2.4 Billion a Year on Propaganda

A quote from an Open Europe press release

Open Europe has published new research which shows that the EU is spending billions of euros a year on initiatives to promote itself and its central aim of 'ever closer union'.  In 2008 alone, it spent more than 2.4 billion euros, which is more than Coca Cola's global advertising budget.

EU massive propaganda

I don't watch TV at all just used to turn my head every time I hear new EU propaganda. So, I don't know about other countries but in Poland they spend HUGE cash for all these adversing (all intellectuality offensive!). We should also add all the pro-EU propaganda sponsored by Polish government itself. They run special auditions in state owned TV, starting from 'talk show' to program devoted to explore possibilities how to receive EU subsidies. The Soviet were amateurs on this field compared with EUcrats.