An Inspiration to Europe: The Days of Submission Are Over

A quote from Gerald Warner at The Telegraph blog, 29 November 2009drapeau_suisse_2005_sm.jpg

The usual suspects are proclaiming that Switzerland will now have “pariah status”. On the contrary, there is significantly more respect for Switzerland around the world after the referendum than there was before. The news that the electorate in one European country has had the resolution to defy its political class and refuse to roll over and indulge a politically correct minority will be an inspiration to other electorates.

There is a backlash on the way: at present it is showing itself in small ways, over minor matters such as minarets, but presently it will manifest itself on more substantial issues such as immigration and bogus climate change. It is no coincidence that the people most loudly bemoaning the ban on minarets in Switzerland are those who most vociferously applauded the prohibition on crucifixes in Italian classrooms. The consistent principle is an attack on European Christian civilisation, complemented by subservience to all the enemies of that civilisation, secular or Islamic.



no towers at all

"It is no coincidence that the people
most loudly bemoaning the ban on minarets in Switzerland are those who most
vociferously applauded the prohibition on crucifixes in Italian classrooms."

Very well, should we engage a 'no-tolerance-referendum'?

just relax

Just to tune down a bit on the wet dreams of a victorious deletion of muslim presence from the streets of Switzerland:

- There ARE mosques and minarets in Switzerland. Visit Zurich or Geneva. They have existed since decades and no one has bothered because there were few reasons to do so. No one, except a probable few on the fringe of certain groups, has advocated for going in with the sledgehammers, Ayodhya-style.


- No one, except the same probable few, is advocating for banning or deporting muslims. That is of course, if they respect and adher to laws and regulations and don't shout ugly things in the name of their God. If so, arrest and lock up.

- This is much about preserving a cultural heritage in the architecture of faith in our streets. Nothing wrong with that of course. But nothing wrong with some diversity either I feel, especially if the churches are becoming empty monuments of the past (the few sucessful ones, like Pentecostal, are rarely clearly visible as churches from the outside). There should be room for aesthetic variation in faith architecture, which I personally find to be enriching. I don't mind a Sikh temple, a synagogue, Hindu shrine, bahai temple, a mosque in the odd corner of my city. They can be of aesthetic value or cultural interest to those who feel an interest in it. If so, one should be able to find one's way to the building and its faith community, and have decent access to its facilities and ideology if one whishes to do so, for whatever reason.
Muslim communities however have developed a pathological obsession with building up high, shouting out loud, and taking over the architectural skyline since centuries, nowadays backed up by petrodollars from the desert homelands. Even though I dont' like some of the discourse it has generated, I am glad the obsession to take over has come to a halt.     

Einer für alle, alle für einen!

I recall a center-left media outlet downplaying Muslim demands to construct mosques with minarets.  It claimed that most Muslims in the CH were from the former Yugoslavia, namely Bosniaks and Albanians, and were therefore non-practicing.  On the basis of these false premises, the article declared that only a minority of Muslims were in favor of minarets. 


Even if I believed that Balkan Muslims were less observant than their Arab co-religionists, it is safe to say that they are far from exemplary people.  Indeed, Kosova has become a haven for narcotics trafficking and sexual slavery, and the Muslim governments in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosova are notorious for corruption and criminal links. 


Whether they are strapping on suicide vests at the behest of Al-Qaeda or brutalizing women from all over Europe, Muslims are bad news period.

Un Pour Tous, Tous Pour Un!

The minaret ban is a courageous move considering modern-day PC dictatorship. Switzerland may well be one of the last truly free countries in the West. At the very least it will go down in history as the last minaret-free nation in Western Europe.