Sweden: Melting Pot or Crackpot?

National Swedish newspaper DN reports that rock throwing against buses has increased with more than 66% from 2007 to 2008. Amazingly, this means that rock throwing is now increasing at an even faster rate than gang rapes of native girls. Curiously, the Wikipedia entry on Fjordman currently states that my previous essays about the Swedish rape epidemic are false because the massive increase in rapes was caused by "a widening of the legal definition of rape." I bet it was. And the 66% increase in stone throwing in the space of a single year was caused by a widening of the legal definition of stones, right?

Actually, the wave of rapes and violent crime targeting whites in particular is fast spreading to much of the Western world, not just Sweden. I suggest that the people at Wikipedia update their entries for both "Fjordman" and "Eurabia" and make room for my latest book Defeating Eurabia. This nasty piece of right-wing, pro-Western and anti-Multicultural writings can be found online, including a special chapter about Sweden. If somebody from for instance the political party the Sweden Democrats wants to download Defeating Eurabia, translate it to other languages and distribute it they have my blessing to do so.

Meanwhile, Olle Wästberg, director-general of the Swedish Institute, is enthusiastic about his new "Multicultural" country:

December 15th, 2008 marked the starting point of a new era in Swedish immigration policy. As of Monday, Sweden is once again open for labour migration from countries outside the European Union. Foreign students who study at Swedish universities may stay on and work after their exams. Foreigners may come to Sweden and – for a limited period – try to find a job on the Swedish labour market. Right now, unemployment rates are rising, but in the long run the 'old world' is living up to its name. In forty years' time, the average age in Sweden will be twenty years higher than that of the populations in Canada and the US. That's why Sweden will need more engineers, more doctors, and more people in the care sector in general. And that's why the Swedish parliament made a nearly unanimous decision to embrace the new principle of labour immigration. Sweden is changing. If I look back at previous generations on my father's side, I find two names reappearing in every generation since the seventeenth century: Olof Persson and Per Olsson. This is the case for many Swedes. But the proportion of Perssons, Olssons, Larssons, Erikssons, Mattssons and Anderssons will be much smaller in the future. A new country has emerged that fits the description: 'Sweden – the melting pot.'

Frankly, when looking at what Sweden and the rest of what once was the Western world has become in 2008, "crackpot" springs more easily to mind than "melting pot."

Stockholm area

The article says that the majority of incidents are in the Stockholm area, but that neither suggests nor excludes lower-class ethnic Swedish neighborhoods.

A guess

I'm guessing that the Swedish women who are raped are generally lower-class and that the buses are traveling through lower-class areas when stones are thrown at them. (Sorry, I can't read the article about the buses, as it has been years since I attempted to learn Swedish.) I say this because here in America, the media stopped paying attention to the views and opinions of lower-class whites years ago, especially when they were about blacks or immigrants. I'm assuming the same mentality is at work in the Swedish media with respect to poor Swedes and immigrants. And immigrants are most likely to live near poor natives, so those poor people are likely to be the victims.

The result is denial of the problem among the chattering classes.

Good guess

The liberal elites of government, academia, and the press can show their elite status merely by not being concerned with what happens to lower class whites. The same lack of solidarity-- bordering on treason-- is manifest in the support among the same elites for affirmative action, forced integration, permissive immigration, and globalization of labor. Left-liberals plume themselves on protecting the "most vulnerable." The most vulnerable are those who most depend on our maintaining the basic infrastructure of civilzation that allows people to move safely and freely in their own countries. The elites don't mind sacrificing the lower class whites by permitting savagery to put life and limb at risk for lower class whites.