All Quiet on the European Front

The state is dead, but we are not allowed to know. Hence the following official statement released this morning by the Belgian Ministry of the Interior: “On Saturday night the Brussels police detained about fifty people. Here and there cars were set alight. Nevertheless, the situation remained quiet.”

On Saturday night the Brussels police clashed with rioting “youths” in the center of the city. The authorities describe the events as “a game of cat and mouse.” In the course of this “game” five cars, two buses and a number of dustbins were set on fire. In Liège, the major city of Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium, nine vehicles were torched, including a truck. The rest of Wallonia was “quiet” too. In Charleroi nine cars went up in flames, in Louvain-la-Neuve three and in Binche one. In Colfontaine a kindergarten was set alight. In Moeskroen, a town bordering France, a truck burned out after being hit by a molotov cocktail. The fire brigade had to protect the surrounding houses, but could not prevent damage to a nearby school and a butcher’s.

France was “quiet” as well. During the 17th consecutive night of rioting, 374 cars were torched and 212 people arrested. In Carpentras, where a mosque had been attacked on Friday night, a school burned down. Lyons, France’s second largest city, witnessed heavy fighting between “youth” and police yesterday afternoon. It was the first rioting in a city center since the French riots began more than two weeks ago. It was also the first rioting in broad daylight. The city center of Paris witnessed no incidents thanks to the deployment of 3,000 riot police, a quarter of all 12,000 officers that were deployed in the entire country yesterday.

One policeman was seriously wounded when he was hit in the face by a metal petanque ball thrown from a flat above. Dissatisfaction has been rising among the police. Yesterday Alliance, France’s largest police union, declared that the officers are “fed up” after the authorities imprisoned one officer and suspended four others for having beaten up a 19-year old immigrant. The incident was filmed by a TV crew. The immigrant involved complained he had been seriously hurt but was arrested a few hours later when throwing stones at firemen. The union is threathening that the officers will only perform “minimum service” if the authorities continue to “sacrifice” them. The police union is also upset because an officer in the northern town of Saint Quentin sustained severe burns in the face after having been hit by a molotov cocktail. From the first days of the riots the police have described the situation as one of “civil war” which they are not equipped to deal with.

Meanwhile, the judicial authorities in Tunisia have opened an investigation into the death of a 17-year old Tunisian-born boy, one of the two immigrant youths whose accidental electrocution on October 27 started the large-scale rioting. The boy was hiding from policemen in an electricity sub station. His father has asked the authorities in Tunisia to investigate the death of his son because he does not trust the French judicial authorities.

In Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, four cars were set ablaze last night. This appears to be the first incident of this kind in the Netherlands since the “civil war” started in France.

"The state is dead, but we are not allowed to know."

And when the state dies, others will of necessity take power to bring order to the streets. Weimar Germany discovered that chaos and insurrection would not be tolerated forever. Even if Vlaams Blok is forced to change its name again, it will not go away.

Sometimes I wonder if Western governments are not secretly trying to abandon the project of multiculturalism, post-modernism and diversity without actually saying that is what they are doing--whether they have already surrendered to the ceaseless flow of events without saying so.

Sometimes I wonder whether they are being deliberately ineffectual in hopes that someone stronger, with clearer vision and strenght of will will take the entire mess off their hands.

Sometimes I wonder if they, like von Hindenberg, are waiting for a leader who will relieve them of their duties before the entire project of civilization collapses.

I suspect you are right. There is no state. Von Papen is utterly ineffectual. And the rest of us are all waiting for our new leader.

Why would they abandon the

Why would they abandon the project of multiculturalism ? What makes you say that they're attempting to abandon it ? You cant abandon the current situation unless you actually take over the Vlaams Belang political program and turn it into policy.

The State does not exist for the People; it exists for an electorate and political ideology.
Locally around Brussels the main elements are Multiculturalism & 'Immigrants', intermixed with 'positive discrimination' and the requirement of special favourable treatment towards migrants.
It shows the correctness and the power of a slogan such as "Own people First".
But its just me talking...

Saturday Night Ruckuss

So is this why there was a helocopter flying over my roof at 11pm on Saturday night? I want to first say that I'm not racist (or at least I don't think I am). I'm not a 20th century historian, but is it just me or based on everyone's comments, does it seem like this current predicament is the fault of politicians in two ways: 1) They made us believe that immigration is some sort of wholesome multicultural goodness that would make Europe a nicer place to live, work, and play. 2)They open the borders, but then through the fault of politicians who relegate the immigrants to ghettos (or immigrants who choose to live there), they set up this nightmare and then play to the minority. I would never say I'm a fan of Le Pen, that Austrian guy who's name escapes me at the moment, or the BNP, but honestly, sometimes you just need to put the majority and their protection first. Perhaps its time that this often touted 'fortress Europe' came into being. I'm not opposed to immigration, but perhaps less is more? Fewer people, but more integrated into society, perhaps a gradual process for ever increasing uptake, but it's too late for that.

Socialism and Liberalism

Socialism and Liberalism will be the death of the west unless we all wake up.


Socialism and Liberalism will be the death of the west unless we all wake up.

It's not "socialism" and "liberalism" that are the problem. It's stupidityism. And no one side has got a monopoly on that.

Bob Doney

What have we missed?

With all these MSM distortions, lies, news covered up, etc., one question comes to mind:

During all the years before the advent of the blogosphere, WHAT HAVE WE MISSED?

Rioters try to set retirement home one fire, with people inside

Do you all catch this little tidbit? I didn't find it in any of the newspaper articles I looked at (although I could have missed it, I suppose). Instead I found it in a security briefing from the website of the Overseas Security Advisory Council:

"In the southern town of Carpentras, a nursery school was torched and a burning car was pushed up to an old people's home, causing panic among residents." Link:

So in other words, they tried to kill an entire house full of elderly people. This goes along with the previous attempt to kill a handicapped person by setting her afire - an attempt that succeeded in severely injuring her, and may kill her yet.

I'll bet they would have liked it if the nursery school was full of children.

"Scum" seems like an understatement describing these people.

BTW, Paul Belien, thanks for this website. It's been so useful to all of us looking for more info on this story, for which there seems to be an international conspiracy among journalists to cover it up (a concept which is very counterintuitive and nonsensical).

two measures...

Yesterday, Belgian TV (state-controlled) made a big fuss about a fire which had been lit by a couple of local guys. The mayor of Sint-Niklaas, a socialist, was allowed to vent his anger against all Flemish... It looks like him and the media didn't see anything of the riots...

Yes, I found this incredible

@willy cammaerts - two measures.
Yes, I found this incredible indeed.
They really must be convinced all viewers are stupid.
For more than a week, there are about 10 to 20 cars set on fire per night in Belgium. Figures might be wrong, the exact amount is not relevant here.
In view of the triumphalism of the Sint-Niklaas mayor, it looks like they are very eager to search for any culpable party which might happen not to be from immigrant origin.
Now they found one. So, about 100 or some 100s cars have been set on fire, they found 1 car which was set on fire by locals without foreign origin, and this is supposed to proove anything ? At least one thing, apparently, and that is that we are all racist for even thinking that 100% of these problems are caused by immigrants, whereas it seems to be a mere 99%. Shame on us.

Another thing in Belgian MSM is the use of the word "quiet" ("rustig" in Dutch) in virtually every news item talking about the spill-over of the riots into Belgium. And every car set on fire is always an "isolated incident".

The Indian MSM gets serious competition

The situation here so much reminds me of the situation in India. The Indian mainstream media would be proud of the French MSM response, that's what they do as well.

For the first 24 years of my life that I spent reading the Indian MSM, I used to think that the "Hindu fundamentalists" and their "intolerance and hatred for Muslims" was the root cause of all riots.

But somehow it never added up...I then went to the UK for some time and started reading online news from various sources...and I now know that the Indian MSM has turned truth on its head.
It is treason against the Indian people

Most middle class Hindus are enveloped in self-hate because of the secular MSM.

Its a dangerous situation for a country that has been partitioned once and yet allowed Muslims who voted to split the country , to stay on . They now number more than 150 million and engage in ethnic cleansing riots wherever in majority - tacitly supported by 'Secular' Indian politicians busy selling their mothers for Islamic votes

There is a need to target the power structure of the fanatics - maybe worthwhile to note that no jihad can start without an Imam calling for it...