Silly Question, Dangerous Answer

My landlady in Strasbourg and I were watching French news this morning. The story about the Iranian President’s oh so predictable comments about Israel was being shown. She turned to me and said,
You know I was taking my daughter to school the other day and I noticed the driver was North African, to pass the time of day I asked him if he was observing Ramadan
“Yes” he said,
“How long does it go on for?”, I asked
“About 40 days.”
“That must be tough. I guess you might wish you were Jewish at least their fast is only for one day?”
“Jews are not human
, he replied.
“You know”, she said to me, “he was a young man, born here in Strasbourg, the home of France’s oldest settled Jewish community, I worry for my children.”

So do I.

Jews fleeing

At some point in time, the Jews will begin to leave Europe in significant numbers. That is the moment to leave too.

The ramadan for Muslims is

The ramadan for Muslims is 30 days not 40 days. It seems that the old lady was talking to a Christian.

I know of no Christian fasts

I know of no Christian fasts that last 40 days. You're obviously missing the point of the story.