Teach Children How to Use Guns

A quote from a News Release of the Countryside Alliance, 20 May 2009

New research published by the Countryside Alliance at the start of National Shooting Week has revealed wide scale misunderstanding amongst the general public about the use of guns. Nine out of 10 people thought that training of young people in the use of legal firearms would not stop misuse despite research in the UK and worldwide showing the opposite to be true.

The poll carried out by Opinion Research Business showed that 51% said that training young people would result in an increase in the misuse of firearms whilst 39% said that it would make no difference. Only 9% thought that there would be a reduction in the misuse of firearms. National Shooting Week director Rob Gray said: “These findings illustrate just why initiatives like National Shooting Week are so important. Shooting teaches control, discipline, responsibility and courtesy – qualities to make every parent or head teacher proud.  One million people enjoy shooting sports in the UK and we want to encourage both young and old to learn about this accessible, inclusive and safe sport by taking part in National Shooting Week.”

National Shooting Week runs from the 23rd-31st May 2009 and gives everyone an opportunity to learn more about shooting and have a go at one of the 200 public open days taking place around the country.