Absurdities Called Public Affairs

Duly Noted

Some news presented with a straight face are hilarious, or would be that, if only they would not be serious. Here a collection of recent absurdities.

1. Turkey’s strong man flirts with a chauvinism coupled to Islamism. Authoritarian regimes will, in the context of backwardness, like to pretend that the sons of the Great Nation have invented everything. Erdogan claims that Moslems have discovered America. (They just did not let anyone find out about it.) Subscribing to a fantasy would not be noteworthy. What makes Erdogan’s (“the minarets are our missiles”) excursion in the past notable is that the doubters are accused of being anti-Turkish. The critics claim that they are only pro-sanity.


2. Europe’s open and veiled left, reinforced by those deputized by the angels, wish to solve third world problems through immigration. Poverty is overcome if Latin America moves across the Rio Grande and once Africa and the Near East settles in Europe. This could be so, as poverty is perceived as being relative. After the invasion, all will be equally poor; to stimulate recovery, one will apply for North Korean aid.

It is the thesis of the immigrationists, that migrants cause the wealth of their host country. The example of the US, Canada, Australia is cited. This is based on a distortion. Those historic migrants brought skills in demand in the receiving country. Today’s entrants are often unemployable in a post-industrial society. At best, they can do things whose indigenous practitioners are redundant on the labor market. As a letter writer put it, if these masses are so useful, then why are they unemployed, unemployable and welfare dependent?


3. Problem denial is a politically correct attitude that hinders solutions. The invasive immigration that alleges that its participants are persecuted and therefore protected refugees is an example. A reverse racism is involved here that fears to apply the law and the dictate of common sense. That fake pretensions of maltreatment are accepted, and that the doings of a criminal element is downplayed, is known to all. Fessing up, and taking counter-measures is avoided. Doing so might make someone cry “racism” as, indeed, the factor of ethnic background and religious affiliation correlates with attacks of the host’s order. 

Problem management by the suppression of its facts radicalizes the public. The perceived failure of the ruling elites to protect society is expressed by the widening gap between leaders and the lead. That realignment of the political landscape has election results and these will ultimately prevent benign cover-ups.


4. Putin applies Russian power effectively. Deployed, Russia’s means have a multiplier of three, while America’s are subject to a division by two. So there is a sub in Swedish waters. Thanks to tanks in the Ukraine, an “openly clandestine” war is waged in Europe. To be heard in Brisbane, a flotilla was brought along to Australia. Russian planes patrol the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time Obama acts -at home to provoke his legislature. 


5. A photo to prove the shoot down of MH17 by a Ukrainian jet is unmasked as a bad fake. Critical observers disrobed that Emperor after the posting of the claim. The question; what was the purpose of the compromising dud? 

To think the way “they” think, will help you to answer. Just notice the West’s temptation to accept gratefully forged excuses that allow it to return to its “normalcy”.  To overlook violations, to go along with transparent justifications, to discover a minor mitigating factor, and to forget what is underreported, are all-attractive. So are unguarded beehives to bears with a sweet tooth. 

The falsified evidence will enter Putin’s propaganda arsenal. Along with ingenious presentations of the little green men from nowhere, the soldiers who spend leaves fighting in the Donbass, the tank columns that enter from Russia but are not supposed to be called Russian. Further good ones will follow.


6. The apologists of Russia’s expansion to restore the old Soviet Union are active. An argument is that Russia has a justified fear of being attacked. This overlooks the expansion that goes back to the 15th century. The soothing theory ignores this: Who in his right mind would be afraid of NATO? It is an open secret that NATO, without the US, is scared by everything.

On the 17th, Putin promised that Russia would never be subjugated by the USA. Since the Yanks neither can nor want to bear the burden of running Russia, the promise will be fulfilled. A PR benefit of the claim is that it rallies the professional anti-Americans. That crowd is glad to be able to blame everything from pimples to wet water on the States.


7. ultimately, win or lose, the adventure in the Ukraine has consequences that undermine Russia’s modernization. This means for an entire generation years lost by the chase of a chimera. They will only get the ersatz version of democracy and of progress. We may conclude that this is an old madness, which is reemerging to bring destruction. Some of it comes from the Communist past and the rest is an inheritance of the Tsarist era.


8. Scaring the enemy brings to mind that under its current management, America is about to introduce gender related corrective standards in the selection of troops for combat. The armed forces reduce physical performance criteria until women can jump over the bar. Hope that all enemies will adjust their efforts accordingly to avoid ten-yard-penalties from the Gender Compensation Supervisor. To secure compliance, the new rules should be distributed before hostilities.


9. If reelected, Cameron promises a vote over Britain’s membership in the European Union. Officially, Chancellor Merkel wants a submissive Britain to stay. Time might have concluded on November 17, “Consistency is one of …. Merkel’s defining characteristics”. Unintentionally, the judgment fits that in name conservative who governs the socialist way: she is consistently inconsistent while she heads the government on the strength of a life-subscription. 

Britain is told that the national control of the quality and the quantity of immigration is not compatible with EU membership. Implied is a threat that “Brexit” impairs the access to the common market. Secretly, some countries hope that London can prevail. New rules, now formally rejected, are hoped for to loosen Brussels’ centralizing grip. 

A commitment to uncontrolled immigration is mutating into a left-liberal dogma. Take the case of the Swiss. Earlier, (1992) having direct democracy, they could refuse EU membership. Recently, as non- members, in a referendum, they voted by defying their own PC establishment, to abandon the Union’s immigration policies. (Ample salaries and social services have resulted in a 1% yearly influx. In US terms, that is over 3 million persons.) Goaded by the local Left, Brussels refuses to discuss the British-like modification of the policy and threatens the surrounded country with economic strangulation. 

In the mean time, the issue of immigration undergoes a transatlantic spread. This demonstrates that migration is gaining in significance as an issue.