Lord Pearson Chosen As New UKIP Leader



Lord Pearson has been elected as the new leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party.


Could someone please provide me with the link as I cannot watch the video on BJ's website?


I confess I am relieved, I had expected Mrs Sinclair to get the job, and I daresay anyone who has ever hearkened to her would understand what I mean by this. I have been respecting Mr Pearson ever since he came to the fore of politics, switching allegiance to UKIP and becoming a valuable ally within the House of Lords. It was he who invited Mr Wilders to the UK, although it did not end up as expected as everyone knows. He is a staunch opponent of Islam in Britain, and tilt the general balance of his political party further to the right, which is a welcome development, and may possibly help swell UKIP's ranks by attracting BNP-voters. Of course, he is not as flamboyant a leader as Nigel Farage was, and perhaps not as excellent an orator, albeit his metaphors and wit are fairly heartening. I have great admiration for this man. He recently offered the 'Conservatives' to let UKIP be disbanded if they would consent to hold a referendum on the EU, of course, we all know 'Dave' is too gutless a person ever to grasp the nettle, and that it would have been quite unwise to dissolve prior to any real achievement and results, beside showing a disproportionate faith in the 'Tories' who are consummate traitors. None the less, it does show Lord Pearson is ready to make a principled stand, which is quite welcome in these times of political devaluation and all-mighty relativism. Obviously, he is deluded when expecting that any help will come from the left. I think one ought not to ascribe feelings to him, he is perhaps unwilling to appear too harsh at first, yet I can tell he is one of the firmer elements in that political party, far firmer than Mr Farage, I trust. I certainly hope his mission will meet but stomping success, and help sink the false 'Tories', should they founder, a true conservative party would be allowed to arise from the ashes of the deceased Cameroons. God bless Britain. 

Thanks to Lord Pearson

and to the Brussels Journal for publishing this interview. At least some public figure in Britain has acknowledged the people's anger and the "complacency" of the political class. I have the following reservations: (1) To refer to the BNP as "far-right and perhaps fascist" is a gross exaggeration that seems to put Lord Pearson in the same camp as the complacent political class he criticizes. However, he mitigates this opinion when he says he is so desperate about the lack of alarm over the threat of "Islamism" in the UK that he welcomes anyone who is willing to come forward and address it. (2) To expect meaningful support against "Islamism" from leftists, feminists, and homosexuals shows an amazing naivete about the real motives of the left. (3) His belief that Muslims will win with numbers raises the question whether he is thinking of numbers in terms of the ballot box or brute force. If he is thinking of the ballot box, he is assuming that Muslims are permanent, legitimate participants in the political community. That is not a valid assumption. (4) Why does he think Britain is at 4-6 on the scale of the state of its political organization? (5) He seems to reject the possibility of expelling undesirables.

I recognize a public man must speak differently from an anonymous commentator. I only hope he sticks with his mission. Good luck to Lord Pearson and God bless!