A Bleak Outlook For Europe

A quote from Giulio Meotti on YnetNews, 2 May 2011:

Europe risks losing all its precious gifts: human dignity, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, rule of law, separation of state and mosque. Across Europe there are dozens of journalists, cartoonists and writers who are living under terrorist threats. (...)

Holland - with all of its rules against discrimination - is already a segregated society. The biggest mosques in Europe frame the vibrant green, luxuriant, wooded, watery Dutch countryside. At the Zuidplein Theatre, one of the most prestigious in Rotterdam, an entire balcony was reserved for Muslim women. This is not happening in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, but in the city where the Founding Fathers set out for the United States. (...)

Dutch liberal guru Frits Bolkestein just sparked an uproar in the Netherlands by saying that Jews have “no future here and should immigrate to the US or Israel.” The famous Holland of Baruch Spinoza, the shelter of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews who fled the Inquisition, is making way for a realm of fear, intimidation and subjugation. Jews are also fleeing Antwerp, the city once proudly called “the Northern Jerusalem.”


You are funny: let's take an American Jew with flemish-portuguese-mourish-cartagenese pedigree and cross her with some Dutch frisian-prussian-polish-mongol mate. The neighbours are Dutch-indonesian-persian and on the other side of course Dutch-english-german-coburg-gotha. Alternatively we have Dutch southafricans crossed with Dutch surinamese, who's grandfather was from Java. All find 'one true flamand' around 1745. Congratulations.

@debendevan, kappert

Just because there are hard cases doesn't mean there is no basis for a nation to seek to preserve its ethnic nature.  No one is talking about job discrimination or gas chambers.  A very destructive legacy of Herr Hitler's--any effort to preserve or even identify ethnic identity is viewed as leading to Auschwitz.  Immigration policy is the best way to do it. 


Debendevan, we can't spare your Dutch/Flemish-Americans, except the liberal ones I guess you can have back.  

Right of Return

European countries can reverse this tide. Deport those who don't assimilate. Deport those whose intolerance of not only Jews and Christians but of the secular rule of law renders them in effect a fifth column. In place of these sullen Islamists offer the right of return for all those who can demonstrate at least 1 grandparent from the original ethnic stock of that country. Or, put another way, be able to prove they are descended from someone who lived in that European country in 1900 (or 1875, or 1850, etc.).

Certainly assimilation will be an issue to some degree as well. But unquestionably this assimilation will be one that does not threaten the integrity of the Judeo-Christian tradition. With North American (e.g., U.S. & Canadians) of Dutch stock, at least the new immigrants would have an ethnic and historical tie to the Netherlands that Moroccans (or other Muslim immigrants) do not. 

A wave of North Americans to Europe might to help at least reboost the stock. And perhaps turn back the Islamicist tide, as did Roland under Charles Martel.  

Blogging for the West's Survival

Hello from South East Asia.We overseas Europeans share your concerns, and living in a hugely Muslim country, we see the rising tide of intolerance which Europe has been importing for years now.

You can read some of what's happening here on the only conservative expat blog in this part of the world.

Ross's Right Angle had been doing well until a scurvy knave sabotaged us at the end of April.

Any one out there who has been baffled by our disappearance can now find the new rossrightangle by looking at




This title seems to guide in the wrong direction. „Close the doors and start sending them home“, may be a good advice for the people in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya, but most 'Western' countries desperately need to be involved (peacefully) in other countries. 'Western' - a vocabulary used by KO to unite West-Europeans and white US-Americans, I suppose - does not indicate the same culture, nor the same understanding of moral values.

Dancing in the streets on the death of an enemy may be an appreciated value in tit-for-tat civilizations, it is surely not on the minds of Europeans and the Christian Church, nor does it belong to human dignity, freedom, rule of law, independence of state and religion.

So the questions maintains: who likes to close the door and deport people?


Kappert:  Patriots of every country, that's who.  Including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.   As for the West's "desperate" need for overseas relationships, that does not imply a desperate need for nation-wrecking immigration.  Cheap labor is not cheap.  But I'm not talking about autarky.  I'm talking about every nation's need to maintain its borders and to regulate immigration for its own people's benefit, not for the benefit of foreigners or domestic interest groups.

@ KO

When a very intelligent man like Dr. Elst, who has travelled widely, says that an ethnic identity makes him yawn, that it is a vague unproven phenomenon, I am asking myself if I am senile and if all my life's experiences were just a dream?

Once identities don't exist anymore the universal man is born and the robots can start walking.

@ KO

Sorry, my previous comment referred to a Flemish article about identity on this blog.

Dr. Elst reduced the "identity" to something meaningless.

As you can imagine I didn't agree at all. 

best guess


The article addresses some entirely different issues:

It asserts that European journalists, cartoonists and writers are living under terrorist threats – without saying who and, above all, by whom?

It claims that the rules against discrimination should not allow to reserve a theatre balcony - for muslima, I understand.

And it states that Jews are fleeing from Antwerp, and that Dutch politicians ought Jews to leave the country.

Make your own guesses.

Stupid moves

Meanwhile the US, UK and France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway join Al Quaeda to turn the Middle East and North Africa into a bearded continent, with the oil in the hands of the fundamentalists.

I seem to be too stupid to understand this logic.


Traveller, you understand perfectly.  It is the slothful and cowardly appeasement of Muslims under the ever more frayed disguise of liberal egalitarianism.  We have already seen in the appeasing countries that liberal protections for women, Jews, the poor, and homosexuals have all given way to submission to Islam--which turns out to be the "prime directive," if you ever watched Star Trek.  There are no more fig leaves left to fall. 

I don't see any solution except for Westerners to say, "Look here, you may be fine folks, but we have to take of our own, and you are not our own."  Then close the doors and start sending them home.  

The whole liberal idea of unlimited mixing of peoples and cultures turns out to have been a big mistake.  Time to start unraveling it.