Some Good News from Europe

A wave of violent protest demonstrations struck Europe in the wake of the recent events in Gaza. Despite efforts of the media to downplay the incidents, ordinary Europeans realize that the vandals who demonstrate against Israel in Europe’s streets are almost exclusively youths of immigrant Muslim origin. The protests have been accompanied by anti-Semitic rants and attacks on Jewish citizens. Leftist Europeans joined in by demanding a boycott of Israeli products and local Jewish businesses. Even mainstream politicians joined the chorus of Israel bashing, hoping to attract the support of the growing Muslim electorate in Western Europe.

Some observers see disturbing parallels between the intellectual climate in contemporary Europe and the appeasement mentality of the 1930s. It seems as if Europe is in the grip of a continent-wide “Stockholm syndrome:” Europe’s media and political establishment parrots the Islamist arguments of aggressive Muslim populations who hold major European cities hostage.

According to Philippe Moureaux, a professor at Brussels University and the Socialist mayor of Molenbeek, a Brussels borough with a majority immigrant population, one should understand the “despair” of the immigrant youths over the events in Gaza. The “despairing” mob from Molenbeek, in an outburst of disproportionate rage over Gaza, recently demolished a McDonald’s restaurant and plundered shops in downtown Brussels.

As it happens, Mr. Moureaux, an esteemed and highly decorated member of the Belgian establishment, is the former Justice Minister who authored both Belgium’s 1981 “law against racism and xenophobia” which severely restricts freedom of speech with regard to the dangers of multiculturalism, and its 2004 law granting foreigners the right to vote.

Fortunately, however, the media disinformation and the cowardice of the establishment politicians and intellectuals do not seem to greatly affect ordinary Europeans. Last Thursday, Belgium’s supermarkets announced that they have not noticed “any impact so far” of the various calls for a boycott of Israeli products. Some Europeans may even specially buy Jaffa oranges as they bought extra Danish butter cookies during the height of the Muslim boycott of Denmark three years ago.

On the political level, the rioting in Europe’s streets seems to benefit those politicians who for years have been warning that Europe has foolishly brought a Trojan horse into its cities by allowing millions of Muslim immigrants to settle in Europe during the past decades.

It seems as if the Israeli operation in Gaza might have two beneficial effects. It is destroying Hamas’ capability to strike at Israel by firing rockets and it is leading to a healthy and long-overdue polarization in Europe where the political complacency with regard to the radicalizing Muslim population should be broken before it is too late.

In France, the major topic among politicians is that the conflict in the Middle East must not be imported into France with Muslim fanatics attacking Jewish French citizens (never the other way round). Although no-one dares say so openly, for fear of violating the laws “against racism and xenophobia,” it is clear to all that the conflict was imported decades ago when millions of anti-Jewish Muslims were allowed to immigrate into Europe. The harsh reality can no longer be denied: either Europe appeases the Islamists and submits or it fights back against a force which also happens to be Israel’s enemy.

In Italy, the regionalist Northern League party, which traditionally used to sympathize with the Palestinian aspiration for self-government and a Palestinian state, today supports Israel. As Mario Borghezio, a member of the European Parliament for the Northern League, explains: “We fight to preserve the identity of our people. This identity is being threatened by Muslim radicals who want to impose their laws on us. We hear the hate speeches against Israel and the Jews in the mosques in our own cities, and we have come to realize that we have the same enemy as Israel.” The same is true for the Vlaams Belang party in Belgium.

The realization that a common enemy who wants to subdue all non-Islamic peoples, must be fought is bringing together European parties which so far had not entered into international alliances. At a meeting in Antwerp last week the Vlaams Belang demanded that violent anti-Israeli demonstrations by immigrants no longer be condoned by the authorities. The meeting was attended by an MP from the traditionally neutralist Swiss People’s Party and an MP from Germany, a former Christian-Democrat who left his party because of its soft position on the preservation of Germany’s national identity.

While Europe’s mainstream media, in their efforts to win the Muslim electorate, are neglecting the concerns of their traditional voters, others are filling the void. Even Nick Griffin, the politically astute leader of the British National Party, has grasped the opportunities which Britain’s mainstream politicians are giving him by failing to address the concerns of a large segment of the British voters. Mr. Griffin asserts that “9/11 has changed the world; it has also changed our view of the world” and says that his party is no longer anti-Semitic because it has come to realize that Islam is the enemy.

In a remarkable statement on “Israel’s Gaza Affair” Nick Griffin, while opposing any move “to entangle Britain in war on behalf of Israel”, writes that it is “our clear national interest that [Israel] should survive” and that it is for the Israelis at the ballot box, and not for the British, to decide how it responds “to the cynical provocations by Hamas.”

Whether or not Mr. Griffin is an honest politician and whether or not he is misleading the British voters is not the issue here. What is important is that he realizes that taking an outspoken pro-Israeli and anti-Hamas position will win him votes rather than cost him support among ordinary Brits who have grown exasperated with the arrogance of Muslim immigrants in Britain. It seems that more and more ordinary Europeans are willing to defend their own values and fight back. They are looking for political leadership.

This article was first published at the website of the Hudson Institute New York.

Sarcasm as blindfold? # 2

@ Onecent

I did not "endorse" Mr Griffon, nor the BNP.  I thought that the sarcasm of Yaffle was inappropriate as a response to the 'facts' as reported in the article by Mr Belien.

Perhaps you could re-read my earlier comment, especially the second paragraph?  And, perhaps you could also re-read Mr Belien's last paragraph, and notice as well that I hedged at the end by referring to "outward change" (or possibly superficial change) on the part of Mr Griffin? 

People should make an effort to understand texts, including subtleties in texts, and avoid being blinded ("blindfold") by personal likes and dislikes vis-a-vis particular individuals.  This article was not about Mr Griffin, but about possible (and observable) trends in Europe.    




A quick trip to wikipedia and Nick Griffin comes across as an anti-Semitic slimeball that the BNP should have purged from their ranks a long time ago. Trying to sanitize him and his change of heart is ridiculous.

We all understand the problems before us in the west. Islam isn't a race, it's a fascist political ideology wrapped in a religion, spread across many races. It's adherents span the globe from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia to Europeans in Albania. That's the distinction that needs to be made.

Endorsing racists and anti-Semites because they hate Muslims on a "racist" basis diminishes those of us that reject Islam on the basis of its ideological pathology.

Give BNP a chance

Glad to have you back, onecent. But don't believe Wikipedia on any controversial question. It is dominated by leftist propaganda. John Ray has posted an article at Greenie Watch documenting its treatment of global warming, for example. [see, e.g.,, entry for July 9, 2008, "Wikipropaganda"] It is natural they would slander the BNP. In any case, I cut the BNP some slack because they do the best they can to fill the horrible void in aggressive and competent conservative leadership in Britain. The BNP is probably more pro-Israel at this point than the Tories or Labor, in any case. There is a certain mediocrity in the BNP's attachment to welfare policies and racial identity, but I blame the failure of British conservatives to offer a compelling and more finely articulated alternative that addresses the British peoples' very legitimate concern--or should I say terror--at losing everything, as a result of immigration, surrender of sovereignty, economic mismanagement, and totalitarian bureaucracy. Read the BNP platform from a few years back--an impressive document that classical liberals with an appreciation of the necessary social infrastructure of liberty can appreciate.

BNP and Democrats

Across the pond here in the US, it used to be the Democratic party that was known as the 'racist' party.  They were members of the KKK and I believe the more dominant party in the South.  It was actually a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, that fought a war to free black people.


The Democratic Party least they believe they have.  Quite frankly, I think that they have just found new villians to persecute....Christians primarily...but I digress. 


So if the Democratic party can do it, perhaps the BNP can.  Mr. Belien is quite correct when hes says that people are looking for desperately is political leadership.  The problem here is will take time for the BNP to clean themselves up, dust themselves off, and present themselves as the answer to their country's cultural woes.


Unfortunately, time is not something the England or Europe has a lot of.


Sarcasm as blindfold?

@ Yaffle

Yes, it would seem to be the same Mr Griffin. But, there is no need to be sarcastic here.

The point of the article was precisely to point to changes that are, or might be, underway in Europe.  And, w.r.t. Britain, it points to Mr Griffin's statement that "his party is no longer anti-Semitic because etc...".  A further, more subtle, point is made by stating that the issue is not so much the credibility or believability of a Mr Griffin, but rather that politicians like him seem to think that today more votes could be won than lost by being anti-Hamas (or pro-Israel). 

If Griffin is capable of outward change vis-a-vis Jews, surely you are capable of outward change vis-a-vis Griffin?  

Nick Griffin, friend of the Jews

Could that be the same Nick "Holohoax" Griffin who in 1997 wrote a pamphlet, "Who Are The Mind Benders?" claiming Jewish controllers of the media were brainwashing the British public into accepting multiculturalism? Indeed it could.