Even in Oslo They Use Children As A Human Shield

On Saturday there was yet again a demonstration against Israel's recent actions in the Gaza strip in the streets of Oslo. New this time was that children, wearing shirts drenched in fake blood, were used as a human shield to avoid violence. The attempt was futile though, and riots erupted at the end of the demonstration near the Israeli embassy.

On Thursday there had been another demonstration that resulted in what was later in the Norwegian press described as the worst street fights since the eighties in Norway. Apparently, a lot of demonstrators were provoked by opposition party leader Siv Jensen from the far-right Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet, Frp). She had pointed out in an interview on national television that Mads Gilbert, one of two Norwegian doctors helping Palestinians in a hospital in Gaza City and who has been used recently as one of very few sources of news from the Gaza strip, belongs to the Norwegian Maoist party Red (Rødt) and clearly has a political agenda. It is noteworthy that this doctor was not surprised by and even defended the 9/11 attacks because of US policies and the moral right of the suppressed to attack the US, but it should be added that he also regretted the attacks because of all the innocent victims. Nevertheless, pointing out the background of this questionable doctor who has been used as an authoritative source of news from the Gaza strip by virtually all Norwegian media for the last fews weeks was clearly, well, shall we say «disproportionate», and apparently a legitimate reason to throw stones at policemen, set fire to several garbage bins and ruin store windows in the center of Oslo Thursday night.

The Norwegian Palestine Committee didn't want a repeat of Thursday evening's riots, and therefore thought it would be a good idea to have some Palestine children at the front of the demonstration, hoping demonstrators would restrain from any violence. To add a bit of realism to the demonstration, the children wore shirts drenched in fake blood, but it could not be confirmed whether the committee also had considered adding a few adult men in black uniforms carrying some rocket launchers to the group. Anyway, even though there was no violence reported during the actual demonstration, but a group of demonstrators continued to walk to the Israeli embassy, and once again violence broke out in the streets of Oslo.

It's a strange thing, how many of these recent demonstrations for peace in the Middle East have ended in riots, not only in Norway but in the rest of Europe too. Norwegian newspapers noted that almost no ethnic Norwegians could be spotted in Saturday's demonstration, and during Thursday's demonstration two immigrant gangs were notably present among the demonstrators, which in fact was a risk factor for violence and a worry for police in its own right. Some commentators have already suggested that many of the immigrant youths have used the recent events in the Middle East simply as an excuse to attract some media attention again, the suggestion being that they therefore are to be excused and thrown some more money at.

Not just in Oslo.

The demonstration in Malmo, Sweden, was led by a backwards-walking imam (or whatever important function that person flatters himself to have) synchronising a group of very young Arab children in screaming "Stop the war!" every time he asked "What shall we do?" The children didn't seem to understand the sentence they repeated, maybe some of them didn't even speak Swedish. The words "hiding behind shields of children" came to my mind the moment I saw it. The only Swedish looking people I saw there was a young couple with a baby-carriage. Well, the fact that they take a small baby to a possibly violent demonstration, shows what kind of people they probably are.

Wink, drink, and stink

@ traveller


Thomas Nashe had a 'method' to get that 2 week  minimum time frame of yours down to a matter of hours. How? Garlic, that's how.


"Garlick maketh a man wynke, drynke, and stynke".


Perhaps you'd care to try it out on your next trip then let us all know how you got on.  ;-))

on garlic

Beneath of 'wynke, drynke, and stynke' effects, garlic should be considered one of the most important plants on this planet. 'When crushed, Allium sativum yields allicin, a powerful antibiotic and antifungal compound (phytoncide), as well as it contains alliin, ajoene, enzymes, vitamin B, minerals, and flavonoids.' Many of these things men needs!
Even if Satan left Paradise leaving a trace of garlic and onions behind him, or just because of that believe, Europeans used garlic in protection of demons and vampires throughout centuries. Chinese use garlic to intensify their vital energy. Africans know about the antibacterial and antiparasitic value of garlic. Hindus appreciate the stimulation and warmth of the body. And what would be the French, Mediterranean and Arabian kitchen without garlic! (Though the puritan Muhammad advised 'Whoever has eaten (garlic) should not approach our mosque', but that goes for churches, too).

@ Atlanticist911

You are telling this to a wholesale consumer for 2 decades?
I had a constant diet of garlic, ginger and hot spices in so far that when I came back to Europe after 2 decades I had no taste for the European food anymore.

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You would be surprised how many times I asked myself if everybody in that plane knew if he was a traveller. Just explaining a "traveller" is damn difficult.
One example, I am of normal heigth and body weight, definitely no heavy weight lifter, and I still have to meet the man(or woman) who can travel more than 2 weeks with me without calling for help(or a rest period). That's why the words from Nashe rang so very true.

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I didn't know that the Iranian leaders were reading TBJ.
Today in the IHT: Khamenei tones down Iranian support for Gaza, he tells the Iranian volunteers not to go to Gaza. He wants to reinforce the position of Iran as the superpower of the M.E.
Thank you Khamenei, it's always satisfying when one is proven right on target.

Sign of the times?

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Yep, wealth creators retire while the state subsidized idiots, a la kappert, who are  actively encouraged to undermine the system from within, appear too busy to put finger to keypad. It's a mad, mad, mad ...

"Spend more time..."

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Did you notice that Traveller was announcing his possible retirement from the 'rat race'? 

"In a couple of months, I will be able to spend more time on writing". 

Obama and the naive-lefties ruling Brussels are in for a 'rough ride'.  And, perhaps, Zardari in Pakistan as well...

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Not quite, but more on one location and not such intensive travelling anymore, but still part of it, until I die.


Thanks, traveller, for an interesting appraisal of the situation in Gaza as you see it. I think you may well be on to something here. And as you rightly say, Mr Nashe was no dummy but neither is 'our' traveller and that's for sure. Thanks again for 'dropping by'.

Westbank #3

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Thomas Nash (1567-1601)

Those were different times, Atlanticist, and that explains the difference between travellers then and 'our' Traveller of today.  The latter travels under 'globalised' conditions. He can see al-beeb, read Le Monde , and worse....everywhere.    Let's hope he keeps SAYING SOMETHING.

Moreover, Nash died young. What did you know before the age of 30 (which is probably K's age)?





Important distinctions

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Factually challenged and confused pro-Pal demonstrators - and dim (inutive) Western statesmen - should not confuse HAMAS with Hama (google: "Syria's 'Gaza' was far worse, Mr Eno"). And they should certainly avoid any confusion between either of the former with the perfectly respectable website www.hama.co.uk , whose logo reads, "Hama - the smart solution". 

West Bank (2)

"Meanwhile the West Bank is quiet and nobody is protesting..."


A traveller must have the back of an ass to bear all, a tongue like the tail of a dog to flatter all, the mouth of a hog to eat what is set before him, THE EAR OF A MERCHANT TO HEAR ALL AND SAY NOTHING.

 - Thomas Nashe (1567-1601).


Does traveller know something we don't?



@ Atlanticist911

That Mr. Nashe was no dummy. I can remember many instances in which I used his advice, or had to confirm his findings.

@ Marcfrans

Don't worry, I'm only getting warmed up. In a couple of months I will be able to spend more time on writing

@ Atlanticist911

What follows is pure analytical deduction of what I see.
Israël did not attack solely for their own purposes, they work in cooperation with Egypt, which has very good ties with the Palestinians from the Westbank. Egypt wants Mahmood Abbas to come back to Gaza. The aim of Israël is the same.
Egypt has a very serious problem with its own Muslim Brotherhood who are supporting Hamas through the tunnel system.
The financing is done by Iran and Syria. This is quite perverted in the eyes of the general sunni community, Iran financing a sunni uprising to gain popularity with the strongest sunni school of thought: The Muslim Brotherhood.
This is the general aim of Iran, having strong points in the whole sunni community and thus obliging the sunnis to cooperate with Iran in order not to lose popularity with the masses.
Of course Palestinians know Palestinians and the people from the Westbank don't necessarily agree with the Iran scheme in Gaza. At the same time Abbas seems to have started some kind of economic activity in his own territory which is always preferred by normal people over handouts by a terrorist group.
I repeat myself, I have no proof of this but it's the only logic explanation of the silence by the "other" Palestinians I can come up with.

West Bank

Meanwhile the West Bank is quiet and nobody is protesting. Do they know something we don't?

No room

There is no room for sizable numbers of Moslems in Western countries. In small numbers they are fairly content to conform. In large numbers they feel compelled to assert their Moslem identities (i.e., as conquerors, invaders, masters, and exterminators) and disrupt Western societies. They should be sent home. There is no "human right" to live in someone else's country or to force an accommodation to alien values, beliefs, or customs on someone else's country.

Their political allies on the left should be sent with them.