Better to Die Under Obama than to Live Under Bush

Here's a bit of humor from the French blog Le Conservateur. To understand it, you should know a little about Christophe Girard. He is adjunct mayor for cultural affairs under Pierre Delanoé, mayor of Paris. Both men are openly gay.
Girard, the father of a son born in 1982, has long been an activist for homosexual parenthood. In 1975 he joined the house of Yves Saint-Laurent and became head of the company in 1997. He joined the Green Party in 1998 and the staff of the Paris municipality in 2001:

According to my fellow contributor "F" who is too busy to write three lines, our beloved adjunct on Kultur at the Parisian Kommandantur, Christophe Girard supposedly declared: "fortunately Michael Jackson died during the Obama administration, and not that of the reactionary Bush."
I have no idea what that statement means, but I love it! To cite "Obama" has become a sort of reflex among the really cool, the bobos, the modern folk, you know, the good people! Apparently you have to say "Obama" at least once in every five sentences, or every 100 words. It's a minimum! So, beware, lest your friends catch you red-handed...

To which one of his readers responded:

The question is: Is it better to live under Bush or to die under Obama?

Or to put it differently, isn't it better for Christophe Girard to die now while he has the chance, while Obama is still here performing his miracles, than to wait and run the risk of living to see a reactionary elected as president of France (not a likelihood in any case)...?

Hijacked (2)

Or to put it differently, is it worse to have your blogsite hijacked by a rabid anti semite under Bush or Obama, or under Bush AND Obama?

To Quote Rush

Rush Limbaugh recently stated, "Michael Jackson thrived under Reagan, and died under Obama".


This might not be appropriate to the current thread but the header on the page should show an Israeli flag not an american flag for this site. There is nothing american about this site. Happy 4th of July weekend. You only value free speech if you agree with it just like everyone you criticize including muslims.

not the first time

"Apparently you have to say "Obama" at least once in every five sentences, or every 100 words. It's a minimum! So, beware, lest your friends catch you red-handed..."

This sort of thing was common during the Chinese Cultural Revolution--at that time it was important to meet and greet others offering a quote from the Chairman. It was understood (or at least expected of people to know) that "making revolution required Mao Zedong thought."

Among certain people in the U.S., Obama is viewed as a truly transcendent, quasi-religious figure. It is well known that among Christian monks a practice of reciting Christ's name was taught by the Fathers as a way to focus inner attention. This translated into a popular way of speaking: i.e., invoking the name of the saint for help, protection, and guidance.

Obama supporters, at least the liberal intellectual class, would be surprised to learn that their behavior fits a religious pattern. However, they would not, probably, mind associating their thinking and actions with the revolutionary cadres of Red Guard.