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My book Defeating Eurabia will be published in five parts at the Gates of Vienna blog this week. My original intention was to say that anybody who wants to can republish it, on the Internet or in print, but in order to prevent abuses of my name, I will stipulate a few preconditions for those who want to republish it:

I should be credited as the author. This is almost too obvious to mention.

My material should be published unchanged. The book is over 131,000 words and contains a disproportionate amount of Scandinavian material. Those who want to can remove the chapter called Islamization and Cowardice in Scandinavia. This would make the book slightly shorter. The preferred solution is to use the entire book as it was published at the Gates of Vienna, but I will accept republishing it minus this one chapter.

My material should not under any circumstances be mixed with other people's writings. The second this happens, I lose control over how my ideas are presented.

I will not allow people who support violent totalitarian ideologies, Communists, neo-Nazis or others, to use my material. Those who republish my book should share the spirit I have written the material in. Even though I am very critical of Islam, I will not allow or support attacks on random Muslims. Those who desire this are not allowed to use my material.

Those who republish my book should support the defense of Western civilization -- and the defense of Israel as well. In my experience, those who disapprove of Israel's right to exist are either anti-Semites or suffer from very poor judgment. Sensible people should support Israel's self-defense against Jihad. If you don't do this then I don't trust your judgment on other issues, either. Moreover, Eurabia began with Western European countries abandoning their pro-Israeli position in favor of a pro-Arab one. It would make sense to reverse Eurabia by reversing this position.

Those who violate one or several of the above mentioned preconditions are not allowed to use my material and DO NOT republish it with my approval or permission.

I want to make sure that those who use my book are civilized human beings who share a very minimum of the spirit in which it was written. Apart from that, as long as you fulfil the preconditions mentioned above, I do not care about your religious or political views. I consider the situation and the impeding threat of Islamization to be so serious that I want to spread warnings against this as far and wide as possible, as soon as possible. This means that I do not necessarily agree with those who republish my material, and they don't have to agree with all of my views; they just happen to find some sections of my book relevant.

Defeating Eurabia can be translated to other languages, as long as the translation is precise enough to accurately convey the original meaning of my text. The same stipulations as above, with the exclusion of violent, totalitarian movements etc., will also apply for translations. I should naturally be credited as the author, and the book should be republished unchanged.

As long as these minimum requirements are met, you can republish the book online and offline. You can republish it in print and if necessary charge some money for it to cover whatever expenses you had in publishing it. I have not included footnotes in the text, but since the material has been published online originally, those wanting to check my sources should read the online version of it and follow hyperlinks to the various books or articles used. They will usually be included in the online text, or can for the most part be found on the Internet.

Please note that the permission to republish in print goes only and exclusively for the material included in the book Defeating Eurabia, not the rest of my online material.

PS: I will challenge readers to find typos or grammatical errors in my book. English is not my first language, and any text of this length is bound to contain a few mistakes.

Kindle format

Would the book ever be available in Kindle format? (Kindle is's ebook reader.)

New Yorker


Far from preconditions, these appear to be no more than disclaimers lest others use your work in support of means or ends with which you disagree.

Your assertion that defending Western civilization is concomitant with defending Israel is problematic. If you stand for ethnic self-determination via the sovereign nation-state, then Israel is included. However, the concept of the nation-state is inextricable from ethnic purity, given the electoral impact that minorities can bring to bear in democracies. As Israel desires to prevent a transfer of electoral power to Palestinians were both groups to unite in a single state, other nation-states are desirous of moving against their minorities, be they Russians, Gypsies, Jews, blacks or browns.

Western countries have not adopted a pro-Arab position. Rather, France is struggling to assemble a European, African and West Asian coalition that can politically, economically and militarily challenge the United States and facilitate French pre-eminence. At the same time, European proponents of national self-determination are legitimately concerned with the plight of the Palestinians, as well as Anglo-American interference abroad.

in reply to the Kapitein

"the concept of the nation-state is inextricable from ethnic purity"

We need to resist the race replacement policy, but it is a question of preserving our existence rather than our purity.

"European proponents of national self-determination are legitimately concerned with the plight of the Palestinians"

Why would you care at all about the situation in the Near East? It is none of our business.


Will the complete book be available in PDF form, or will we have to cut and past it into a wordprocessor?


F says: "I will not allow people who support violent totalitarian ideologies, Communists, neo-Nazis or others, to use my material."


What about those who intellectualise and effect non-violent "ideologies" attacking the organic society of European peoples?  Are the racists behind ...


Classical Marxism

Revolutionary internationalism

Critical Theory



Second-wave Feminism

Second-Wave Libertarianism

Gay Rights/LBGT Rights

American Civil Rights

Human Rights

White Privilege/White Abolitionism

Agitation for open borders and mass immigration


Academic race-denial

Encouragement for white race-mixing

Exploitation of the official holocaust narrative

Israel Lobby

Internet pornography

Negative imagery of whites on film and TV

Anti-white bias in media reporting

Hate speech law


... allowed to use your "ideas"?


The enemy is not Islam, my friend.  Moslems, and others, are simply the means by which we are attacked demographically.  You are getting all over-excited about the puppet, and leaving the puppet masters - the global elites who strategise an end to nation and the Jewish ethnocentrists who visit upon us all the delights of that list - entirely alone.

You are not yet awake, despite your elevation here and at the equally limited and limiting GoV.  Is it only fear of being called an anti-semite, or something else that keeps you from awakening?


this something that to be sread as much as possible!!!