For the EU, Sarkozy and the UN, Turkey Is Already in Europe

During the ceremony honoring the 70th anniversary of the death of Ataturk (d. Nov. 10, 1938), organized at the Turkish Embassy in Brussels, the Turkish Defense Minister, Vecdi Gönül, launched into an atrocious denial, praising the policy of what he termed the “deportation” of the Armenians, because it allowed the construction of the Turkish nation.
“Would it be possible today to maintain the same national State if the existence of Greeks in the Aegean region and of Armenians in several regions of Turkey had continued as before?” Vecdi Gönül asked. “Remember, before the republic, Ankara was composed of four sectors: Jewish, Muslim, Armenian, and Greek... When I was governor at Izmir I realized that the Izmir Chamber of Commerce had been founded only by non-Muslims. There was not a Turk among them.”
The French blogger Yves Daoudal comments:

"Before the republic", Izmir was called Smyrna and it was a Greek city, and stayed that way until 1922, when it was conquered by Ataturk. But he had to deny that Izmir was a Greek city before the Greeks were chased out of it, as he had to deny that the most fortunate deportation of the Armenians was a genocide.
We should explain that if Vecdi Gönül was in Brussels, it was because he was participating in a meeting of ministers of defense of the European Union.
You heard me.

So we have still another example of the unstated, but undeniable, fact – that Turkey is considered by the powers in Brussels (if not by everyone else) as part of the EU. All that is lacking is the cutting of the red ribbon.

Meanwhile, Novopress reports this latest development on the inevitable accession of Turkey to the EU (inevitable because France’s president Sarkozy and America, not to mention the entire pro-Obama world desire it). The article is entitled “Sarkozy sends his suckerfish”. I have put the words of Pierre Lellouche, a parliamentarian for Sarkozy’s UMP party, in bold:

Now that he has moved from a position of opposition to Turkey in the EU to one of support, UMP deputy Pierre Lellouche has been appointed by Nicolas Sarkozy to "relaunch Franco-Turkish relations", by giving a series of seminars in Turkish universities. He has recently declared:
“We are in the process of joining the European Community with the last European Empire. This is a major event., an historic step as important as the accession of Great Britain. At the time, as now, France was in the front ranks of the opposition.”

The last European Empire??? Does he mean the Byzantine Empire? But it’s Turkey, not the Byzantine Empire. He is attributing Christian roots to Turkey just as Sarkozy and Chirac have attributed Muslim roots to Europe.
Tunisian-born of Jewish heritage, the self-promoting Lellouche appears to be one of numerous useful idiots to the cause of multi-culturalism and the Islamization of Europe. He is useful for obvious reasons – he wants to "suck up" to Sarkozy. An idiot because he thinks the entry of Turkey will somehow bring about an end to Islam!!!
A webpage devoted to remarks Lellouche has made in the press provides these gems:

 “We would be crazy to say no to Turkey.”
Jean-Pierre Raffarin, then Prime Minister, said to him: "Do you want the river of Islam to flow into the bed of laïcité?"
Lellouche: “I believe, on the contrary, that everything must be done so that the river of Islam drowns in the ocean of democracy and human rights. Moreover I am convinced that Islamism will be defeated in this way: through equality of men and women, through separation of Church and State. We have next door to us, a great secular Muslim country that wants to share our values. It is making the necessary reforms. We would be crazy to say no. It would be a major strategic error. The objective of the Union is not to manufacture a Christian club or a rich man’s club, but to reunify Europe in peace and prosperity.”
When the UMP party still opposed Turkey he said:
“In this matter, I am more in agreement with Jacques Chirac. To make of Turkey a stake in French politics or in the next referendum, is to pollute the debate. Some play around with the fear factor: that is unworthy. Turkey is not Islamism or terrorism. Because of the fear of Islam and of Arabs, we are saying no for the wrong reasons.”
When the European Commission gave the green light to Turkey:
“[...] the main requirements have been fulfilled by Turkey: the Erdogan government has passed no fewer than 460 laws, a considerable effort. What also struck me during a recent trip to Turkey, when I met key political figures, and leaders of the Jewish and Armenian communities, as well as intellectuals, is to what extent the country has mobilized to enter Europe.”

On October 18, Yves Daoudal posted this item indicating that for the United Nations, Turkey is already in Europe:

The UN Security Council includes five permanent members, but also ten provisional members, half of whom are renewed each year.
The General Assembly elects representatives of large regions. One for Asia: it will be Japan. One for Africa: it will be Uganda. One for America: it will be Mexico. And two for Europe: Austria and... Turkey.
We should add that Turkey won hands down, while Austria barely won the required two-thirds majority.


I understand the conflict a

I understand the conflict a bit better now, I was visiting a friend in Bodrum last month and he struggled to explain to me some of Turkeys political problems. I think in a world become immersed with people of different cultures living all over the world and not just their home countries we need to adapt and not be so defensive towards immigration.

Turks continue to lie

If Turkey continues to lie about its mass murder of the Armenian people then damn it to hell.

So what happened to those

So what happened to those millions of armenians (and Arameans & Greeks) ? They just vanished or what ? Turkey is a state created by genocide and deportation. Period. Without this genocide and deportation (actually a jihad against non-muslims because the Kurds were also non-Turkish but not killed & deported) Turks would be just another tiny little moronic people in the Orient, nothing more.

Tiberge retails Left nonsense on Armenian massacre

Tiberge, whose posts I usually read with interest and respect, has repeated the time-worn Left falsehood that the Armenian massacre was a Turkish-government-planned and supported genocide. For relief from Tiberge's ignorance on this subject, listen to the comments of the best living Mideast scholar, Bernard Lewis:

or equivalently

Let's keep historical truth from being contaminated by one's distaste for the present Islamist government in Ankara.