True Talk From Wilders

A quote from Geert Wilders, interviewed by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, 1 August 2011:

Islam is the biggest danger threatening our country and the free West. We have too much mass-immigration from Islamic countries and too many hate palaces – Cohen call them mosques, I believe – and immigrants are still overrepresented in the crime numbers. Enough is enough. (...)

I speak the truth concerning Islam and the enormous dangers of this violent totalitarian ideology. (...) Truth is that the islamisation of the Netherlands must be stopped. That is not inciting hatred, as the judge as a matter of fact also finds, but standing up for the Netherlands and our own culture and freedom, where islam does not belong.

Islam and freedom do not go together. Those are the facts, that is the truth. Truth is also that we have nothing to do with that psychopath from Norway and that we only want to reach our goals in a democratic and non-violent way. For this reason it is no question of what goes around expecting to come around throwing a ball and expecting it to be thrown back, but a fake political game of left-wing parties and other mentally disturbed who try to exploit political popularity by abusing this terrible mass murder in Norway. How low can you go? 

They will go to...

.... Kansas City.
Kansas City, here they come.
They're going to Kansas City.
Kansas City, here they come.
They've got some crazy gov't benes there
And they're going to get themselves some.

A good friend (muslim) who WORKED social services in the area relayed to me the amusing anedote of the  disabled Somali goat herder who qualified for approx $3600 in SS benefits alone. I'm not sure how one qualifies for being a disabled Somali goat herder, bring in a sandal covered with goat dung? Or, if bipedal, perhaps two sandals, no need to raise the suspicions of sharp eyed government bureaucrats. 

Peter raises a good question, because even though I believe Traveller is systemically right, the existing system in the developed social services world we live in has so many holes in it, it does raise the question is one just bailing out the Titanic?

benefits and priviledges

... indeed, unbelievable - compared to the Wal-Mart guy who receives 900 times the avearage salary of his workers - which means he's working as much as 900 normal persons - at least.

There he goes again

It must be a fantasy world to consider islam the 'biggest threat' in Europe. In these times of incertainty the banking gambles, social welfare for elderly, health systems, civic education, pollution and unemployment should be considered a lot more 'threatening' to Europe's people than religious disputes. Wilders is not only an islamophobist, his remarks on Greece and other Mediterranean countries document his disdainfulness and lack of solidarity, incapable of a 'European thinking'. He's a plain pusillanimous nationalist and his repression to disconnect the terror attack by the Norwegian Rambo from his own hate speeches is ridiculous and confirm a sick mind.

@ kappert

You have reached unbelievable summits of twisted thinking, I have actually cramps from laughing too much.

Wilders is the sick mind and Rambo is just folowing Wilders' thinking:-))))

@ vanderheyden peter

Probably stay where they are but starting to learn how to live, behave and think like original Dutch or European people.

@ vanderheyden peter

Probably stay where they are but starting to learn how to live, behave and think like original Dutch or European people.


Good that we are laughing at each other. Please, behave like 'dutch people' and enjoy your cheese, I'll do so as well. But how on earth do 'original European people' behave??? For what we see, there is hardly any European feeling detectable. So, what do you propose? Behave like fins, norwegians, irish, russian, ..., portuguese, greek or cyprian?? Or perhaps like bosnian muslims? I don't know if you consider this geographical place still as part of Europe. Anyway, definitions are not the strong point of this blog, so I retreat with old Gouda, portuguese Olives and a spanish Rioja. After all, it's holiday time and Europe has (still) plenty of good food to offer.


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I agree with kapitein André. If socialists and social democrats tended to ignore or deny the problem until recently, the right keeps pointing and exaggerating it without giving any solutions. It is easy for Wilders to say that he wants to stop islamisation in a “democratic” and “peaceful” way, without saying how.  It is easy to point to the overrepresentation of foreigners in prisons, without telling what you are going to against it. (besides putting them even longer in prison) At the end, people are left with a feeling of desperation and they are bound to get to the conclusion that violence is the only way.  

@ vanderheyden peter @ kapitein Andre

Knowing the love of money most muslims cultivate the answer is easier than you think: money, or more so the lack of it.

Stop financing everything muslim, stop financing their mosques and "charities".

Take away social security payments and other supports in case of criminal behavior.

Stop muslim schools.

Stop all support payments in case of double nationality.

There are dozens more actions to be taken in the same vein.

Partial Agreement

In 2006, at least 5% of the Dutch population (approx. 850,000 people) was Muslim.  In 2008, Muslims accounted for 5.8% of the Dutch population and over half of the population Dutch nationals of non-Western (i.e. non-European) descent (11%).  These numbers have no doubt risen since then and it is probable that there are over 1 million Muslims now in the Netherlands.

It is difficult to see how Islam can be extricated from the Netherlands in a "democratic and non-violent way".  Even if the will of the majority prevailed and Islam was prohibited, what of the Mosques and Muslims?  Will Muslims be forced to officially abandon Islam?  Will Mosques be closed?  Does Geert Wilders plan to repatriate Muslims to the countries of their birth or ethnic origin?  What if they resist?  What about crypto-Islam?

It is highly unlikely that Dutch Muslims would not violently resist any attempt to eliminate their religion.  It is clear that Mr Wilders believes that the continued existence of Islam in Europe will lead to violence - from "low-level insurgencies" to full-blown civil wars and ethnic cleansing.  Yet even if the onus is on Muslims to integrate, etc., how can a civil war be fought non-violently and democratically?  Does Mr Wilders expect the Muslims to strike first, allowing the other side to claim self-defense and the moral highground?