someone had to strangle van

someone had to strangle van rompuy in his cradle. he looks so innocent, the wise professor, the sweet grandpa, but he is a traitor: a perfidious defender of the system no matter what.

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and ofcourse they don't want one global state: they want global governance thru an oligarchy (of supranational governements), not one state. Different means, same result.

Gobal Governance ≠ World Government/State

Art Harman and TCC, Inc., either have no conception of what global governance is, or are misrepresenting it in order to mobilize American public opinion against the ongoing Copenhagen Conference. 


I am vehemently opposed to it, and given popular attention on economic and financial issues as well as the impact of “Climategate”, any results will go the way of the Kyoto Accord.  However, the United States has been a major proponent of global governance, which is commensurate with its position in global affairs.  Global governance is vital to American economic growth and national security, and the US government would be remiss to leave a power vacuum in international relations that could be filled by one or more rival great powers.  The European Union and its member states are also advocates for global governance, albeit focusing much more on human rights (esp. “human security) and environmental issues. 


No sovereign advocate for global governance is proposing the establishment of world government and a global super–state.  I can only speculate as to the difficulties of such an enterprise, much less the anarchy and chaos it would produce.