@ Traveller

Well my good friend, if it comes to that, as much as it would break my hear to see the landscape of the 'vlakke land' bereft of Flemings, I would welcome you here on the other side of the pond. But I truly, imploringly, hope that what these Sharia4Belgium types espouse does not come to pass.

@ debendevan

Because of the electoral success of the Flemish party NV-A and the decline of the Vlaams Belang, Flemish Independence has again be postponed for many years to come.

Add to that the iron grip of the European Union on our political system, mainly through the artificial Euro and the perks of the Euro politicians and Euro bureaucrats, I don't see any way for the Flemish to become independent in the forseeable future.

Without independence there is no solution. This broadcast about Brussels shows what the socialist political party of the French speaking Belgians have constructed for their electoral benefit.

It's a disgusting reality.

What will you do?

So, my Flemish friends. What will you do? What is the course of action? How will you keep Flanders from falling under Sharia? 

- Your Flemish American Friend