European Arrest Warrant: Dessert Thief Extradited

A quote from The Guardian, 20 October 2008

The number of extradition cases being dealt with in the UK courts has reached record levels […]. Up to 1,000 extradition cases are expected to have been dealt with by the end of the year, more than double the number last year, and four times the number in 2006 […].

The increase is largely down to the volume of European arrest warrants (EAWs), many of them issued by Poland […] for a "large volume of trivial extradition requests" […]. In one case […] a carpenter who fitted wardrobe doors and then removed them when the client refused to pay him, was subject to an extradition request by Poland so that they could try him for theft. In another case, the Polish authorities requested the extradition of a suspect for theft of a dessert. […]

Although Poland is not the only culprit – a Lithuanian was extradited last year on a charge of "piglet-rustling" – it has made the most requests by far. […] [T]he volume of cases from Poland has forced the Metropolitan police to start chartering special planes to return suspects to Poland. […]

Poland has already made 224 extradition requests this year, with Polish interpreters required and paid for by the court on 311 occasions.

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