Wilders Appeals to Indigenous Vote of Right and Left Alike

Today, the Irish and Czechs go to the voting booth to elect their representatives for the European Parliament (EP). Yesterday, the Dutch and the British went to the booth. Tomorrow and Sunday the citizens of the other 27 member states will elect their Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). The election results will only be announced after the last voters have cast their votes on Sunday evening. “Unofficial official” results of the elections in the Netherlands have, however, already been disclosed this morning. They show that the Freedom Party PVV of Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders has won at least 4, maybe even 5, of the 25 Dutch MEP seats in the first European elections in which the PVV has ever participated. The party, founded by Mr Wilders two years ago, became the second largest party in the Netherlands, after the governing Christian-Democrat CDA of Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende, which wins 5 seats.
The CDA won 20% of the votes, the PVV 16.9%. Labour (PvdA), which is the junior coalition partner in Mr. Balkenende’s government, dropped to 12.2%. The Liberal Party VVD, to which Mr. Wilders belonged before it ousted him over his opposition to Turkish EU membership, dropped to 11.3%. Libertas, the pan-European party of the Irishman Declan Ganley, got the support of a mere 0.3%.

Compared to the previous EP, the CDA dropped from 7 to 5 seats, Labour from 7 to 3 and the VVD from 4 to 3, while the PVV enters the EP with 4, perhaps even 5, seats. The biggest loser of the elections is Labour.

Wilders’ party has become the largest party in Rotterdam, a traditional Socialist stronghold, where it received 22.5% of the votes, while Labour declines from 31 to 15%. Rotterdam has a large population of Muslim immigrants. It seems the native voters have flocked en masse to Wilders, whose party has even become the biggest in Capelle aan de IJssel, the home town of Prime Minister Balkenende.

The Dutch electoral map shows that the PVV (pale blue on the map) has become the largest party in parts of the southern province of Limburg, Wilders’ home province, which is traditionally Christian-Democrat, in the eastern corner of the northern province of Groningen, which is a communist bulwark, and in the major cities and suburbs of the West, which traditionally tend to vote Labour (inner cities) or Liberal (suburbs). This indicates that the PVV appeals to the whole spectrum of the Dutch indigenous population, from the right to the left, with its program against the Islamization of Europe, its outspoken support for Israel, and against the transformation of the European Union into a European superstate.


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What could be worse?


Not sure and can't say yet. I'll open my newspaper tomorrow morning and maybe let you know. This has always worked for me in the past. Day after day, after day... 

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KO: How do I feel about £ s d ? Well, it worked perfectly well for hundreds of years, until the EU decided to balls things up for us, and has now been consigned to the dustbin of history. That, however, is no reason for Britain to dump the £ and replace it with the awful euro. Mickey Mouse money, if you'll pardon the expression.However, "Decimal" is the traditional system of the USA, and Americans should be rightly proud of that, but let me ask you,  how would you  Americans feel if some alien entity attempted to force you to adopt the £ sterling, the Mexican peso or the conch shell? I'm damned sure I know the answer to that question, but I'd be interest to read your comment nevertheless.  

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Atlanticist: We'd burn the damn stuff in the streets. (In effigy, at least.) People would rightly view it as out-and-out theft of their liberty and property. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is doing the same thing with our own currency, printing so much of it (figuratively) that it will effect the theft of our liberty and property through inflation.

Obama is our EU: anti-sovereign, anti-liberty, anti-property, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, pro-appeasement, pro-Islam, pro-socialist, pro-bureaucratic tyranny, pro-Axis of Evil, pro-Palestinian terrorism. What could be worse? In truth he is the PC President, the 200 proof representative of our university culture.

Watch out or you may end up with him as president of Europe, though until last year he probably couldn't have found it on a map.

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Atlanticist: When IS metric authentic? Only as in "1.793 meters from blade to basket." How do you feel about £.s.d.? Is decimal also revolutionary?

I don't understand,

I don't understand, Christian Democratic Party won and people in one could think conservative website don't celebrate>!?

Christian-Democrats won?

The Christian-Democrats won 5 of the 25 Dutch seats, which is 2 seats less than in the previous European elections when they had 7 of the 27 Dutch seats. One can hardly call that a victory.

Christian Democrats

My perception is that Christian Democrats are elite establishment parties only too willing to sacrifice their constituents to Europe, Eurabia, and Islamicization.

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@ Monarchist


Great news. But if you DO decide to convert to democracy, I believe you should consider converting to the more aristocratic avoirdupois democracy rather than that ghastly metric democracy, its common twin. 

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In other words, Tory democracy, in which traditional, long-proven, established standards apply, instead of Jacobin democracy, in which a tyrannical government decrees the standards that apply and demonically destroys the vast fabric of tradition and established culture.

We still use tsp, tbs, pt, cup, gal, in, ft, yd, mi, lbs, oz, ac, and others. We still use furlongs for horseracing, but for humans we have replaced the mile with the 1500. I guess the Jacobins aren't as concerned about the ponies.


Fantastic result! Great victory of Christian Democrats and Freedom Party. I did not know that Netherlands is right-wing stronghold of Europe! I need to consider converting to democracy... 


@ KO

These results are promising, but do not engage in premature celebrations.  These elections were for Dutch representation in the rather powerless European parliament in Brussels-cum-Strassbourg.  Both pro-EU and anti-EU parties gained at the expense of the 'waffling' ruling center parties. 

The results indicate a sharpening of differences over 'Europe', but they do NOT indicate a "throwing off the yoke".  For that, one will have to wait to see whether similar results will occur in future elections for the Dutch parliament, because it is those that will determine the composition of the Dutch 'Cabinet', i. e. the Executive Power.  Presently, the EU is not  (not yet, at any rate) like the US.  It is essentially run by the  governments (Cabinets) of its member states who control the European Commission, not by its 'parliament'.  And there is no direct (EU-wide) election for a European 'President' (i.e. the Commission President).      

These results expose the folly of the earlier decision by the VVD to expel Mr Wilders, who then proceeded to create the PVV party. Today he returns with more votes than his 'old' (and long-established) party. The best chance for the Dutch to "throw off the yoke" (of oppressive government and naive-left muticulturalism) would be for the (old) VVD and the (new) PVV to 're-unite' or 'close ranks', so as to create a genuine 'conservative' (nou ja, relatively speaking) political alternative for the Dutch people.


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Thanks for you comments, marcfrans. Hopefully this election will sharpen people's interest in protecting their nations from "Europe" and they will pay attention to subsequent elections. I have seen low turn-out figures for Britain. That does not suggest people are paying as much attention as they should.

By the way, excellent comment the other day on two- vs. multi-party systems. The U.S. has benefited greatly from its two-party system. However, if a party is unresponsive to certain of its constituents, forming a third party is a way for them to exert leverage and secure their "rightful" influence. Possibly our two-party system benefits from having outlying protest parties with fairly small bases that exist to keep the major parties honest. The parliamentary system in multi-party countries is grotesque, where small parties can leverage their tiny support into disproportional power by turning a minority vote-getting party into a majority coalition purely on the basis of horse-trading.

I am sure you will agree that limited government is the cure for most governmental ills. If the trough is small, people will not commit extravagant crimes to get a place at it. In our omnicompetent totalitarian countries formerly known as the West, however, the trough is so wide and deep that no effort can be spared to thrust in one's snout!

Good news!

Thank you, Mr. Belien, for this most encouraging report! The Dutch threw off the yoke of the multinational Habsburg empire--why shouldn't they throw off the yoke of the multinational "troisième empire" of Brussels?