Refuse To Shake Hands With A Woman And Get 6,000 Euros

Earlier this month, a 28 year old Muslim from Skåne was awarded just over 6,000 euros by a Swedish judge because he had refused to shake hands with a woman. One can wonder whether the woman maybe should praise herself lucky. After all, she wasn't convicted for racism for the simple fact that she thought she could shake hands with a Muslim man.

More than four years ago, Alen Malik Crnalic entered a course with the Swedish Public Employment Centre (Arbetsförmedlingen, AF) in order to find a job. In May 2006, he was on an interview in Älmhult for a trainee job as a welder, and during that interview, he refused to shake hands with the CEO of the company. The CEO happened to be a woman, and as an active Muslim, Alen Malik Crnalic says he's not allowed to touch women outside his own family. Apparently, he also avoided eye-contact with the CEO during the interview, and rather stared to the ground.

It should probably not come as a surprise that Alen Malik Crnalic didn't get the job. According to the company and the Public Employment Centre, he wasn't qualified for the job. Later he also lost his employment benefits. Alen Malik Crnalic didn't agree with that, and instead appealed the decision to the National Labour Market Board (Arbetsmarknadsstyrelsen, AMS). The Board rejected his appeal, but then it was picked up by the Ombudsman for Discrimination (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen, DO), and brought to court. There, the judge overruled the National Labour Market Board's decision, and awarded the man a 6,000 euro compensation. According to the judge, the claim by the man that he cannot shake hands with a woman because of religious reasons is valid. He should therefore have gotten the job even though he refused to greet the company's CEO, and the Public Employment Centre should not have canceled his unemployment benefits either.

Interviewed by the Swedish public broadcaster SVT, the CEO of the company repeated that the man didn't get the job because he simply wasn't qualified for it. She also added that she felt insulted by the man's behavior, since he shaked hands with everybody else during the interview except her.

The Ombudsman for Discrimination Katri Linna on her side welcomed the court's decision. In a comment, she said that it is unreasonable to cancel somebody's unemployment benefits simply because he refuses to shake hands with a woman in accordance to his religion and beliefs. According to her, Sweden is a multicultural country now, and has to accept that people have different ways to greet other people. One could wonder though what would have happened if the CEO had refused to shake hands with a Muslim job seeker because of her religion or beliefs, or where the discrimination would have been if the CEO had been Muslim and the job seeker a woman. To be honest, I'm not sure whether I should shake hands with Katri Linna if I would ever meet her, because you never know whether maybe it could be insulting to Muslim job seekers in Älmhult…

Somebody who certainly didn't agree with the judge's decision is the liberal conservative politician Bo Frank in Växjö. Asked for his comments, he says the female CEO should feel humiliated – and she does. In Sweden, people greet each other shaking hands, he says, and immigrants who want to live and work in Sweden should do that too. After all, integration is not just something for politicians and Swedes, but for immigrants too. The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) should not get a monopoly on what 90% of the Swedish people think, he added, and confirmed that he agreed totally with what Nalin Pekgul from the Social Democratic Women in Sweden (S-kvinnor) had said a day earlier on Swedish public television SVT. His remark that the Sweden Democrats are probably the ones the most happy with the judge's ruling was echoed many places in the press and on the Internet.

Tribul customs

I do believe some Masai tribes greet one another by spitting eachother in the face.

I suppose it will be quite acceptable to spit my boss in his face next time I happen to cross his path in the office? Or could it be that at the community centre, I can spit a counter worker wearing a headscarf in the face, thereby referring to my recent conversion to the Masai religion?

The question is simple: as we live in a multicultural society (as the judge remarked), do ALL possible cultural habits have priority on our western christian habits? Or are some cultural habits (like the islamic refusal to shake hands, thereby discriminating 50% of the people) more prone to submission from the original population, than others?


Spitting in the face is probably healthier than transmitting bacteria by handshake. Not to touch the other is of cause the healthiest.

Surrender to aliens trumps feminism

The Swedes' and Norwegians' relative tolerance of rape by Muslims of native women has already answered the question of how liberals would respond to the conflicting claims of different favored groups. The episode described above merely illustrates the fact that surrender to aliens is the liberals' "prime directive." It is consistent with official indulgence, in those countries and others, of alien violence against women, homosexuals, Jews, and other groups formerly singled out for protection by liberals.

I should add, the U.S.A. is a liberal state, too. We tolerate crime against whites by blacks by not recognizing it as an issue distinct from crime in general, despite the huge disproportion of black-on-white crime.

What of a Golden Handshake?

Indeed you are correct. But one wonders how much this alleged man could would have been awarded should he have been offered sex and refused to participate in such an act with one of the ladies of the night? No problem with rape, but don't dare offer to shake my hand. Very odd.


Where did you see all those guys have any simpathy for jewish people or state of Israel, moron.
You don't have to be a racist or idiot to be a conservative.

How very sad

The Swedes are simply vomiting their own sense of self in order to be oh, so very politically correct. They are truly in the terminal stages of this mental disorder that causes a country to deny its own identity in order to gratify a group of savage foreigners who have come to feed on its body. How very sad for what was once a very intelligent, rational, cultivated nation!