EU Hit Parade

A quote from a Vlaams Belang press release, 25 May 2009

No one pays more to the EU than a citizen of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern half of Belgium. A Fleming pays twice as much as a Walloon, triple as much as a Briton and five times more than a Frenchman.

It was already known that, from the 27 EU-member states, 15 are net recipients and 12 are net contributors. Belgium is a large net contributor. The Vlaams Belang group in the European Parliament, led by Frank Vanhecke, has now calculated how much each citizen of Flanders and Wallonia pays each year. The result is surprising: with 1,780 million euro net, not a single EU-country pays more per head than Flanders: each Fleming pays 282 euro net per year.

This is more than the 272 euro each Dutchman pays per year. This is almost twice as much as a citizen of Wallonia, the French-speaking southern half of Belgium pays (164 euro). It is also double the amount of a German’s contribution (114 euro) and almost triple as much as that of a Briton. It is even five times more than the 53 euro a Frenchman pays and the 49 euro an Italian contributes.

The 2007 ‘hit parade’ of the largest EU-contributors looks like this:

1. Flanders: 1,780 million euro divided by 6.3 million inhabitants = 282.6 euro/Fleming

2. The Netherlands: 4,464.1 million euro divided by 16.4 million inhabitants = 272 euro/Dutchman

3. Luxemburg: 117 million euro divided by 476.187 million inhabitants = 245.7 euro/Luxemburger

4. Wallonia: 690.5 million euro divided by 4.2 million inhabitants = 164.5 euro/Walloon

5. Denmark: 817.4 million euro divided by 5.4 million inhabitants = 151.3 euro/Dane

6. Sweden: 1,280.2 million euro divided by 9.1 million inhabitants = 140.6 euro/Swede

7. Germany: 9,393.6 million euro divided by 82.3 million inhabitants = 114.1 euro/German

8. Great Britain: 6,156.6 million euro divided by 60.8 million inhabitants = 101.2 euro/Briton

9. Austria: 639.7 million euro divided by 8.2 million inhabitants = 78 euro/Austrian

10. Cyprus: 49.2 million euro divided by 778.684 inhabitants = 62 euro/Cypriot

11. France: 3362.3 million euro divided by 63.3 million inhabitants = 53.1 euro/Frenchman

12. Italy: 2,938.3 million euro divided by 59.1 million inhabitants = 49.7 euro/Italian

13. Finland: 229.1 million euro divided by 5.2 million inhabitants = 44 euro/Finn

Cyprus figure is flawed

The population of Cyprus used in the table is for the whole island. It should only be the population for the southern part, as the north is de facto not a EU member. I don't think the southern half pay a EU membership fee based on the populace of the whole island.

A rather accurate 2/3 live in the southern part, and 1/3 in the north. This means South Cyprus pays only 41 euro per inhabitant to the EU.


No doubts

KO: Have you noticed how kappert has the temerity to seek answers to her questions, but is NEVER prepared to proffer  sensible answers to questions put to her?

more doubts

If we check out contributions ranked by cities, will we find Antwerpen?


Yet, the question remains, is it good or bad to be top contributer to the EU? Should we love the Flemings as they are sustaining us, or shall we laugh at their stupidity to throw their money away?

Flanders shafted again

Good information, hopefully it will awaken more Femings as to who their friends are not.

Herr Kappert: The links take you to a more complete listing of countries. Sincerely, Gurkha


Probably a lapse of KO, otherwise publicity for a Hungarian tool factory :)


Doesn't that imply to be a member of the rich ones? Where is Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Poland or Spain. Or do we have a protestant conspiracy (except Austria and Cyprus)? Do the rich ones (in contribution) control the EU?

Cyprus (2)

Where does the article suggest that Cyprus is a member of some "club of rich countries"? The article simply and factually states that, at the time of compilation, Cyprus was 10th on the 'most financially screwed country by the EU' list.


What are the cypriots doing in the club of rich countries?