Far Right Parties in Europe Join Forces

Nationalist parties from seven European countries convened in Vienna last weekend to join forces. The “patriotic and nationalist parties and movements” signed a so-called “Vienna Declaration” calling for a stop to immigration in the entire European Union and the defence of Europe against “terrorism, aggressive islamism, superpower imperialism and economic aggression by low-wage countries.” The parties also reject the European Constitution and demand that “geographically, culturally, religiously and ethnically non-European territories in Asia and Africa” will be excluded from joining the European Union.

The participants were invited by the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) and included Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front National from France, Alessandra Mussolini’s Azione Sociale from Italy, the Spanish Alternativa Española, the anti-Hungarian Great Romania Party, the openly anti-Semite Bulgarian party Ataka, and Belgium’s largest party, the Vlaams Belang. The Italian Lega Nord, the Danish People’s Party and Poland’s governing Law and Justice were not present but are said to have sent their greetings.

The parties agreed to create a European contact group with a permanent office in Vienna. They also plan to hold annual conferences together. Their main aim, however, is to create a common group in the European Parliament. From 2009 onwards the European Union, which will be joined by Bulgaria and Romania in 2007, will allow only pan-European parties to stand for the European elections. This is forcing right-wing parties, with often widely divergent views, to cooperate on a common platform.

Up till now the animosity between Jean-Marie Le Pen and FPÖ leader Jörg Haider had made international cooperation impossible. Le Pen and Haider each regarded themselves as the leading figure of the European nationalist right. Last April, however, the FPÖ split and Haider founded a new party, the BZÖ. With Le Pen growing older, Filip Dewinter, the charismatic strongman of the Vlaams Belang (VB), is generally seen as the new man to lead the European nationalist right.

Dewinter, who has been a close friend of Le Pen for years, told the Austrian press on Monday that Haider had always been his “great example” but that he had been “disappointed” in him: “He is no longer the Haider that I knew.”

Within Dewinter’s own VB, however, there is dissatisfaction about the plans for international cooperation. The VB is a party which strives for the independence of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking north of Belgium. It is the largest party in Belgium, which has forced all other parties to team up against it. Polls predict that the VB will continue to grow. This might make it impossible for the other parties to form a coalition in 2009 – something which might very well lead to Belgium falling apart.

The VB, however, is made up of various groups who agree on the mutual aim of Flemish secession and in their opposition to multiculturalism, but not on economic issues or on ethical values. There is also a conservative Anglo-Saxon oriented wing in the party that would rather collaborate with the British Eurosceptics than with the continental far right. The party Council, the highest authority within the party, decided two years ago that the VB would not enter into alliances with any foreign political parties.

Holocaust denier connection

What does it mean that they were to be addressed by a Holocaust denier? (I assume that this was the same meeting.) What a way to discredit yourself (as if Europe's past didn't do enough to discredit racialist parties).

Holocaust denier arrested in Austria

HARTBERG, Austria, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- A writer who claims the Nazi gas chambers were a fiction has been arrested in Austria on a 16-year-old warrant.

David Irving was picked up in Hartberg after police received a tip that he was in the country, the Times of London reported. He had gone to Austria to address a far-right group.

Irving was considered a serious historian of the Nazi era until 1988, when he first emerged as a Holocaust denier. In 2000, he lost a libel suit in London when a judge found that he had falsified history. He has also been fined in Germany.

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No connection whatsoever, Dave, just plain repression


I fail to see that connection you imply:

1. David Irving was arrested one week later, prior to his speech before a university group. Not about the Holocau$$t, but about the German-Jewish transfer agreements, a.k.a. the deal between Ben-Gurion and Hitler. Official charges are that Irving had some questions about the magnitude, nature, strucure, etc of the Holocau$$t. Remarks he made in the 1980s by the way.

2.The Vlaams Blok teamed up with other continental European nationalist groups, of one the eleven present being the Bulgarian 'Ataka' party, which runs an anti-Jewish program. On this specific meeting nothing was said about the HolyCo$$t.

These two events stand completely apart from each other. They happened in the same country, true. But that also counts for trotskyte, zionist, stalinist, liberal, anarchist, social-democrat,etc etc meetings in Austria.
Then again the alpine country is fairly big.

One last note regarding the disinformative news clipping 'AKDave' attached underneath his message. True: Irving lost the libel case he brought on Lipstadt. Bad move. But the judge never said Irving falsified history. Far from it: he admitted Irving was one of the best WW2 historians around.

Freedom for David Irving!
Freedom of thought and freedom of press for judeo-masonic Austria!


But the judge never said Irving falsified history.

Just to remind you of what the judge said:

"Finding as to Irving’s motivation

13.163 Having reviewed what appear to me to be the relevant considerations, I return to the issue which I defined in paragraph 13.138 above. I find myself unable to accept Irving’s contention that his falsification of the historical record is the product of innocent error or misinterpretation or incompetence on his part. When account is taken of all the considerations set out in paragraphs 13.140 to 13.161 above, it appears to me that the correct and inevitable inference must be that for the most part the falsification of the historical record was deliberate and that Irving was motivated by a desire to present events in a manner consistent with his own ideological beliefs even if that involved distortion and manipulation of historical evidence."


Bob Doney


Bob, if that is the case I stand corrected.
Nevertheless there was no link whatsoever between the Irving speech c.q. arrest and the predating continental European nationalist gathering.

(The above mentioned correction of course stands completely loose from the necessity, plausibility, possibility, morality of having an establishment judge investigating i.e. condemning the work of an historical author. There will always be chickenshit confirmist figures in the establishment gullible enough to toe the politically-correct line.

In Belgium judges aplenty to condemn the biggest party e.g. the former Vlaams Blok.
In Britian judges aplenty to condemn the most famest, hardworking though controversial historian.
In Germany judges aplenty to condemn small publishers, writers, book distributors, webmasters, etc who hold alternative views on history and society.
Likeswise they will easily find an Austrian judge the condemn Irving once more.)


There will always be chickenshit confirmist figures in the establishment gullible enough to toe the politically-correct line......

In Britian judges aplenty to condemn the most famest, hardworking though controversial historian.

Mr Justice Gray only got involved because David Irving sued Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt. I don't suppose he relished the task. When you sue people, judges get involved; that's the way it works. I think Mr Irving probably understood that. Perhaps you should read the whole judgment and see if you still think Mr Justice Gray is toeing some politically-correct line, or whether he is just trying to be a dispassionate, reasonable observer of the facts put before him.

Bob Doney


True, that Irving brought the whole Libel-case on himself. A very foolish act indeed. One that lost him his priceless archives, which are currently being ruined by the state services. USSR anno 2005, my friend.
Apart from this one (1) case where a suit was actually put on by a dissident historian, there are ten thousands of thought crimes alone (in Germany) brought before judges toeing that same line.

The now incarcerated German chemist Germar Rudolf described the whole affair of politically enlisted judges in his brilliant essay 'Bürgerrechte in der BRD'.
According to the figures from the German official Verfassungsschutzbericht Germany has 10.000 thought crimes every year.
The same trend goes on in the other European countries, with Britain more of less remaining an alternative to this. Perhaps partly due to differing Anglo-Saxon justice preceipts, more in common with the US.

Indeed, Irving was twice foolish: first bringing on the immensely costly libel suit against the Jewess Lipstadt with her multi-millionaire funders as Spielberg, second by entering Austria knowing beforehand they had an arrest warrant against him.

Bob, the fact remains that Irving was equally banned from other 'democratic' countries as Germany, Austria, Australia, Canada, Italy, etc etc. I would never call these judges 'unwanting' or the likes. The serve a certain function.
The same situation there: judges, magistrates, etc aplenty to toe the line and single out the dissident historian.
In the aforemention Rudolf essay he actually quotes judges being reprimanded by the offices of the public prosecutor for giving a too soft sentence for certain thought crimes.

If sounds historical research would be the testing ground, it would be Lipstadt with her adoration for Wilkomirski, instead of Irving doing time behind bars. Alas, academic historical standards are not the testing ground for prosecution, but rather toeing certain political dogma's of the 20th Century.

The law is an ass and politically appointed judges aplenty to enforce it.
Perhaps 2005 is the Year of the Ass. But I fear things are only getting worse...

Given time I will consult the 2002 Irving-Lipstadt court documents further.

Toeing the line

Alas, academic historical standards are not the testing ground for prosecution, but rather toeing certain political dogma's of the 20th Century.

I agree that holding or promoting certain beliefs should not be a crime - but accompanying incitement to violence should be. As to the law being an ass, there are many more dangerous and lethal animals than asses around.

Bob Doney

Addition on the US situation

Actually, I was also a tad too optimistic concerning the American situation of freedom of speech.
A friend just sent me this link: http://tinyurl.com/e28dx
A wonderful addition to this present debate (although not exhaustive of course)

As long as the spirit of Voltaire (I disagree, but vow to protect your right of free expression) prevails over the existing repressive spirit of the French Revolution (pas de liberté pour les énnemis de la liberté) I am satisfied...

David Irving vs. Justice Gray

Bob, just read through a couple of the court transcripts and they seem to bear a totally different nature.
Seldom heard or seen a judge praising a dissident as Irving. Given the context of course.

I guess this is the sort of thing both parties, pro- and anti-Irving could draw references from.
In any case not so solemny biased against him, and certainly not siding with the hypocrite Evans.


I've just finished re-reading Dickens's "Bleak House", which the Beeb are currently serialising, and that presents a very unfavourable view of English justice - slow, expensive and as obscure as the London fog that surrounds the Court of Chancery. On the other hand it seems to me that Mr Justice Gray is an example of the very best sort of English judge - intelligent, patient, able to handle very complex material and, most important of all, fair-minded. I wish the same could be said of David Irving as an historian.

Bob Doney

Pan-European parties

Re: Bob’s question. I asked a few sources at the European Parliament. From time to time Europhile circles voice plans to organise elections for the European Parliament with pan-European parties, reserving all or a significant number of seats for such parties. The plans have, however, not been formalized yet. With the crisis the EU is currently in, it is unlikely that this will be the case by 2009. Pan-European parties already exist, but they have been set up for the purpose of collecting the subsidies which the EU gives such parties.

Pan-European parties (@ B. Doney)

Bob, re: your question:
Here is a draft document of the European Parliament [pdf], which advocates (sub 2) that in the 2009 European elections "so as to give the elections a genuine European dimension" a proportion of the seats in the European Parliament have to be "elected on the basis of transnational European lists".

Greater Europe

Thank you, Paul, for your efforts in tracking this insidious document down. I shall forward a copy to my MP (of the UK parliament, while we've still got one), to see if he knows anything about it!!

What will the rascals think of next?

Bob Doney

new subtitle

I like the new subtitle to The Brussels Journal. That was a good move.

I cannot see why anyone in

I cannot see why anyone in their right mind would like to work with "the openly anti-Semite Bulgarian party Ataka"? And Le Pen is crap.

Europe needs something in the veins of the non-rasicst christian american-conservatives. Condi Rice for world President.

Exactly to the point

Integrating large number of muslim is a great problem in most European countries. That does not make anyone "racist" or "islamophobic" or whatever. Dragging jew-hating nazis into this is undermining the process of solving the problem. How anyone can compare the well-functioning jewish citizens of Sweden with the not-at-all-functioning 10% muslim immigrants is beyond me to grasp.

Right on Congo Rize for Prez!

Yes, you've seen the end of the tunnel. That is exactly what Europe wants and needs a Congoloïd female president embracing US-zionist expansionist plans abroad and pushing for affirmative (read: anti-white) action at home.
Right on! The future is in the hands of Condi and the likes... If only France had a Congoloïd version of Marianne for president the riots wouldn't have happened, the white natives wouldn't be decimated in numbers, the society would sink to Third World standards,...
Dream on.

austrian press

I've heard Austrians complain about the low quality of the Austrian press. Could be that this story is partly or wholly sensationalisic claptrap. And why would the philo-semitic and very pro-Israel VB link up with an opnely anti-semitic party in Bulgaria?

I am glad to hear that VB is

I am glad to hear that VB is pro-Israel. I hope Steve is right about this being some form of media manipulation.

When I said Condi Rice for world president, I didn't mean I want some global government. I am in no way against nation states. Furthermore, I think that the UN is simply an evil Bush-bashing anti-semite organization that ought to be closed. (not even get me started with the UN corruption problems)

Elections 2009

From 2009 onwards the European Union, which will be joined by Bulgaria and Romania in 2007, will allow only pan-European parties to stand for the European elections.

Have you got a source or reference for this, Paul? It came as news to me, and a quick search of official EU sites hasn't come up with anything(!!!)

Bob Doney

Will check this out

Dear Bob, thanks for your interest. I read it in one of the Austrian papers reporting on the Vienna gathering. I had already heard this a few months ago from an MEP, who said there are very concrete plans to do so. It is not a direct prohibition to stand for election, I think (though I would not be surprised if it was), but indirectly: parties will no longer get taxpayer funding if they do not team up internationally. I will look the matter up for you, see that I can find some links and write a piece about it.


parties will no longer get taxpayer funding if they do not team up internationally. I will look the matter up for you, see that I can find some links and write a piece about it.

Many thanks, Paul. Maybe the funding issue is why it has not been highlighted in the UK, as no parties here get funding via the taxpayer. And long may that continue!!! I look forward to what your researches reveal.

Bob Doney


Why doesn't Europe have a libertarian movement? The game is rigged: either tranzi socialism or national socialism. Europe really needs a Barry Goldwater-type libertarian conservative.


Yep, that's what we need, another bunch of libertarians as if Europe is not "liberal" enough on the ethic and cultural level.
Personally I'm glad these "far right" (what's in a word) parties are seeking cooperation. Or do you think Islamofascisme is going to be stopped by a bunch of "laissez fair laissez passer" stooges?

barf II

Anything other than socialist sillies who scratch each other's back and give plum jobs to each other. If tranzi socialism is merely traded for national socialism, you'll just get a race war and a bunch of tweedle-dums instead of the current crop of tweedle-dees. Getting the State out of the way of the economy is the only way you'll get these kids off their butts and into jobs. And you have to make sure the alternative to not working is pauperization, not just for them, but for all Europeans.

Islamofascism will be stopped if the kids are too busy working to hang out at the mosque or whatever. The idle mind is the Devil's workshop.

Unfortunately, Europe is probably too far gone - the idiots who run the place have demonized "anglo-saxonism" and "globalization" to the point where most Eurolectuals would rather die than admit the statist toys they've been playing with for a century just don't work and never will.

Bart III

Sorry Foobarista, but your view is just the same as a socialist one, except from the other end: economy will solve it all! The "Far Right" (in this case, excuse me, NOT to be confused with National Socialists) will certainly agree that a free market is essential, but also, and even more importantly, culture and creed. Moreover, they believe, and I agree, that without a "western/Christian/Judean" creed/culture, there is no free market possible (nor is any so called "libertarianisme" possible).
We need some backbone back, and liberals from the right OR the left, are not going to come up with that!

Hear hear

I fully agree with Eddy about the prerequisites of freedom and free market.

Euro-wide political parties

Finally the magnificent dream of the European elite is coming true. Transnational and continent-wide political parties are finally beginning to form, signalling the end of the nation-state and the true birth of Europe.


Good One, Ann

Ann, that actually made me laugh...thanks, I needed that.