Freedom Go to Hell


Popped down to Westminster to see the fuss around the visit of Geert Wilders to be greeted by the Islamist rent-a-mob. Seems to me that Mr Wilders may well have paid them to turn up just to prove his point.

There again I did like the little ditty being chanted,

"UK watch your back,

Islam is coming back!"

Where was it, when was it here before... We should be told.

Silver Lining...

Well at least Wilders was allowed in the country.  That's an improvement, I suppose.


40 Muslim protesters, 1 Geert Wilders (i.e. 39 less protesting Wilders than protesting Muslims) makes you wonder what all the establishment fuss is about with regard to the visit of Wilders.



"About 40 Muslim protesters gathered outside the Abbey Gardens buildings, opposite the Houses of Parliament, where the hastily rearranged press conference was held"


London has a muslim population of about 600.000.

Glad to see the author of this post also saw there was no item to write about.



Where is the

Where is the rent-a-Waffen-SS?  Or do you think the Riot Act will dispell them?


After those Marines humiliatingly surrendered and were captured by the IRGC, my faith in British arms is at an all-time low...