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A quote from the BBC, 5 April 2009

The great irony is that the new Nato secretary general is about to effectively apologise to the Islamic world for Mr Westergaard's drawing while he, as Danish prime minister, was part of the Bush-Blair alliance which alienated Muslims by invading Iraq.





islamosyampathizers and apologists

Here is what I posted at Gates of Vienna:


Baron said earlier:
Every time we even appear to give in to Muslim demands for self-censorship, we damage our cause.

That is so true, and in this case it is falling all over oneself to "appear" to be apologizing to islam and muslims. DISPICABLE! Any, even one tiny sliver of giving in will always be portrayed as a major victory in the islamic world,as this has been received. So
he did not apologize like the turks wanted him to but the damage has been done. islam jumps on every perceived weakness from appeasement to groveling from a position of weakness to the mullah obamaham saying the United States is not and never will be at war with islam. Couple these two dhimmi cowards together and it is enough to send me to the bathroom to puke. Too bad obambi has not got any balls or moxi. Most muslims or islamosympathizers don't. I am so glad the one stated we are not at war with islam. I WILL NOT be unloading my weapons or lowering my guard and vigilence. On the contrary, I will be doing just the opposite.

4/06/2009 9:06 PM

Obama tells Turkey it belongs in Europe

Member nations of the EU should show Obama some appreciation for his support to an Asian country like Turkey, to join the European Union.



Obama stated in Turkey, it is important for Europe to make more gains in diversity of ethnicity, tradition and faith.



Wouldn’t be nice if some EU politicians asked Obama why he doesn’t tear down that fence along the Mexican border so the USA could also – just like the EU - make more gains in diversity of ethnicity, tradition and faith?



What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.





Will The Hilarity Ever Cease?

"I think we are in a period in which this democratic value is under pressure, so it has to be defended" So says Kurt Westergard, of Danish cartoon fame.

Sounds ok to me, as such defenses of free speech go these days. However, it appears that Danish PM Anders Rasmussen will hop on the "Apologists train", along with President Obama, who just can't stop himself from denigrating America's involvement in Europe for the last almost 100 years.

Why is it, that men like Mister Westergard seem to get it, and some men(Obama) never will? The average American has nothing to offer in the way of apology, for there are many of his countrymen lying in shallow graves in Europe and around the world. This was their price, paid in full, for having helped to rid the continents of the world, of the facists hell-bent on taking countries from their legitimate citizens.

Today, Obama has brought shame upon himself by not recognizing the supreme sacrifices made by his countrymen, many generations gone by. Instead, he offers insincere apologies for the Americans of this day, proclaiming we have been arrogantly disrespectful, and dismissive of tender European sensitivities. That was no earthquake felt in Italy this morning, it was the rumbling of brave men and women turning in the graves not of their choice.

This panderer-in-chief, travelling on his ship of state, will have his journies prolonged as the barnacles of the hate mongers attach themselves firmly. Then again, the Euro-socialists, fantasizing in the glory of Michelle's sweaters, will falsely assure the Obama's nothing but good for the "I just Want To Be Loved" tour of Europe, and the middle-east.

The longer he stays abroad, the better for America domestically. The longer he stays abroad, the worse for the world's image of America as an exceptional nation of achievers. We just can't win, it seems.

Bravo, to men like Kurt Westergard. The world, today, could sure use more like him.

BBC, which source

There was no apology of Mr Rasmussen on the cartoon issue. On Turkey's abstentions regarding Roj TV and the ’cartoon crisis’, he said he totally understands the concerns (Hürriyet). Rasmussen said he would be in close cooperation with Turkey and he would establish good relations with the Muslim world. Commenting on Roj TV, Rasmussen said Denmark would take the necessary actions if the necessary proof was provided and the court made a decision on such matter (RojTV is already banned in Germany). "One of the issues is to have a Turk as one of Rasmussen’s deputies and to have our commanders in NATO command. The other issue we put forward was how to improve relations by being more sensitive over the cartoon issue," PM Erdoğan told the reporters in Ankara (Hürriyet).
Meanwhile, Rasmussen fell down the stairs and dislocated his shoulder.

On Just War & Sorry Apologies

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