Danish Feet Not Allowed to “Soil Sudan”

A quote from The Copenhagen Post, 15 October 2008

Six Danish officers who should have traveled to Sudan in August as UN observers, still cannot get entry visas. The Danish armed forces said there have been many problems getting Sudanese visas for Danes since President Omar al-Bashir declared during the latest Mohammed crisis that 'not a single Danish foot will soil Sudan's land.'

The defence minster, Søren Gade, explained that new visa procedures were introduced by the UN in the spring that allow the Danes to travel as international representatives rather than as Danish employees. However, despite having Danish diplomatic passports and UN travel documentation the six observers are still unable to enter Sudan.

Send for Special Agent Percy Sloggett

Considering the childish behaviour displayed by the Sudanese authorities in this matter, perhaps the Danish contingent should publicly threaten to seek the assistance of Percy Sloggett, the hero of the children's book "The Magic Carpet Slippers" authored by Dick King Smith.