Building the European Empire

Six years ago, when Belgian Minister Louis Michel addressed the Belgian Foreign Affairs Committee, on November 12, 2002, he explained that the EU intended to incorporate the whole of North Africa and the Middle East, but also Russia. In other words, the entire northern half of Asia as far as Vladivostok, is to be incorporated into the EU.

If that happens, Sarah Palin will be seeing Europe from her window instead of Russia.

At the time, many thought that Mr Michel was voicing his own dream of a political Utopia. Today, however, it seems that this dream is under construction. On October 13th, the EU granted Morocco an "advanced association status." It is the first special association status granted by the EU to a third country and it is meant to be a step towards fully integrating Morocco in the EU.

From now on, the Moroccan minister of Foreign Affairs will be allowed to participate in the EU Foreign Affairs Council of Ministers and in other EU institutions such as Europol, the European Police Office, and Eurojust, the EU body dealing with judicial cooperation. Israel is said to be the next candidate to obtain a "special association status" with the EU.

The Moroccan Foreign Minister, Taïeb Fassi Fihri, welcomed the "advanced status" and stressed that Rabat would henceforth benefit from "all" the advantages of the EU, "except the institutions."

Again, many thought at the time that Mr Michel was taking his own dreams for reality. Last week, however, the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told journalists that Russia should join the EU. This is a "vision," Mr Berlusconi said, which he has held for many years: "My plan is for the Russian Federation to be able to become of member of the European Union in the coming years." Mr Berlusconi has been a personal friend of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for many years.

Some leading politicians in Europe are not only dreaming of, but also working towards the establishment of a European Empire, a nuclear superpower with a Muslim population of 50%, extending from the Sahara to the North Pole and from Ireland to Vladivostok.
Hon. Alexandra Colen, Ph D, is a Vlaams Belang member of the Belgian Federal Chamber of Representatives. She is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Belgian Parliament and the chairperson of the Advisory Committee for Social Emancipation of the Parliament.

This article was first published at the website of The Hudson Institute New York


Simply amazing, Napoleon tried to conquer Europe and the Middle East with the La Grande Armee. Hitler tried to conquer Europe and the Middle East with the Wehrmacht  and the SS, both failed. Now a group of faceless bureaucrats in Brussels are allowing the Middle East conquer and build a European empire with out a shot being fired.
Before it was destroyed by the blind fury of the Muslim invaders, the Nalanda University housed nine million manuscripts. It was the center of education for scholars from all over Asia and Europe. Many Greek, Persian and Chinese students studied here. Nothing remains today, the blazing fires into which the Muslims soldiers threw the nine million manuscripts, reduced them to ashes. "
Will the native Europeans finally wake up, when the moslem mobs loot and burn the Louvre? Turn Notre Dame Cathedral into a mosque? The moslems have already tried to take over the Cathedral of Sevilla in Spain, it's only a matter of time before they do now that  Morocco has been granted an "advanced association status". I fear it is already to late they have swallowed the hemlock of defeat and it's only matter of time before they and their civilization all die.

university looting

The last example of university looting was in Baghdad, 2003. The Nalanda sack in 1193 lines up with the destructions provided by Alexander (the Great), Cesar, the Crusaders, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin. Be aware, some of these horrible looters were Christians!


Perhaps all this is a plot to undermine the United Nations, or perhaps it is an (implicit)  'European' recognition that the UN is too 'unwieldy'?  Such an explicit recognition would be politically-incorrect, of course.

More likely, the truth is that as incomes rise so does the 'luxury' or 'ease' of wasting other people's money.  Hence, over time, bureaucracy will inevitably multiply.....