Free Speech On Trial In France

Eric Zemmour

An article at François Desouche reviews the story of journalist Eric Zemmour's comments about race and crime, a media event from March 2010 that led to a trial for defamation and racial discrimination. The trial is now in session. The comment that may cost Zemmour some money, if not his personal freedom was:

French immigrants are more closely monitored than others because most drug dealers are blacks or Arabs... It's a fact.

Another comment he had made earlier may also cost him:

Employers have the right to refuse Arabs or blacks.


Le Monde posted the following:

SOS-Racism, an anti-racism association, was the first to initiate a lawsuit against the "polemicist".

I have kept the word "polemicist" used by Le Monde, and placed it in quotes, because it does not define Zemmour properly. He simply presents a more realistic point of view, and ipso facto enters into a confrontation. A polemicist is defined as someone who aggressively creates controversy.

According to SOS-Racism, Eric Zemmour's remarks tend to "assimilate the origins of people with criminality," a type of discrimination that carries a criminal sanction. Among the other plaintiffs are MRAP (Movement against Racism and for Friendship among Peoples), LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism), UEJF (Union of Jewish Students of France) and J'accuse. Eric Zemmour should be present. He is calling a number of witnesses including deputy Claude Goasguen, journalist Eric Naulleau and Robert Menard, the former general secretary of Reporters Without Borders.

Last March, in a long letter addressed to the president of LICRA, Eric Zemmour said he was sorry his remarks had upset some people, but he stood by them. Eric Zemmour had been supported by the prosecutor (avocat général) of the Paris appeals court, Philippe Bilger, who in turn was summoned to explain himself to the Paris district attorney (procureur général) (...) In a blog entry dated March 17, 2010, Philippe Bilger wrote:

All blacks and Arabs are not drug dealers, but many drug dealers are blacks or Arabs."

He spoke of statistics that attempt "to cover up what is staring you right in the face" and of "censorship that forbids one to clearly broach such subjects.

An Asian association, the JADF (Young Asians of France) has thrown their full support behind Eric Zemmour, as reported by Le Post:

The JADF considers that the anti-racist "associations" should instead revolt against the offenses and unacceptable insults, such as "f... France", and the discriminatory and violent behavior against certain religions. These anti-racist "associations" showed no feelings toward the Chinese community of Paris. (...)

Mr. Zemmour is a scapegoat , a man who kept his freedom of speech and one cannot but respect him for that. France gives her children, at least those who deserve it, the means to succeed without playing the pity and fear card.

The JADF fully supports Mr. Zemmour and hopes to demonstrate that one can perhaps have skin of a different color, be born somewhere other than France, love one's country, and still have an objective vision like that of Mr. Zemmour.



This is a shortened version of a long article on the Zemmour trial. The full version can be read at GalliaWatch


@ George2 are confusing "immorality" with "crime".  If the law were to concern itself with all forms of immorality, we would be living in chaos, which is pretty much were we are today. 

I agree with you that, both, associating or refusing to associate "negative characteristics" with skin color are equally "wrong" (a moral judgment).  But, I strongly disagree with your contention that they should be "punished" as "crimes".    Free societies do not criminalise subjective 'opinions', only specific objective deeds.   Your position is shared by all totalitarians (from the ayathollahs to the Chinese Politbureau), and by many authoritarians (from the bulk of European politicians today to a sizable chunk of leftist American politicians as well).     


Automatically associating a negative characteristic with a person just because of the color of his or her skin, is wrong. Sweeping a negative characteristic of (a) person(s) under the carpet just because of the color of his or her skin is just as wrong. Both should be punished equally because both commit the same crime.

Eric Zemmour

is my favourite French journalist whom I have seen and enjoyed during many debates on French TV.

He is independent and has more culture in his pinkie than many French "thinkers" in their whole body, BHL comes to mind.

Lately he is coming more and more under fire and the jewish community should really think twice before attacking this man.

Sadly, many jewish ''ïntellectuals" are still living in a marxist dreamworld. It's time they wake up.


For the Brussels Journal's readers information:

Zemmour is an Algerian jewish "pied noir", which gives him a special perspective on "things"