted to enter. All of this in plain view of the police who could not be bothered to intervene until he had taken more than a few good shots to the head and body.

This really set the stage for the police behavior I would witness in my own assault and throughout the events over the weekend. [...]

I approached the Antifa thugs and demanded that they let me pass. I was wearing my Kippah and readily identifiable as a Jew; however, they screamed at me “Nazis Raus”. One of them showed me backwards and a woman spit on me and called me a fascist pig. At this point I had had enough and put my head down and started to try and break through the barricade. I was pummeled in the head several times and then shoved to the ground were I was beaten and kicked with steel toe boots in plain sight of the police who did nothing. I grabbed the boot of one of the attackers and pulled him down to the ground. I, despite the beating I was taking, proceeded to give this bastard as much or more than I myself was getting. Unfortunately, and I say unfortunately because he was just a kid in his early twenties, I really hurt this one. It was then that I heard the police shouting and blowing whistles. They stopped kicking me and I got up and stumbled away. I didn’t realize that I had a broken rib until later.

The Antifa barricades continued and I witnessed several more people beaten up by these thugs in view of the police. This included the savage beating of a man with all white hair well into his sixties. I had also heard of an elderly woman who was assaulted but I myself did not see this. In short, due to the police and the Antifa, nobody was able to pass through to attend the conference.