Time to Wake Up, Time to Procreate

When the video says that 25% of the population and 50% of all newborns "in Belgium" are Muslims, this applies to Brussels and not yet to Belgium as a whole.

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Perhaps someone  should introduce him to kappert. That should make his mind up for him pretty damn quick.


I wouldn't mind. Believing traveller, Libya must be a wonderland, just wunderbar :)

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Have you ever been there?
Don't answer, you don't need to be there you just KNOW.

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It would be even more interesting to read a kappert comment, even one, which gave the reader any confidence that (s)he believes his/her own culture had any redeeming features whatsoever.

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Saad is a complete football fan, with no other political interests. He likes European football and European girls, he didn't decide yet which comes first.

football frontiers

That's a really difficult issue. Europe's football streches to Vladivostok and Almaty - geographically they should play in Asian competitions. That goes for Trabzon, Tblisi and Israel, too. But as 'football culture' is world-wide, your 'culture redeeming' passes to delimit foreign players, UEFA is discussing this for years and still has no clue whatsever.

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BTW Libya is the only country in the world without poor local people.
Every Libyan is entitled to a car, a house and a businessloan for starting a new business.

Trade with (2)

Yes, Football (soccer) IS big business, the  pornography industry is bigger, and ducks have webbed feet. So what? The question remains, should Israeli football teams be represented in European competitions, and will this be used by Islamists and fellow travellers to insist that  certain Arab nations should also be allowed the same privilege, all done with the specific purpose of furthering their long term 'cultural' and political aims?


Israel should play in Asia. This would be just another motivation for the Jews to get along with Muslims. Currently they think that the US will protect them and by cooperation with Europe they manage to separate themselves from any contacts with Arabs.

Trade with Muslims (3)

Does anybody remember Saadi Gadaffi's attempts, as far back as 2002, to invest in top Premier League side Liverpool F.C., stating that Liverpool might be the "next step" in Libya's investment in European football teams? In 2001, the Libyan Foreign Investment Company, which Mr Gadaffi Jr 'advised' on football investment matters, made its first move into European football when it bought a stake in a top Italian SERIE 'A' team, Juventus. For our American readers, just imagine the NY Yankees coming into the partial, or even complete ownership of the son of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez! Somebody at the BJ should seriously consider doing some further detailed research and write an article about this oft overlooked topic .My choice would be Takuan Seiyo.

these ads

Why the heck is this site adorned constantly by "muslim dating" ads???  Is this intentional?  Highly annoying.

Trade with Muslims (2)

Of course trade with Muslims is "good", but that is hardly the issue. Let's start with the fact that Israel is not a European country, yet its football teams can qualify for European competitions. So, if Israeli teams can qualify, why not North African teams (Egyptian, Libyan etc.,) or other teams from the Levant such as a future 'Palestinian' team, perhaps. I am of the opinion that where sport leads, politics often follows, and vice-versa. Ask yourself, if you were the wealthy Arab owner of a British/European football team, wouldn't you be lobbying for an 'even playing field' here? I know I would be, especially if I believed that I had both the financial and the political clout to pull it off.    

utopia (2)

Maccabi Haifa is an Israeli football team whose major claim to fame is that it was the first Israeli football team to qualify for the group stages of the UEFA Champions League. With an increasing number of English Premier League sides seeking to sell their souls to Arab masters, this fact alone suggests to me that things are already starting to get "complicated".

Food resources?

Only really shitty states have problem with lack of food. This is because local caciques do much to disturb production and control the market.

Who decides...(2)

@ Monarchist


In the context of this thread, the answer to your question is, Kappert. And, according to kappertian logic,  which future demographic isn't likely to give a flying ----  what the kapperts of this world  either think or say on this issue? Yes, you guessed it, Muslim chemical engineers. On this evidence alone, it sounds to me that Utopia is likely to be postponed indefinitely.


Food ressources. In order to produce more and more food, the soils will degrade. Chemical engineers will apply more fertilizers or modify crops genetically. In the end it should be evident that this is no solution due to the weakness of resistence, and we will have famine waves all over the world.


"The film is about... a ... utopia."


Note: The word used here by the film's director, Hans Stohr, is "utopia", a word which was coined by the brilliant Tudor writer, statesman, philosopher and Catholic martyr, Sir Thomas More, from the Greek words for "not" and "place", indicating that More himself did not consider such a place to be realistically possible. Sir Thomas was right about that, of course,  it isn't, never has been and never will be. Otherwise, by now the world would surely be populated by taoists. It isn't.


As I read the Director's Note by Hannes Stöhr, I don't think he's using the word 'utopia' in the Moreian (or Greek) sense, as he speaks of 'it's real, not some wild fantasy' and ending with an imagined mixture of languages. By the way, UEFA already exists, and Istanbul and Moscow are in Europe. We'll see if 'things start getting complicated – or humorous'.

call to action

I like the music. It is not surprising that the most recent monotheistic religion will be the one with most success. From the theological point of view, there are not so much differences. Islam will adopt to European mentalities, as it already did in India or Indonesia to the Asian mentality. The call for action of procreation is misplaced at BJ, due to the age of the readers - anyway, with + people we live in an overcrowded world.