The Will of 500 Million Europeans

A quote from French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, 15 October 2009 [via Open Europe]

Some recommend not provoking [Czech] President Klaus, hoping that he will find himself incapacitated of continuing with his project [delaying the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty until the British elections]. Personally, I believe we ought to keep a firm hand since everyone has already voted, including the Czech Republic. A single man will not know how to oppose the will of 500 million Europeans. The European Council that will take place at the end of the month will be the right occasion to test the determination of Europeans and to put pressure on the Czech President.


Precisely, why not

Comrade Kouchner is in striking distance from the top of the EU food chain.He can say that.Tony is waiting behind the curtain for Klaus to fold in and preferably drop dead for the good of all the 500 million.