Czech Cardinal: Europe Will Soon Fall

A quote from Israel National News, 6 January 2010

The Cardinal of the Czech Republic, Miloslav Vick, is concerned about the fate of Christianity in Europe. He argues that Europe must return to its roots, if not the fate of the continent will be to become Islamic.

"Medieval Muslims tried to conquer Europe but Christians expelled them,” he said. “Today there is a similar war but with spiritual weapons. However, Europe lacks the tools and ability for a spiritual struggle while Muslims are well equipped," he says, adding that 'the fall of Europe is close at hand.”


Ecumenism paying off

Funny enough, Cardinal Vlk (correct form of his name) is personally responsible for many years of useless wrongly understood ecumenical dialogue with representatives of other religions.  Many years of talking rubbish about similarities between all religions, many years of confusing people by giving attention to different kind of religions or religious sects, many years of destroying catholic liturgy. No wonder that with little help of the left, few in Europe treat Christianity seriously. There is time to openly admit that archbishop Levebre was right, thankfully current Pope seems to be much wiser.