One Out of Three

This is the list of candidates for the Parti Socialiste in next Sunday’s elections in Brussels, the capital of Europe:

1 PICQUE Charles 2 DUPUIS Françoise 3 KIR Emir 4 DESIR Caroline 5 VERVOORT Rudi 6 TOMAS Eric 7 LAANAN Fadila 8 DAIF Mohamed 9 CARTHE Michèle 10 BOUARFA Sfia 11 CLOSE Philippe 12 FISZMAN Julie 13 MADRANE Rachid 14 EMMERY Isabelle 15 DECOURTY Willy 16 JAMOULLE Véronique 17 CHAPELLE Gregor 18 MARCUS Cathy 19 IKAZBAN Jamal 20 SAIDI Fatiha 21 VAN GORP Jean-Pierre 22 EL YOUSFI Nadia 23 DIALLO Béa 24 BROCHE Anne 25 AZZOUZI Mohamed 26 DE SAEGER Chantal 27 EL KTIBI Ahmed 28 RAZZOUK Souad 29 OZKARA Emin 30 BOMELE NKETO Nicole 31 LUYCKX Carlo 32 SWAELENS Anne 33 MOOCK Michel 34 GENOTTE Bernadette 35 BOUSTANI Abdallah 36 SCHEERS Pascale 37 POLET Yonnec 38 CHRISTOFFEL-DE VOS Renée 39 MOEREMANS Gérald 40 KALIMBIRIRO NSIMIRE Laetitia 41 BUCCELLA Fabrizio 42 NEKHOUL Yasmina 43 ERRAZI Mohammed 44 LEPOIVRE Florence 45 LAHLALI Mohamed 46 JOURDAIN Sigrid 47 LAARISSI Mounir 48 FONTAINE Isabelle 49 SPINETTE Jean 50 BARBE Martine 51 LAAOUEJ Ahmed 52 HERMAN Ariane 53 KOMPANY Pierre 54 AMRANI Myriem 55 DONMEZ Ibrahim 56 PAPADOPOULOS Anastasia 57 OUARTASSI Haed 58 MARTENS Anne-Françoise 59 GJANAS Amet 60 WERTS Catherine 61 ARDICLIK Hava 62 PIQUARD Paulette 63 BOUHJAR Abobakre 64 QUARESMINI Clara 65 M'FUNI LUKANDA Mado 66 VAN CAMPENHOUT Thierry 67 BELHOUARI Talbia 68 UYTTENDAELE Julien 69 DEMANNEZ Jean 70 OURIAGHLI Mohamed 71 LALIEUX Karine 72 THIELEMANS Freddy

There is Only One Answer to This Political Problem.

ATFlynn "Norfolk's Mutineer"

I am not at all sure about the European mainland, but here in Britain, it is quite possible to change the way we work and and are paid so that it is only a simple manoeuvre to legally avoid paying direct Taxation to the central Government.

I would expect that most, if not all of the European Union, was much the same. There is no reason why you should not put a stop to this utter nonsense from Brussels.  Regards, ATFlynn. 

@ Monarchist

That is like asking, will you still reject acupuncture as a treatment for allergies when you are dying of metastasizing cancer of the lungs, pancreas, stomach, and kidneys. When a Western body politic is anywhere near having a substantial Islamist minority, the time to argue about forms of self-government is long since past. Peoples have a duty to save themselves in any way they can.

RE: @ Monarchist

You're right. It would mean we'd be dhimmis. Patriots who wish to defend their people and Western principles such as self-government would have to go underground to fight the Islamists.

@ Monarchist

First, as I have stated elsewhere, I only support 'democracy' in the sense of 'representative government', and 'self-government'. However, representative government is part of our tradition and our identity. Western identity is not Islamic, and the representative government we have in our nations belongs to the sovereign people and not to those who wish to destroy it and have no part in this tradition. As I have said in my message about 'Meritocracy', I am absolutely opposed to an 'absolutist' democracy which dictates that the majority of people is always right, no matter what who those people are and what they proclaim. Therefore, I do not support Islamic political parties and I do not support the claim that when Muslims gain a majority, they have the right to install their own laws and dispose of our traditions, values, heritage or constitution. In the same way, I believe that parties that defend such ideologies as Maoism should, in principle, be prohibited. So would I continue to support representative government? In principle, yes, but only as part of the traditions of my own people, and not for the Islamists, regardless of whether they are in a majority or not.

Question of life or death (2)

@ Monarchist


First, you need to understand that, should the Islamists ever gain the ascendancy in my country, THEY would abolish the democratic process in my country so your question is moot, but the simple answer to your question is YES, I would and  should it ever happen I will. 
Second, I would do so for the same reason that you continue to support the concept of monarchy in a non monarchical society. What's not to understand about that? 

Question of life or death

I have a question to those BJ posters who believe in democracy.  Would you continue to support democracy when Islamists become majority in your countries? 

Thielemans ?

That last one, Thielemans, is that the one who ordered the Brussels Tienanmen ?

To govern a big country is like cooking a small fish.
Stir as little as possible.
- Lao Zi, Daode Jing 256 BC