Don't Trust The Greeks

A quote from former EU Commissioner Frits Bolkestein, interviewed by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, 30 July 2011

We're stuck with the Greek misery. I predict that nothing will come of  all those beautiful plans for privatizations. The Greek state is weak, a large part of the population is lazy. I also tried to keep the Italians from the euro zone. I didn't succeed.

Irrational and irresponsible comments

Obviously, 'gornahoor' has not "learned" much from The Brussels Journal.   This is probably not the fault of TBJ, but more likely due to gornahoor's own shortcomings.

Even worse is the mental confusion and head-in-the-sand-attitude of Mr Zografos.   He blames the current "Greek misery", i.e. long-standing fiscal irresponsibility by successive Greek governments and ever-expanding size of the Greek government (relative to the Greek economy) to....what?  To the Greeks themselves?  No, he blames Greek conditions on....Frits Bolkestein "selling everything out to the Americans and their private interests".   One wonders if one should cry or laugh when reading such inane comments.  

Mr. Frits and his colleagues

Mr. Frits and his colleagues should have thought of that, at least 10 years before. If so, he would have understood that the problem of the eurozone is not the 'lazy' southerners in comparison with the 'hardworking' northerners, but the ideology of globalization which inspired officials like him, to sell everything out, to the Americans and their private interests.  

For the few and the proud

From BJ, I learned there are too many Waloons in Belgium and too many Muslims all over Europe. Now apparently, there are too many Greeks in the EU, especially the lazy ones. Yet the plot thickens: perhaps there are even too many Italians in the EU. Or would the EU keep the Lombards and split off the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies?